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Fits like a glove...

...or other possible injuries for your Blackhawks defensemen. With news coming out about Chris Campoli's hidden injuries today, Brian Campbell's foot injuries already semi-well known, Brent...


Hawks Fever Sweeping our Nation's Youth

I went to an open skate this afternoon during the Bears game. Among all the other crazy things these kids today do on skates, I saw two kids (possibly brothers, not entirely sure because all white...

Marian Hossa's motivational speech


Why hello again! Been awhile since I needlessly plugged my blog, hasn't it? Just something I did to kill some time and to prove that I am the Jeff Shantz to BCS's Jonathan Toews. Making videos isn't easy, kids. Also, since I never said so like 2 months ago, thanks to all of you for taking time out of your work day to read the Numerology series I wrote, even though you were probably convinced it was Tom Cruise trying to turn you into a Scientologist or something.

Salary Cap not only thing to blame


I'm assuming here that after Katherine the Great's blowout bash last night, most of you are probably still too hungover to function today. But whenever you get around to reading this piece, I recommend it. The first couple of commenters seem to disagree with it, but I found it to be spot on. Maybe I'm easily impressed though. Go America!


Blackhawks Numerology- Zero

Killion - Now that the Blackhawks are Stanley Cup Champions, I just wanted to let you know that my favorite food is pancakes. Did Kills really say that? We may never know. Either way,...


A Not Even Remotely Important Dilemma

This season I've been able to follow the Blackhawks to a couple of road games. What I decided would be nice way to commemorate each of those trips was to buy a t-shirt for the host team at each of...


Here Comes the Power Play (song lyrics)

From tonight's game thread: here come the shoes the miiighty cloooown shoes! "What the hell, let's review it." - Dale Tallon "They are!" - Pat Foley "What a farce." - Dale Tallon by H...


Hawks-Canes game, now with pictures!

(Reposted with a few edits from my own blog, but I figured a few people here might find it interesting. Or not. If that's the case, just leave a few comments about how I suck. No insult too...


Hawks fan invading Canes Country

Hello all, I'm a Chicago Blackhawks fan recently relocated to the Wilmington area for work for a few months. The plus of this is that I'll manage to be in North Carolina when the Hawks come to...


Television Advice

Starting next month, I am being relocated to North Carolina for work for what I'm told will be about 5 months. The only major problem with this is that I'll be moving away from consistent Hawks...


Tickets to the 12/27 Game

I'm not entirely sure this is what the fan post is supposed to be used for, so if I'm doing it wrong then I hope it gets deleted (it's only right).  Remember all those boring games against the P...


Havlat Speaks Out... sort of

Matin Havlat apparently spoke with Darren Dreger of TSN about the issues he has alluded to on Twitter recently. The interview can be read here: I suppose I'm...

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