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For the defense, 60 minutes to immortality

One of the first concepts I learned as a young athlete long ago was that when it came to playing defense there is no superior scheme than man to man, when coupled with better players. There are no...


Touchdown Seahawks! (when they feel like it)

Oh Big Balls Pete, where art thou?


Wild Card OT: Bye Week European Sh*t

It's just shy of a year into my European ex pat adventure and I have finally encountered the mythical beast. The German toilet. In that time one of the things I've gotten used to is the the...

I get older, they stay the same age

Throughout the different eras in football, there have been various moments of serendipity where the right innovators found themselves in the right place at the right time, matched with the right owners and the right talent.


Tomato Can Alley

"I’m going to take my time with it, but when it’s time to explode, I will." ~P. Harvin

Road Woe-iors

Seahawks manhandle Colts, fall to 4-1.


NFC Worst, we hardly missed you

The third week of the NFL season has passed, and so it's the first week where realistic projections and somewhat accurate judgements can begin to form.


The Red Zone is Seattle's kill box

"When you get close to the goal line against us, you’d better take your threes. Because if you try anything like passing the ball, you’re kind of playing with fire." - Earl Thomas


Seattle v San Francisco: a tl;dr history of time

If you hadn't heard, there's a big game this week.


"Come out with some (moose) knuckles"

Or: NFL week 2, Harbaugh vs. the word, bring out your douche.

Carroll...hopeful Clemons will be back for a preseason game.



Fresh Kicks, Swag, and the Importance of Nicknames

As the 2013 NFL offseason, as tedious an endeavor as there ever was finally has the life mercifully squeezed from its being, it's time to take a look back at it, apply lessons from the past, and draw needless conclusions.

Secret Superstar: Golden Tate

Golden Tate cracks PFF's secret superstar list. Beeks is now officially right.


Ask Field Gulls. Rodney Dangerfield edition.

So I understand your team doesn't get any respect, in Seattle we know that feel. While we may be the most popular girl at the dance recently, it's only because we started putting out; and we are...


They're going to really hate us tomorrow

Man, they're going to hate us. That was my first thought today while rummaging through my shit preparing to take the Netherlands by storm. Packing things up I ran across my Seahawks game day...

Because it had to be done.


Because it had to be done.

Penn State Sanctioned

Four-year postseason ban and a $60 million fine, forced to cut 10 scholarships for this season and 20 scholarships for the following four years, forced to vacate all wins from 1998-2011, a total of 112 victories, and serve five years of probation.


Here is Walter football's Description the pick "Wow!!! What the hell are the Seahawks doing? You pick one-trick ponies in the third or fourth round. And you pick one-trick ponies who get arrested for robbery and defacing public property in the sixth or seventh round. Did Seattle write the wrong name down on the card? If they did mean to pick him, did they even watch him on tape? He's an athlete playing football. This is one of the worst draft picks of all time. " Here is Walter Football mocking Irvin to the Texans in the first round. Hilarious.


Seahawks 2012 Draft Preview, "We want the ball and we’re gonna score" Edition

After enduring months of draft talk centered around the Seahawks drafting defense, it’s time to have a little fun. Because my sources tell me we’re not drafting Upshaw or Kuechly (my sources...


Has the NFL Peaked?

Peak NFL? It is commonplace in today’s market conversations for the term peak to be referenced in relation a commodity or product, (peak oil, peak gas, peak gold, peak copper, peak American...

Sources have confirmed that Brock Osweiler will hold a press conference Friday to announce that he is declaring for the NFL draft

So I like this kid. He's 6'8" but can move. Has upside, and will be a low round flyer. I say go for it.

Beast Mode Eats The Cardinals

Sounds like a cool headline, right? Wrong. Some silly baseball players seem to think that they can assume the title BEAST MODE by making stupid hand gestures. Like I'mma gettin' all beast mode up in here with my fake claws and a constipated expression on their stupid faces. Sorry, it's not Beast Mode. There can only be one.

Joe Tofflemire Dead: Former Seahawks Center Dies At 46

You won't remember him unless you were watching during the dark ages of Seahawks history, but gone way too soon.

Going Niners Nation

Public service to those attending the Hawks opener in SF. Don't wear a shirt that says F the 49ers. Maybe neutral attire is in order.

Judge: Neither NFL, players 'will like' court's decision

"It did not issue an immediate decision this time, and Bye smiled as he told the attorneys: "We wouldn't be all that hurt if you go out and settle that case."

49ers new QB coach for Kap

Youngest QB coach ever. Lockouts are fun.

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