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2014 Viva el Run: The Runnening

These are the people who've said they are running: 1. hazel 2. fink 3. BGH 4. Frog 5. Lil Scoot 6. scoot 7. Pat 8. creepyholliday 9. hazelwife These are the people who've currently signed...


2014 Viva el Run

What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to raise money for children. Registration for the Cards Care 6K is now open. The race will be Sunday, September 7th. B...


The aggregate Pujols

Recreating the aggregate is the idea of deriving the production of a certain lost player using others. It's generally thought of in the context of the loss of a superstar and was coined by Billy...


Adam Wainwright replacement options freakout tread

There's good news and there's bad news. The bad news seems to be that Adam Wainwright has torn the UCL in his pitching elbow and will have to have tommy-john surgery. That sound you're hearing is...


What Happened to Harden?

 After writing a glowing analysis of Harden's history and fawning over him last offseason, I got to see him sign with Texas while the Cardinals signed Brad Penny on a similar contract to fill a...

R.A. Dickey


A really well-done Amazin Avenue article on RA Dickey in Pitch F/X. Highlight: He throws two knuckleballs.

Roy Halladay's WPA for the game? .888 mmmmmmm


Roy Halladay's WPA for the game? .888 mmmmmmm



via   Instead of overreacting and calling Colby Rasmus a bust, or talking about Matt Holliday not living up to his mega contract, saddling us with a massive...

BtB 32 questions


Get out there and make me proud!


Rich Hill still has two arms for some reason.

  via This is all Matt Clement's fault.   With the signing of Rich Hill, some of us declared that he would be a possible midseason candidate for the fifth spot of the...

Why Holliday is better than Bay.


And why we should be interested in signing neither of them.

Something obvious:


"Jayson Stark wrote a piece all but announcing that they had to rebuild and had to trade Jose Reyes or Carlos Beltran in order to do so... because nothing quite shakes up a roster like trading one of your legitimate studs at potentially their lowest value."


Plantar Fasciitis

Before I jump into this, I'm going to do a bit of vocab. Inflammation is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit in medicine. It's an extremely common symptom, and it shows up in nearly every...


Tipping Pitches

Now that the obligatory "Smoltz has been tipping his pitches and has ironed out the flaw thanks to Dave Duncan/Chris Carpenter/Albert Pujols" article has come out, I'm just wondering: Is it all...

Harrison and Roethlisberger suit coverage hypocrisy


It's bad that ESPN drools over the east coast and chicago like they do, but at least we aren't subjected to this.


Wrist injuries (we've earned this)

Instead of writing about any of the good suggestions I got, I'm going to post on something that actually worries me this time. As of this writing we've got two starters (Boog and Dero) and one guy...


The hiatal hernia (Or why you should stop worrying)

While I could post in the main thread about this, I'm instead going to make a fanpost because I deal with this ALL the time at my job and want to really clear it up. I debated whether this was...


Advice for a Saberizing a Mac

I'm really interested in statistical analysis, but all of the advice I find is for windows machines. For instance, the Building a Sabermetrician's Workbench series (Colin Wyers) that details use of...


This could have been us...

Giants Sign Randy Johnson Eight mil, with incentives to push it to 13m. They pay Renteria almost twice what he's worth, then they get RJ for half his worth. What the hell are they doing being...


Rooting for the Yankees

"And the rich get richer..." is one way you might think of it. On the other hand, the Red Sox are outbid, and with the emergence of Tampa Bay, they could suddenly be the third best team in that...


Two things - Hochevar & Soria

First, what is everyone expecting from Hochevar? Personally, I expect nothing. I think Hochevar sucks and I think his time has passed. His mechanics have always been questionable (hung-arms Tom...


A plea for sanity

Can we please give the Chris Duncan trade suggestions a rest? Literally every thread regarding personnel has at least half a dozen comments speculating as to what he could get us from the Rockies,...


Russ Springer Type A?   This could be great for us. Offering arbitration to Springer could get us a cheap, productive reliever, or it could get us some excellent...


The MI problem

Supposedly we will have a bunch of cap room in this coming offseason $25-40 Million. According to many, the biggest weakness on the team is the offensively challenged middle infield. Our current...


in defense of TLR

While it's obvious now that the cardinals would not be in this predicament without his reliance on "proven" bullpen guys like Izzy and franklin (despite horrific peripherals behind even decent...

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