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I have the biggest mancrush on Lyoto Machida.

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  • MMA Lyoto Machida, Diego Sanchez, BJ Penn, Cro Cop, Carlos Condit, Junior dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, Ben Henderson, Big Nog, Mauricio Rua, Stefan Struve, Rashad Evans, Jose Aldo, Nate Marquardt, Anderson Silva, Urijah Faber, Dominick Cruz, Rousimar Palhare
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The World MMA Awards is stupid. Report live from the red carpet.

Correction: it's fucking stupid. I think the only dumber award show is the Grammy. I was surprised BE didn't cover it at all, but I figured that's because of how stupid the MMA Awards is. But,...


Gi recommendations for BJJ noob

I've started training BJJ/luta livre in Leopoldo Serao's academy and need to buy a gi. I'm 5 feet 8 inches (1.72 m) tall and weigh about 145 lbs. (65.77 kg). So, what brands do you guys...


Rambling thoughts on the 2012 K-1 MAX tournament, and a little bit on BJJ/luta livre

It's been a while since I've written a rambling thoughts post. I'm still way too tired from the UFC/WEC/K-1/Pride marathon I went through to bother with a vale tudo/Pancrase/Shooto marathon, but...


WMMA Today's official WMMA rankings

http://wmmatoday.wordpress.com/unified-wmma-rankings/ This definitely helps WMMA noobs like me who have a hard enough time just keeping track of which fighters are in which divisions. Once again,...


Watch Buakaw's latest fight against Mauro Serra

And I already took the joke for Mauro The Terra Ranallo Serra, dammit. This fight took place in yesterday's Thai Fight event, which I also linked, but only wonderfulspam came out to party. I...


Thai Fight live stream up right now, featuring the almighty Buakaw

http://www.adintrend.com/tv/?ch=3 Thai Fight promotion has another show on right now. I don't know much about the fighters, but I've been enjoying Thai Fight's shows a lot more than United...


In defense of Erick Silva's performance, and in offense to MMA fans' know-it-all-ism

Quite a few people have been bagging on Erick Silva for fighting wildly against a grinding wrestler like Jon Fitch, saying that he should've fought more safely. I expressed my view in an earlier...


What other MMA blogs are there?

It's been 5 days since SB Nation's changed its layout, and I still don't like it. To be even more blunt, I hate it, and I'm looking for alternatives to jump ship to.I won't bother getting into all...

Free UFC fight Youtube playlist


As some of you may know, the UFC's been quietly uploading several free fights onto Youtube (on HD no less!) I've made a playlist that focuses more on showing fun fights to get casuals into MMA. I omitted fights like Chael Sonnen vs. Nate Marquardt because you wouldn't be able to appreciate what a high-level fight it was if you didn't know anything about either guy. I know the UFC's also been uploading free fights onto Fuel TV's channel through obscure titles, so if you guys can help me improve the playlist by linking me them, I'd greatly appreciate it. Anyway, enjoy re-watching completely free, legal fights on HD on Youtube and sharing them with friends.

Kit Cope acts like a douchebag in this interview. How does a guy who's 6-7 have such an attitude?


Kit Cope acts like a douchebag in this interview. How does a guy who's 6-7 have such an attitude?

prebek was on Ariel's MMA Fighting show to give a couple of his impersonations on fighters. I...


prebek was on Ariel's MMA Fighting show to give a couple of his impersonations on fighters. I didn't expect to laugh as much as I did when I watched this. I especially liked prebek's impersonations of Overeem and Vitor.

MMA Fighter And Newcomer Mila Announced For Dead Or Alive 5


Uhhh, ok! "Something something MMA gaining mainstream acceptance."

Tito Ortiz partnering with a promoter to launch a new amateur MMA promotion


Sounds like Tito is really invested in mentoring a new breed of fighters. Kinda ironic that Tito would become the good guy promoter despite being a dick as a fighter, while Dana's still being the dick promoter.

Tyrone Spong is finally going to fight in MMA! He announced on Inside MMA that he'll make his...


Tyrone Spong is finally going to fight in MMA! He announced on Inside MMA that he'll make his debut in Titan FC. Please, Tyrone, show that Blackzilians have trained you well enough in grappling that you can be good enough to join the UFC.

K-1 adding new weightclasses for 2013


"K-1 will be expanding their weight classes next year, with the overall divisions looking like this: 55.2, 59.0, 63,5, 66.7, 70, 77, 84, -93, +93 kg. These exact weights are still tentative. Masato showed a lot of interest in tournaments and Mr. Kim founded rankings." Geez, it only took K-1 like 20 fucking years to figure out that it should add more weight classes.

8/23, the gift that keeps on giving - "Ken Shamrock Roughs Up a Woman (Thought She Was a Man)"


So just to add in to the rest of today's weirdness, this additional nugget came up on Frank Shamrock's fb page with the single comment "#family."


What weight class would you be in if you were fighting professionally?

