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The Tiger Hawk Logo


I stumbled upon this while Googling for something else, thought it was neat.

The Geography of College Football


A profoundly interesting statistical analysis of the fan base of various teams and conferences. The conclusion? The Big 10 is the most popular, and Iowa is one of the top 15 most popular teams in the country, beating out the majority of the SEC teams. The Big 10 owes its position to a combination of legendary programs and large markets. The SEC is a close, but not too close, second, with high avidity in small-to-mid-sized markets. This really goes to show how well-run the SEC and Big 10 are. Only a stable fanbase like this could justify a business venture like the Big 10 Network. Check the links to the CommonCensus NCAA Football Fan map, too!

I was at Iowa-MSU, and this is what lurked in the north end zone at Kinnick. We were in the...


I was at Iowa-MSU, and this is what lurked in the north end zone at Kinnick. We were in the Spartan fan section and this guy popped his shirt more than once at the Spartan fans. I do believe he had an excellent afternoon.


The Iowa Hawkeyes: A Family Tradition Redux (Don't Stop Believing)

[Bumped, of course. -- PV] It was about 9:00pm on Saturday night when I passed mile marker four on US-218 and realized that the radio was producing more static than music. I turned it  off and...


The Iowa Hawkeyes: A Family Tradition

An Iowa Hawkeyes fan recalls his first experience being a diehard fan of the football team and how he'll bring his son to the Hawkeyes' next game against the hated Michigan State Spartans.


How good is Iowa's starting defense? 3.2 points per game, that's how good.

So, we know Iowa's defense is solid, right?  According to ESPN, Iowa's scoring defense is 2nd in the country, giving up less than 11 points per game.  But I got to thinking - that includes a...


Don't Be Hatin

I grew up in Waterloo.  It's Iowa's armpit. Well, it's Iowa's right armpit (Sioux City is the left, and that makes you the anus, Council Bluffs.  So congratulations, you can shit all over...

DeVries is Done?


Former Hawkeye DeVries appears likely to lose his roster spot after missing most of camp. This could be the end for the 34-year old DeVries. I met him once while at Iowa. My sister was dating the starting center and DeVries was at her apartment. After he left, she said, "That guy is huge, he should try out for football." *facepalm*

2010 Preseason Coaches Poll


1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Florida 4. Texas 5. Boise State 6. Va Tech 7. TCU 8. Oklahoma 9. Nebraska 10. Iowa 11. Oregon 12. Wisconsin 13. Miami 14. Penn State 15. Pitt 16. LSU 17. Ga. Tech 18. North Carolina 19. Arkansas 20. Florida State 21. Georgia 22. Oregon State 23. Auburn 24. Utah / West Virginia 25. - - -

Adrian Clayborn's Story


This is a fantastic story about Adrian Clayborn and his family. It's about his mom's move to Iowa City from St. Louis (where I live). Clayborn's older brother was murdered in north St. Louis. I worked for the US Attorney's office here and we prosecuted a lot of gun & drug crime in north St. Louis. It's bad news up there. The D.A. won't go up there in person even with a police escort. The east side has nothing on north city. Anyway, this is a wonderful story, and I like to know that the local yokels up there in Johnson County have embraced Tracie.

The pride of Burlington and Regis High ... On Dancing with the Stars?


Apparently Kurt Warner is the latest NFLer to get on DwtS. Didn't he meet his wife at Club Shagnasty's in Cedar Falls? Or some equally squalid Black Hawk County stickyfloored mercado de la carne? I like Warner as much as any Iowan but he's not really a mover.

Nebraska fans want Iowa on the schedule

"There's been a lot of discussion among our fans, about playing Iowa," the Cornhuskers' athletic director said. "So, I think any alignment where Nebraska didn't play Iowa would probably not be as well received by our fans."

What I love the most about this picture is that it had to be taken before Holloway got into the end...


What I love the most about this picture is that it had to be taken before Holloway got into the end zone but obviously after he caught the ball. You can see the dawning realization on the LSU sideline that they are several microseconds away from losing the game. Ahhhh, Nick Saban! Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Clayborn: 2nd place? Not good enough!


And although Stanzi & Co are clearly jazzed about the Orange Bowl win, they've got higher aspirations. Can it be done?

Sportsbook oddsmakers place Hawkeyes 30:1 to win it all.


This may be old news, I saw a similar post a few weeks ago citing slightly better odds (20:1 or 25:1 maybe?). But this one just hit the wire a few days ago.

AJ Edds may have torn ACL

"On the fourth day of his first training camp, Miami Dolphins rookie linebacker A.J. Edds believes he suffered a torn ACL that will likely sideline him for the entirety of his first season, two sources said Tuesday morning. Edds, who was expected to make an immediate impact as a third-down player at the inside position, suffered the injury Monday. He wore a large ice bag on his knee as he watched practice during the evening session from the sideline."
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