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Atlanta Hawks Salary Cap and Carlos Boozer


Read what operating under the salary cap entails. We review the Hawks standing with respect to the Salary Cap and look forward to a few potential moves the Hawks can make, such as a Carlos Boozer...

Atlanta Hawks Salary Cap Analysis and Options


Recent signings by Danny Ferry have not yet been made official, as there are many paths that Danny can take the Hawks down for the rest of this offseason. We explore.

Atlanta Hawks Salary Cap Update


After reports that John Salmons has been waived by the Atlanta Hawks, we now know a bit more about the Hawks standing this offseason. Catch up on the Hawks salary situation.

Salary Cap set for 2015 season


The NBA has set the Salary Cap threshold for the 2014-15 season at $63.065 million. That is approximately a 7.5 percent increase over last season.

Hawks' state of the cap for July 7


Only 4 days away until NBA contracts for the 2014-15 can be officially signed. Here is a refresher for where the Hawks stand.

Williams trade clears major cap room

We take a look at how the Hawks were able to deal for John Salmons, why the Hawks dealt for John Salmons, and what this deal means for the Hawks offseason.

Getting LeBron, Carmelo, or both to ATL cap-wise

Oh to get LeBron James in Atlanta. Oh to get Carmelo Anthony in Atlanta. Oh to get both in Atlanta? Our own HawksFanatic breaks down how in the world any of the scenarios can happen.

Nogueira's buyout and the draft and stash strategy


Peachtree Hoops has learned more about Lucas Nogueira's current buy-out, so we delve further into how this buy-out can be handled as well as the idea of draft-and-stash.

Offseason salary cap primer


As the Hawks enter this offseason, there will be Salary Cap Exceptions available to them. We do not know which ones the Hawks will choose to use until later.

How Atlanta's free agents affect their cap space

Here is a closer look at how the Hawks' free agents will affect their cap space this summer.

Atlanta Hawks salary cap primer


Here is a breakdown of the salary cap situation the Atlanta Hawks have heading into the offseason.

Salary Cap could increase next season


Before getting into specifics for the Hawks, let's take a look at the general issues surrounding the 2014 NBA offseason.

Muscala, Martin contract details


Peachtree Hoops takes a closer look at the contracts of Cartier Martin and Mike Muscala to tie up a few loose details that have emerged.

Hawks New Mascot, but really an old friend


With Spirit the Hawk back, will this rejuvenate interest in the local Atlanta basketball team? The new investors think it will.

What did the Hawks gain in the Jamison trade?

Why would anyone turn down free money? I'm not sure, and this should explain the Jamison trade.

Cap facts about the Jamison trade


With the Hawks acquiring and then waiving Antawn Jamison, we take a look at the details of this move. Read how CBA-errific it was!

A Look at Lucas Nogueira's Options

After a suspension of his contract to check out his knee problems, Nogueira is returning to Spain to play for Estudiantes. Here's a look at what can happen next for the Hawks' first-round draft pick.

Cartier Martin and the Hawks


An in depth look at what filling the 15th spot on the roster is costing the Atlanta Hawks.

A salary cap primer for the Hawks at the deadline

A quick rundown of any oddities that the Atlanta Hawks will encounter this trade season including an explanation of the disabled player exception.

What does the Disabled Player Exception mean?


Almost a month after Al Horford went down, and 10 days after the finally day to apply for, the Hawks have been granted a Disabled Player Exception. Let's see what we can do.

Has Forbes Value Improved under ASG?


How has the valuation of the Atlanta Hawks changed since the Atlanta Spirit Group, and now Atlanta Spirit, took over?

A closer look at Nunnally's 10-day contract


I hope James' accountant is not QuickBooks as he had quite the adventure.


WANTED: Ivan Johnson (please come home)

Word on the street is that Ivan Johnson will be drawing interest from the NBA after a solid season of basketball in China. Atlanta appears to be a front-runner in signing Ivan. This is not only...


An updated look at the Hawks' cap situation

Here is an updated look at Atlanta's salary cap situation after waiving Cartier Martin.


Promoted Fan Post: Hawks Attendance As Expected

Editors note - This is a fanpost by hawksfanatic that is being promoted to the front page. Lots of good info here and it takes into account ticket price data along with Tom Ziller's SB Nation...

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