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Baker Mayfield Interview

This is a good read that might change some people's perspective about why Baker is trying to come to OU. The kid really wants to be here. Whether or not it's a good decision for him is a topic up for debate, but hey... if he's feeling it, I think he should go for it,


Bedlam Might Be The Big 12 Championship Game

I know, I know... there is going to be plenty of backlash for me even suggesting this. Most Sooner fans don't want to be bothered with my silly "sunshine pumping" after watching our program get...

OU Football's Most Impactful Players For 2013

1. Aaron Colvin- OU has a legitimate Jim Thorpe Award candidate in Colvin. The CBs will have to be stellar in an otherwise lackluster secondary... and I know Colvin will be just that. With his...

Landry Jones Slipping Down (And Maybe Out) The NFL Draft?

Saturday I sat and watched 3 inexperienced QBs play with the heart and poise that I haven’t seen from Landry since late 2010. Before the season, these QBs supposedly weren’t in Landry's zip...

I'm Sorry, But This Makes OU Look Bad

Matt Byer committed to OU on July 2, and has been forced to give up football because he was diagnosed with a spinal-cord condition. OU has decided not to honor his scholarship. There may be a legit reason behind why OU can't honor Beyer's scholarship. But with FSU recently honoring Richy Klepal's scholarship, this makes OU look a little low class in my opinion. Granted... OU definitely to use scholarships to bring in more talent, after what we witnessed on Saturday. But if OU can find a way to put like 30 kickers on scholarship, we can afford one for this kid.

Casey Walker to return on Monday

Good to hear. We might not have him for FAMU, but he has a couple of weeks to get ready for K-State. Hope his issue is fine now.

The Pukes 'excuse' for playing Savannah State...

If you look at the list of teams Dave Martin called, they weren't exactly aiming for the stars in the first place.

2012 Herbie Awards

Not too many Sooners made his list. However, Herb seems to really love Tony Jefferson, and who can blame him? He voted Jefferson the 2nd best safety in the nation, and also put him on the "All-Herbie Team". Trey Metoyer also made the list for being "Ahead of the Curve", which I assume means a newcomer that will have an early impact. Also, Mike Stoops was voted as the best coordinator hire. Little too early to know if that is accurate or not, but we will find out soon.

Top 15 College Fight Songs

Guess who is #4? Warning: Use your mute for #15, #9, and #2.

Interesting: I Think This Guy is Calling Landry a "Top QB"???

I thought this was interesting that this writer, Bob Harvey, declares Landry as a top 7 QB ahead of: Tyler Bray (Tennessee), Mike Glennon (North Carolina State), James Franklin Jr. (Missouri), and Geno Smith (West Virginia). The funny part.... the write up! Look for yourself... he literally doesn't say one positive thing about Landry. Makes me wonder why he even bothered to put him on the list.

AP Top 25

The Associated USC Biased Press released their version of the top 25.

Preview of OU 2012 Football (Ranked #5 by

This is a pretty good write up... in my opinion. A few inaccuracies with the roster, but pretty good overall.


"Best of the Best" Team in the Stoops Era

As we eagerly anticipate the start of the 2012 season, I am reflecting on the great Sooners' that have played in the Bob Stoops Era (and there have been some good ones). Because I'm bored I have...


Michael Onuoha coming to OU

More good news for OU's recruiting this week... For fans like me who didn't want to wait another day, you will be pleased to know that three-star defensive end Michael Onuoha (Edmond Santa Fe) has...


Question: Did the BCS title game give OU the upper hand in the Dorial Green-Beckham sweepstakes?

I won't even lie, that Bama defense looked flat out scary, and even LSU's defense looked better than any other defense (excluding Bama) that I saw this season. I know DGB had to be glued to his...

Fire Willie Martinez

You think Georgia fans would mind if we stole their page?


Putting Landry's return in perspective....

I was reading comments on a post about Willie Martinez taking another job (which I fully support) and the conversation somehow turned into a comparison between Sam Bradford and Landry Jones. And I...


Question about OU Basketball...

As we all know, the football team ended the season 12-2. I am starting to think that the football team will have more wins than our basketball team, which is currently 8-8.


A Who Done It Novel: Why are we playing UConn???

 From the message boards on several different sports sites, I keep hearing the typical "we got screwed" from certain OU fans. So I decided to figure out exactly who "screwed" us. After much...


For the fair weather Kevin Wilson fans

Picture this scenario... James Hanna drops the ball on the 2nd & 7 pass, during OU’s final drive of the bedlam game. OU then gets forced into a 3rd & 7. Since OkState is now expecting a pass,...


Before you get too upset that Landry Jones didn't make the Big 12 teams...

His numbers were better than any QB during Big 12 play, so the Coaches obviously didn't factor that. If Coaches based their votes on the team's overall success, then it's simple... Weeden helped...


Why is Landry Jones getting so little respect?

When the "experts" mention the best QBs in Div. I football, they say Cam Newton, Kellen Moore, and Brandon Weeden most of the time. But why do people keep overlooking Landry Jones? He is 3rd in...

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