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In progress?

  Thought I'd share a partially completed essayistic poem. Please forgive the inevitable pretension with any such thing. Sound is important, but far less are meter and verse. As with all such...

Nice Article on Cain and the Giants staff


I generally dislike Passan's articles, but this was nicely done, and worth checking out. Even nicer, it is about time Cain gets some national press.

For those of you worried about Bumgarner


from the BA prospect blog. A good reminder of why not to over react about the loss of velocity, while also retain concern about it.

Baggs strikes


I'm sure many of us have already seen this, but i'm just linking for those who haven't. Bagg's imaginary conversation is pretty damn funny. enjoy.

And the Winner of the Crap Local Sports Article of the day is...


Mark Purdy of the merc. First, he celebrates himself as a "one man non-clamorer" with regard to Manny in the offseason. Maybe only if he listens to Ralph and Damon Lame, but much of the internet community, and most of the Giants beat reporters were decidedly cool to the idea. Hmmm....a writer criticizing a player as being selfish while simultaneously exhibiting no little amount of hubris himself..... And then, the logic is mostly crap. Manny's problem isn't so much being selfish as foolish. And then he goes on to provide an ignorantly speculative Intentional Fallacy in his second point (which still doesn't even make his point). Thanks Mark Purdy. You could have written an interesting piece here on this great day of Dodger Failure. Instead, you provide a sterling example of one the reasons the newspapers are dying: for every good sports journalist (such as Baggs, Shulmann, Haft), there are those like you, an empty mouthpiece of whom a potential reader can ignore, and select any number of blogs, almost at random, that provide ten fold the insight you have.

Excellent Journal Entry by Broshuis


A very excellent entry in this generally excellent journal by Giants farmhand Garret Broshuis. He is currently in San Jose (after having been there a few years back), along with many of the Giants top prospects. Enjoy!


San Jose Giants at Stockton Ports, tonight.

The joint irritation of the Fox/Selig scam, and the giants's "offense", along with the chance to see some the little giants, has lead me to consider going to the game tonight. Late notice aside,...


Denker gone, WTF   I'm sure many of you have encountered this by now, but I've only seen...


Draft Position Update (again)

Seattle              57     98     .368 Washington     58     98     .372San Diego        61     95     .391Pittsburgh         65     91     .417 ....................................... Baltimore...


Draft Position Update (so far)

I figured it was a good time to post an update of the current standings, as far as draft position goes. Keep in mind that Washington will will have the 9th pick, and it is entirely possible that...

Sickels on Sandoval


Some of you have already seen it, some not. Worth checking out.


Dominican Summer League

The DSL Giants have advanced to the DSL "la Gran Final' vs. the DSL Nationals, which commences tomorrow.  The semi finals (Giants vs Mariners), seemed to be a best of 3 game series; does anyone...

Posey 3 for 3 with HR


yeah 1 2b, 1 3b, 1hr, 2bb, 3 rbi


Burriss and heavier bat

So far today, Burriss has turned in what may well be his best left handed at bats this year. With his run scoring liner (yes, a liner off his bat!), Krukow mentioned that not only have the giants...

Lincecum X-Rays Negative


Baggarly at it again. Thankfully!

BA on Villalona


Nothing new, but a nice little article.


Villalona and 3B

This topic may have been discussed here before, but not recently, I believe. I am wondering why the Giants, via Augusta, aren't playing Villalona at Third, instead of First. Though he is...

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