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Can someone teach the Blazers how to post pass?

A lot of time is spent bemoaning the lack of interior offense with the Blazers. Some point the finger at LMA for settling for jumpers. Others point at the lack of sets run for Oden. Perhaps the...


The RANT Thread

This may be deleted and no value add for others, but I need to write it or I will damage something in my house.  


SILLY: Top 10 Things That Could Make The Blazers 41-41

We've all seen it by now, and likely debated it to death. Bill Simmons, of ESPN, has predicted the Blazers are going to finish 11th in the Western Conference with a 41-41 record. This is not...


Intangible Growth...and Why It Matters More Than Stats Or Wins This Season

The Blazers will win 57 games this year. No, they'll win 41. Maybe they'll win 54 again. Brandon Roy will average 25 pts this year. Actually, he should focus on upping his assist average to 6.0 or...


"Fit" Is Overrated, Oden's Progress=Taking a Step Back Before Stepping Forward, And Other Tidbits...

A pretty consistent theme of the pre-season has been to analyze how Andre Miller helps or hurts Brandon Roy's game. Another consistent theme has been the progression of Greg Oden and the superior...

Knapp deserves some heat


As always, happy to discuss on this site, but does anyone else feel like it's crazy that Matt is getting questioned?


STAND TOGETHER: Getting the Seahawks Shuttle Back

I'm not sure how many of you had the gameday experience I did on Sunday. I start my trip to Qwest by hitting the Eastgate P&R to catch the $8 round trip Express shuttle. Somewhere, I missed the...

First Power Rankings of 2009 Season Posted


Hawks are #1 for the first time since I started doing these. Let's hope that lasts. :)

Live updates from the stands


Hey All, I'll be tweeting from the stands today. Let's hope for a great opening day. Good luck!

Hawkblogger Season Preview Part I Up


For those interested... Part II is now up as well:

Starting to project our passing game


Taking a look at how some of the top passing teams distributed their receptions and yards last season and how the Matt's tendencies may play a role in our distribution pattern this season. WARNING: This takes you to a blog I write. Do not visit the link if you think I'm just trolling for traffic. I saw some interesting things, and instead of copying my whole post into a fanpost, I just dropped a link here.

Breaking down Seahawks on 3rd downs


WARNING: This takes you to a blog I write. Do not visit the link if you think I'm just trolling for traffic. I saw some interesting things, and instead of copying my whole post into a fanpost, I just dropped a link here. If this is a breach of etiquette, please let me know. People don't seem shy here, so I probably don't have to ask.

UPDATED: Epic Fail for Ruskell on RBs


Beware. This is really depressing. Additional analysis:

Blazers said to be looking at Blake/Outlaw for Lee in sign and trade


Could they be looking at getting Nate Robinson and David Lee? I would be down for that.


List of every player we can acquire for our trade exceptions

I'm of the mind that some of the best additions teams make are the ones nobody talks about in the media. To that end, I wanted to cast a wide net and see what players we could acquire for nothing...


Is there a reason Rudy can't take pressure off Roy next year?

I keep hearing that the main reason the Blazers are so enamored with Hedo is he gives them another person who can take the pressure off of Roy and handle the rock. Did I miss a time last season...


The Sunny Side of Turkoglu Thread

I hate it. Totally hate the idea of spending lots of money on Hedo Turkoglu. It seems many of you feel the same way. The fact that he appears to be our front office's #1 priority to sign leaves...

Anderson Varajao a Free Agent


He'd be an awesome fit at backup PF.

RUMOR: Lee leaving NY


Says to either OKC or Memphis


Are We Forcing Something? The Case For A Modest Off-Season

I am like the majority of fans that post here. I want the Blazers to make that big move that will truly start our championship window clock. Heck, I even get pleasure when the Blazers make small...


UPDATED: Analysis of Wafer Missing Game 6

I hesitated to post this because I want to make sure I'm not double posting the fanshot here, but I wanted to take a little deeper look at what Wafer's absence might mean and hear what you all are...


POLL: Pick the story line


It's Greg's Time

All year, I have been content just to get the opportunity to watch Greg Oden play. So much has gone wrong in his young career, that just seeing him on the floor for 30 seconds was satisfying (and...


Part II: Which Rockets Play Better/Worse Vs. Blazers

It's easy to get caught focusing all of your attention on how our guys fare against the Rockets. I wanted to see if there were any Rockets players who thrive or struggle against us in game this...


Part I: Which Blazers Play Better/Worse Vs. Rockets (Spreadsheet Style)

I really love all the detailed analysis we are getting on BE ahead of this series. It's exactly what I need to occupy my mind, so I figured I'd add a little of my own twist. We have seen plenty of...


Shhhh! Top Trail Blazers Secret Weapons For Playoffs

NOTE: If you are one of those people that thinks it is bad luck to talk about the playoffs before we clinch, you should go read another post.   I admit it. I'm already waist deep into examining...


Aldridge needs sarcasm & Outlaw sets career mark

There is no real central theme to this fanpost. I'm still basking in the glow of last night's game and had two things I needed to get off my chest.


Venoy Overton Would Look Great In Red & Black

I realize this is a Duck town, and to a lesser extent, a Beaver town (and even lesser, a U of P and PSU town). Throw that aside for second and do yourself the favor of watching Venoy Overton play...


Rice destined to be bald tonight?

As you probably know, the on again/off again bet between Mike Rice and Travis Outlaw is on again tonight. If Travis grabs 10 boards, Rice will shave his head.

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