Just wondering because I mentioned in HaterSlayer's thread how dumb it is when casuals think they can take on lighter weight fighters, despite the fact that the lighter weight guys are still big in...

K-1 is coming to Spike TV


"New York, NY, August 20, 2012 – Spike TV and K-1, the world's premier kickboxing organization, have agreed to a strategic partnership that will begin this fall with live fights streamed on Spike.com beginning Saturday, September 8 at the U.S. World Grand Prix Championships in Los Angeles. There will be a total of four events that will be streamed live in 2012. In 2013, the K-1 events will move from Spike.com to Spike TV to coincide with the network’s extensive coverage of Bellator Fighting Championships. "We are thrilled to be in business with the world’s preeminent kickboxing organization," said Jon Slusser, Senior Vice President, Sports and Multiplatform Events, Spike TV. "Spike has the most passionate and knowledgeable fans of combat sports and we are confident that they will enjoy the high-action of K-1, which serves as the perfect complement to our Bellator coverage next year." "K-1 is excited to join forces with Spike TV, a powerful and highly experienced cable network known nationally for its combat sports programming, presenting our live K-1 events," said Doug Kaplan, CEO, K-1. "Spike is the perfect television home and stage to introduce our K-1 warriors and the fast-paced, aggressive style of K-1 fighting to fight fans across America." Spike.com’s 2012 coverage will include unprecedented access to K-1 events, from live streaming of the weigh-ins the day before the bouts, to locker room interviews, to live coverage of every fight on the card, including all the prelims." Pretty interesting that K-1's hopping on along with Bellator over to Spike TV. Bellator and Spike seem made for each other with how douche-y both are, but the challenge is in seeing how Spike will douche up K-1 to Spike's standards. When I think of K-1, I think of prestige. Japanese auditoriums filled with 60,000+ attendants for the World GP's, fantastic production values with lights flashing, fireworks exploding, and banners waving all over the place, all interspersed by terrible bubblegum J-pop girl groups singing terrible bubblegum J-pop songs. When I think of Spike, I think of unnecessarily long ads during the actual fights for dumb shows like Manswers. I think of cheap, shitty, watery beer, meatheads, ugly trucks, and big booty whores. I can't wait to see the Frankenstein product Spike comes out with K-1.

Muay Thai fight between a 15 and 18 year old. Everything about this fight is boring up until the...


Muay Thai fight between a 15 and 18 year old. Everything about this fight is boring up until the 5:00 mark of this video, but after that, HOE. LEE. SHIT. Nonstop elbow spamming with a couple of really hard body kicks thrown in between. The look in these two kids' eyes are intense while they're duking it out.

Frank Shamrock vs. Dan Henderson I had no clue that these two ever fought each other until Frank...


Frank Shamrock vs. Dan Henderson I had no clue that these two ever fought each other until Frank posted a picture of this match on his FB page recently. Why doesn't this fight show up on Fight Finder?


Rambling Thoughts, Pt. 2: K-1 Edition

So like I mentioned in my previous fanpost, I also decided to watch every K-1 event because I wanted to get more into professional kickboxing. Ehhhhh, I wasn't anywhere near as successful because...


Finally done with my MMA history marathon, now for my rambling thoughts

So a couple months ago, I decided to educate my inner amateur MMA historian and watch every event from the major MMA promotions (UFC, Pride, K-1 Hero's, and WEC) in chronological order. I started...


Quick question for anyone who's done Rushfit..

Has it gotten appreciably easier for anyone over time? I've been doing this for months, yet my cardio still never seems to keep up with the program. Yeah, I admit I don't follow the program's 8...

Seth Petruzelli fighting in the K-1 Los Angeles card


Seth Petruzelli's already fought in pro kickboxing before, and he's got an awesome 0-2 record at the moment, with one of those losses coming from the almighty Bob Sapp. His third try is probably going to turn out as well as Marcus Davis's foray into kickboxing--meaning, pretty fucking badly.


Old WVC, IVC, UVF, and K-1 Hero's Events, You Got Them?

Basically the title. Not sure if this kind of post is allowed, so feel free to delete this post if I'm breaking any rules. But yeah, can anyone hook me up with these old, olddd events? K-1...


Share Your Casual Fan Stories

I thought the crowd in the bar tonight was fairly educated, but nope, still heard some things that made me go, "What?" The two that really stuck out to me: 1. A couple of fans thought that Silva...


New Idea for Strikeforce--Make it the Premier WMMA AND Kickboxing League

This was originally a response to Horselover Fat in this thread, but I decided to make it a fanpost instead because I was yapping on too long for a regular comment. Anyway, here goes: Now people...


This Might Be a Dumb Question But...

How does coaching work? Most of the big names in coaching weren't spectacularly fantastic fighters themselves, so it's kinda weird that world champions respect their opinion on anything. Quick...


Wishlist for Ways to Make the UFC Look Less, Well, Douchey

So I've been going back through a ton of old K-1, Pride, and boxing fights and realized again how great their production values were in comparison to the UFC. The production didn't have to be...

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