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2002 the Best Game 6 of the WS Ever? Not according to Neyer.

Game 6, I am not sure how you pass over 2002. The comeback from a 5-run deficit was the largest in World Series history for an elimination game.  To me, that seems like a pretty fantastic...


They are making Moneyball into a movie

It is based on the 2002 season. Classic. I am pretty sure that the Angels won the World Series that year. Brad Pitt to star as Beane. You couldn't make this stuff up. Moneysham link

Mickey Hatcher Talks Patience

Just because everyone thinks he is a free swinging hacker. "What Teixeira has done, according to Angels hitting coach Mickey Hatcher, is change the culture of hitting in Los Angeles. He's taught teammates to be more patient, to take walks if the perfect pitch to hit isn't there. "He definitely adds a lot to our lineup with that on-base percentage; a guy that works the count," Hatcher said. "It's good for some of my players to watch that. He's brought that into our lineup. Ever since we got him he's had a lot of big hits for us. He gets on base to help us create more runs. He plays unbelievable defense, and I think that makes our pitching staff that more confident. He's just fun to watch."

"Let me know if you hear anyone talking like that. I'll go up personally and slap them in the face....

"Let me know if you hear anyone talking like that. I'll go up personally and slap them in the face. I mean anyone in this clubhouse or any other clubhouse. That's not right."


For those of you who thought Beane got value in the Harden trade

Gaudin the "throw in" has been doing well and was wasted by Beane as a throw in my opinion: "Chad Gaudin: He was the secondary piece in the Harden trade, and he's been effective, adding depth to...


Manny is a Dodger

Here is a tidbit from Will Carroll.  The Commissioner’s Office has been informed of a deal involving the Pirates, Red Sox, and Marlins. The Commissioner has to sign off on any deal involving...

Maybe some ill between Scioscia and Kotch?

Interesting quotes: Asked whether he felt jolted by Tuesday's trade, considering the ties he has to an organization that drafted him in the first round in 2000 and has employed his father, Tom, as a minor league manager and scout for about 30 years, Kotchman barely flinched. "No, not at all," he said. "I don't have any ties here." He said he looked forward to playing for Braves Manager Bobby Cox. "You see how he handles players, how he pulls for his guys," he said. "You have to believe it's a blessing for me to start a new chapter in Atlanta." It seems to me the writer is diggin but it also appears that Casey was more than frustrated with his playing time and his spot in batting order.

Look at #4, I guess Dayn just makes trades up now?

I do not know why I continue to be amazed by the hacktastic Dayn Perry. If it is not a list this guy won't write it. It really is amazing this guy has not won a pulitzer yet. PS someone tell him to eat. Um yeah Bay was dealt to the Pirates for Brian Giles................He just keeps making glaring errors in his columns. Fact check once and awhile big guy. It is not like this was breaking news. 4. July 31, 2002 — The Mets trade Bobby Jones, Jason Bay and Josh Reynolds to the Pirates for Steve Reed and Jason Middlebrook. Obviously, Bay is the key to this one. In order to bolster the bullpen, the Mets parted with a young outfielder who's now a career .282 AVG/.376 OBP/.518 SLG hitter (and, coincidentally, one of the prizes of the current deadline). They got good relief out of the deal, but it wasn't worth giving up a player like Bay.


Enough with the SS in the three hole

Scioscia enough with the god damned SS in the three hole. Aybar and Mice Tits do not come close to qualifying as three hole hitters. Jesus Christ.


Rauch to the Diamondbacks and Wolf to the Astros

I am glad Rauch is not a Red Sox. They need bullpen help. The Astros are just stupid. I have no idea why they traded for Wolf.


International Signings

Have we done a damn thing since the international signing period began?

Papelbon absolutely is a douche

I can not believe what a douche bag this guy is. He should pitch the ninth? That is classic. The best closer ever, pitching in his own yard might be the guy to go in the ninth............well not according to Riverdance.

The Massacre Benched

Rivera in. Thank god. GMJ has been STRUG-GA-LING


Harden to the Cubs

The Cubs' press release is out.  The Cubs get Harden and Chad Gaudin for Gallagher, Murton, Patterson, and catching prospect Josh Donaldson.  Jim Hendry did his best to counter the Brewers'...

Marc Ecko is a douche bag

Injecting his personal politics into the homerun record were not enough. Now he has withdrawn his offer to give to the Asterick ridden ball to the Hall of Fame. Eat shit Marc. Again.


Some love from ESPN regarding our Starters

Thank god that Reagins stuck to his guns and did not give Santana away.  I guess he was VERY available. "A lot of teams are kicking themselves for not ponying up for Santana," said an American...

YankSox Douchebags. Caution swearing in video

YankSox Douchebags. Caution swearing in video


Saunders and Phillies: 1999 Draft

Saunders says the Phillies offered a $150,000 take-it-or-leave-it signing bonus the day after the 1999 draft. When that offer was rejected, Saunders insists he never heard from the organization...

Yankee fans still love Joba even though Goose says he needs to tone it down


Yankee fans still love Joba even though Goose says he needs to tone it down


Fremont #2 in health inspection violations Yes we are still pacing the league but it nice to see that the Fremont A's are looking to challenge.  They have rats in their...


Heyman - Why Scioscia is the best manager

Jon Heyman has an article up on basically declaring what we all have believed from day one, that Scioscia is the best manager in baseball.  I realize no manager is infallable but it is nice...


Moseley to the Bullpen

Angels manager Mike Scioscia said Tuesday that Moseley will not make his scheduled start on Thursday and that a minor-league pitcher will be called up to make that start. “He’s going to stay...


Loser Landing Sponsers Scioscia's B-R Page

Follow King Felix and the 2008 AL WEST CHAMPION Seattle Mariners all season long at Lookout Landing Classic.  How is 12-14 looking guys?  Nice try boys.  Take your ball and go home. W...


Good God No! A's Move Delayed a Year

It seems the A's move has been delayed until 2012.'s-expected-move-likely-delayed-to-2012 Speaking at a community meeting this week, A's co-owner...


Dayn Perry and the AL West

How this guy is a lead writer for Fox Sports is beyond me.  Here is my favorite tidbit from this gem. "Overall, the Angels were a team headed for 87 or so wins this season before Kelvim Escobar...


New Format is fun for trolls

So in my opinion the universal log in is a bust.  I like reading the opinions of my fellow Angel fans, and while sometimes I do not agree with them I appreciate them. The flip side of this is all...


Schilling's Shoulder is Seriously Hurt

From Schilling Has Serious Shoulder Injury According to the Boston Herald, Curt Schilling has a possibly season-ending shoulder injury (perhaps a torn rotator cuff or labrum)....


Johan to the Mets

The deal, according to USA Today, would send Santana to the Mets for outfielder Carlos Gomez and pitchers Phil Humber, Kevin Mulvey and Delois Guerra. A trade agreement is in place, the newspaper...


MLB.Com DET set to acquire Cabrera and Willis

Tigers set to acquire Cabrera, Willis from Tigers The Tigers and Marlins are hammering out the final details on an eight-player trade that would send third baseman Miguel Cabrera and left-handed...


Lowell Close to Signing with the Sox

Thank god. The Red Sox are close to signing Lowell to a three-year, $37.5 million contract, according to a source with knowledge of the negotiations, ensuring that they will keep the 2007 World...

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