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The Playoff Drought & Two Teams To Watch

It's been a while fellow Dolphins fans. Our Aqua & Orange team has graced the presence of the NFL playoffs just once since 2001, a game they were dominated by the Ravens in. And of course the last...


AFC Playoff Scenarios

The Bengals may be the big winners of today's results, because all the teams competing for the 6th seed seem to be avoiding it like the plague. The Ravens and Dolphins looked terrible. Aside from...


Dolphins-Jets "MetLife Takeover" Roll Call!

Any Dolphins fans headed to MetLife Stadium on Sunday? I'll be there (Sec. 340), and hopefully not surrounded by Jets fans! DolfansNYC group will be over in Lot L, which is near the Pepsi Gate I...


Dolphins-Colts & What is CBS Smoking?

I'm not sure if you noticed, but the Dolphins-Colts game is not on TV in many markets this week. The Broncos-BUNGLES game is the main 1pm game on CBS. Even Bills-Texans, which is a sure blowout,...


Cincy is a huge game

It's been a long 2 weeks for us. Two games that should have been wins to make the Dolphins 3-1. Yes, those missed field goals were the killer, make one in the Jets game = win. Make that 50 yarder...


Does that shocking loss sum up this team/division?

Barring some miracle, that is about what we can expect from the Dolphins (and Jets and Bills). These are mediocre teams that have awful games every now and then. The Jets played an AWFUL game, one...


Is that what Marshall does with Pro Bowl QB's?

Ahem...I would like to wish Peyton Manning a speedy recovery. Marshall had 6 TD's all season with Henne/Moore and 4 TD's in this Pro Bowl (so far! Still time for a 5th). I know, people could say...


Where would Colts fans like to see Peyton Manning?

Dolphins fan here. We've gotten reports of teams interested in Manning, and let's just assume the Colts let him go and assume he gets back to full health. So...where would you like to see him end...


You Can Help O-Line in Free Agency

Some want the Phins to draft an offensive lineman in the first round...I don't see why, we've done that twice in 4 years. There will be great free agents available. Saints All Pro lineman Carl...


Sparano is new JETS OC

It's being reported all over the place that Sparano will be named the new Offensive Coordinator of the Jets as he is their top choice. Of course, reports also said Fisher would be named Rams coach...


Would You Want Peyton Manning?

I think it's incredibly likely that the Colts let Manning go by March 8th (especially now that Polian is gone), where he would be owed $28 Million. If they were to trade him, the cap hit would be...


Ask this question.

If you were a Panthers fan, would you rather have former starting QB Matt Moore or current starter Cam Newton? I'm surprised by the support for Matt Moore to be our starter. If you don't have a QB...


Same Old, Same Old & That Seals This Regime's Fate

The one good thing is at least the Dolphins played in the most exciting game of the day in front of a huge TV audience, so at least we didn't get embarrassed....but after watching them march into...


Is Anyone Frustrated?

I mean, now it seems like they turned it on for a few games. But, if they had beaten the hapless Browns and held those double digit leads against the Giants and Broncos, the Dolphins would be 5-4...


Luck Confirms this is his last year at Stanford

On Gameday today, Luck was on and he said this is his last year at Stanford. Even though all signs pointed to him entering the draft, some Dolphins fans still speculated and argued that he may not...


A Look At "Suck For Luck" Response

I've never posted a FanPost, but have been here for a couple years now. I figured I'd try to convey the reasoning for SFL to answer Mosul's post about not understanding some people in this.  But...

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