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Arte fired Hatcher not Dipoto

Arte Moreno was in Europe until Monday. Hatcher was fired on Tuesday. Make no mistake about it, Moreno fired Hatcher. My thought is that Arte took a shot at Scioscia. He is not untouchable

Sam Miller's last blurb scares the bejesus out of me


Basically Albert has quit walking since the last All Star Break

Rangers’ Yu Darvish reportedly dating Japanese porn star


I doubt this will turn into a distraction. CJ and his clean living lifestyle look better everyday. Link is to NBC Sports. Yu better hope Yu don't get a disease.

Votto signs largest non FA deal ever with Reds


Nightengale "Joey Votto's $225 million contract is easily largest in #MLB history for player who wasn't a free agent. It will kick in for 2014 season." Bad day for Dodgers. Lose the possibility of Cain and Votto.

Scioscia talking about Kendrys on Jim Rome Today "He is running on a treadmill that deweights him....

Scioscia talking about Kendrys on Jim Rome Today "He is running on a treadmill that deweights him. He is running at about 90% of his body weight. He is killing the ball in BP.

So Cal Job in Baseball You Might Be Interested In


I saw this on Keith Law's twitter feed, I thought some of you might be interested. One can hope it is the Angels though that is not likely. I do not think Law has contacts in the Angels ORG.


Angels predicted to win 85 games by a vegas site. has the Angels season win total at 85. Keith Law tweeted he would take the under on this. What say you? I like the Vegas lines better than the projection systems. I think 85 is...


Angels GM Tony Reagins is taking your questions for #FrontBurner

This is a twitter thing by MLB Network. Hopefully they aren't all fluff questions. MLB Network (@MLBNetwork) 1/24/11 1:54 PM #Angels GM Tony Reagins is taking your questions for #FrontBurner. RT...

An awesome use of Sabermetrics


Just an awesome use of sabermetrics to provide an in depth analysis of the Rays. Hat tip to Sam Miller who I follow on twitter, he tweeted this. This is pretty funny.

Quite Possibly The FUNNIEST Tweet Ever


I am not sure why he wanted to throw this out there but... um okay: "@SI_JonHeyman folks fixated on jeters uzr and .ba in '10 should consider his value goes beyond numbers. #franchise, #brand, #starpower"


Angels finally place players on Waivers

Ken_Rosenthal #Angels finally place trade candidates on waivers: Fuentes, J. Rivera, Napoli, others. Abreu included, but he is signed through '11. #MLB I am happy to see this finally happen. ...


Sherman: Lee to Rangers is a done deal

  Joel Sherman is reporting on twitter (Joelsherman1) that Cliff lee and Mark Lowe have been dealt to the Mariners for Smoak and 3 other prospects.  If this is true, then (gulp) I firmly believe it...


Angels witnesss man jump to his death in NYC

I am not sure what the hell it is with this team, but another unfortunate incident near the team that I am sure does not do anything to enhance play. LINK


Mauer signs for 184 over 8 with the Twins

Rosenthal just tweeted this. I am happy that he will not be playing for the Yankees or god forbid the Red Sox.

Rangers Manager is a COKE head


The Rangers manager Ron Washington tested positive for Cocaine. Not sure a coke head can out manage our Lasagna head. Poor Rangers fan. This one won't die soon.

The Angels will not scout Sheets


Well I guess we are not getting Sheets. Crap. I really wanted to see this happen. I think an incentive laden contract for sheets would be a good deal for the team. I would have also liked to see the team take a gamble on Bedard.

Pretty much how the Angels should respond tomorrow. The Red Sox are the corvette. Also very...


Pretty much how the Angels should respond tomorrow. The Red Sox are the corvette. Also very representative of my anger tonight.


2010 MLB Schedule Released

The Angels are playing in Wrigley June 18 - June 20. I have never been to Wrigley so I am really going to to try to go this series. Here is a link. I am too lazy to click through all the 3 game...


Since June 11th

On June 11th the Angels were 29-29. Since that day they have gone 44-16. According to Tim K of ESPN that is the best 60 game stretch in the history of the franchise. A smooth .733 winning...


Moneyball Script

So I was reading the moneyball script and I got through 101 pages of it, but it was pulled off of the net. Did anyone download it? Thanks.


Lackey Extends Deadline for an Extension

John Lackey has changed his tune evidently.  He now says that opening day was not the deadline for the Angels to reach an extension with him.  That is good news.  I am very curious what his...


Angels offered Sabathia $100MM over 5

S.L. Price's fabulous Sabathia feature in the Sports Illustrated baseball preview issue contains this nugget: The Angels offered Sabathia a five-year contract for $20 million a year with a...

Oakland can forget about San Jose


Maybe they can find some other location with a BART station. That is the determining criteria is it not?

Torii has a blog


I thought you guys would like to know that Torii started a weekly blog. He has one of the more entertaining personalities on the team so this should be a good read.


New Ace Same Result in Choakland

If the A's specialize in anything, it certainly is not OBP, it is injury riddled aces.  Same story different name here.  Justin Duchscherer is scheduled to have his sore right elbow examined by a...

A's Move to Fremont Hits a Snag!


The horror! "We didn't want to run into a lot of people screaming and yelling at the president of Major League Baseball," A's co-owner Lew Wolff said. (I did not know they had fans) They can probably just put a tarp over these plans.


Time to move onto plan f?

In this little blurb from the OC Register, Reagins is quoted as ruling out basically every bat on the free agent market.  So I would not hold your breath waiting for any kind of significant...


Ridiculous Racist Bash in Article in OCR

Jeff Miller should be ashamed of himself.  This is a terrible piece of journalism.  Why even bring race into it?  Perhaps the fans do not appreciate the fact he yells and poses after every save? ...

Angels table contract talks with Vladimir Guerrero


"I think both sides have to be in a comfortable range as far as what an extension may or may not entail," Reagins said. "We're a ways away." This does not make me very pleased.

Teixeira highest ranked Free Agent


Tex got the highest ranking in the Elias Player Rankings. I doubt it will happen, but if the Yanks sign Sabathia and Tex, we get their first round pick as opposed to MIL.

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