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UCLA Class of 2006 (Mech. Engineering)...five year graduate. I now live in Memphis, TN.

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Visiting Memphis? A Local's Advice & Guidance

Tips for Bruins who are heading out to Sweet-16 in Memphis.

I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...but anyhow, this is a painting that my wife had made for me...


I'm not sure if I'm doing this right...but anyhow, this is a painting that my wife had made for me for my 30th birthday. The artist is Jacob Zumo...


Open Thread: Pac-12 Network Related Questions/Concerns

An open thread with all Pac-12 Network related questions and concerns among community members of Bruins Nation.

OT: Waaaaahhhhh!!!!!


The difference between Howland-coached players and Calipari-coached players...toughness. Can you imagine Westbrook, Love, AA, et al, complaining about "hard fouls?" Didn't Love just get a concussion? Note: this is not an excuse for the last 4 years of UCLA basketball irrelevance, but our original "Ben Ball Warriors" are tough mother (shut yo' mouth!)...I'm just talkin' 'bout Bruins!

"Every year that I've been here and we've done it, we've been criticized for it," Embree said. "At...

"Every year that I've been here and we've done it, we've been criticized for it," Embree said. "At the same time the tradition started years ago and they were winning Rose Bowls while they were doing it. We did it the year we won the Eagle Bank Bowl, too. I think at this point where our program is at, we're going to get criticized for everything we do." - Taylor Embree, on the Over the Wall "tradition" Awesome. How exactly does this joker compare the Eagle Bank Bowl to the Rose Bowl with a straight face? Taylor Embree has shown time and time again that he doesn't "get it." From his regression on the field, to his dumb Twitter comments about LA, to his antics against UA that instigated a full on brawl, to leading the "Over the Wall" BS, Embree has become the poster child for what UCLA football has become: a national joke. I'm just glad I don't have to watch this guy make fair catches and drop passes over the middle anymore. Maybe I'm being harsh, but I just see a spoiled brat who will end up being a college coach somehow because daddy hired him. Try getting a real job, and please stop embarrassing me and my alma mater. Oh, and Taylor, getting "criticized" is part of the deal when you are a representative of a major institution. I work for a large corporation, and if I make a mistake at work there are consequences and people get pissed. I can only imagine the look on my boss's face if I just sprinted out of my office to go catch a matinee. Rather than pout and act like a whiny bitch, why don't you take some accountability? Embree quote via ESPNLA.

Devil's Advocate: Can Mora Succeed?

First things first...Jim Mora was not my top choice for our Head Coach. Nor was he my second, third, or even fourth. No one in their right mind is going to call this a homerun hire. In fact, I...


I'm done

For the record, I've given everything I have. I have nothing left to give. Our team is a bunch of great guys that can't even get out of their own way. No offense to our guys, because I conpletely...

"The U"...About to Get Steamrolled by NCAA


Yahoo! Sports once again uncovering a huge college football scandal, this time involving the University of Miami and one of its high profile boosters with improprieties ranging from 2002-2010. The article details a ridiculous amount of improper benefits that would make Pete Carroll nod approvingly. In addition, much of this stuff was happening right under Randy Shannon's nose while he was at the helm from 2007-2010, although it doesn't appear as though he was outwardly complicit. I'm feeling much better about the hiring of Joe Tresey.

Re: Norm Chow...Sound Familiar?


It looks like Utah's offensive is struggling to pick up the scheme that Norm Chow is implementing. Granted, it's only spring ball in his first year at Utah, but we are also implementing a new scheme and there seem to be far less growing pains. Time will tell, I suppose.

"It feels good. You’re not going to get too giddy," he said, a book entitled "Wisdom" by UCLA...


"It feels good. You’re not going to get too giddy," he said, a book entitled "Wisdom" by UCLA coaching legend John Wooden sitting on his desk.

- Don Mattingly, after his first win as the Dodgers' new skipper

Arron Afflalo, The Closer


Nice article on AA in how he has stepped up in Denver after 'Melo whined his way to the Knicks. Anyone surprised AA is turning into a court leader?

Another Nice Eval of David Carter


UCLA DE/DT David Carter. Carter (6-5, 297) definitely helped himself with very strong practices. Entering the week, he was viewed as a limited athlete who made most of his plays through effort and hustle. But he showed improved quickness and athleticism in practices. He displayed the agility and pass-rush skills to defeat linemen, whether lined up inside or out. He also showed the strength and hands to jolt and drive offensive linemen backward with an aggressive bull rush. He was consistently able to defeat run blocks and make plays against the run. Not only did Carter prove he is a strong, athletic prospect, but he showed he has the tools to be a good 3-4 end, which will help his draft value.

Pac-10 Assistants' Salaries


Ted Miller makes some good points here...hopefully UCLA is able to put down some money for something other than discount assistants.

Jon Gold sums up our defensive "gameplan"


I think Gold is pretty much spot on here...channeling BN all the way.


Kansas State Game: TV Coverage & Gatherings

UCLA fans discussing where to watch the upcoming game against Kansas State.

ESPN's Ted Miller: Did Pac-10 Media Day Work?


A fairly insightful article into the goings on at the media day in New York and Bristol. There are also some funny tidbits about the Pac-10's coaches.

WR Brandin Cooks commits to UCLA


We're officially on the board...welcome to Westwood, Brandin.

Surprise, Suprise...Cushing Suspended for Juicing


Wow. Didn't see this one coming. Most people were skeptical of his adamant denials of steroid use before entering the NFL draft. This only confirms what we all thought. CHEAT ON!

OT: Calipari to Bulls?


It appears our "favorite" coach not named Lame Kitten is looking to return to the NBA. I wonder why. Hmmmm...this is truly a head scratcher.

ATV gets drafted by Titans (4th Rd)!


So great for ATV (Tennessee traded Lendale White for him, LOL). I like that he got drafted by the Titans...he looks good in light blue!

Wisconsin cuts ties with Nike


In light of our recent deal with Adidas, I thought this was an interesting article that sheds some light on a pretty big issue. I applaud Wisconsin officals for standing up for human rights, but I doubt Nike will change anything.

(VIDEO) MJD Interview on tWWL


Former Bruin on his alma mater and why he should be the fantasy top pick.

$UC Arrogance vs. Subpoena Power


It looks like tWWL is finally coming to grips with reality (maybe).

OT: When Does (Billy) Donovan Get the Blame?


You might think they are talking about UCLA if you replace Donovan with Howland, and Florida with UCLA. I find it interesting that the rise of Florida coincided with the rise of UCLA...if we won both our games against them in the tournament we'd have at least one title and another title appearance. I just think it's funny that UF fans are channeling a lot of the same thoughts about their program (although they have been bad for the last two years).

"I actually love it now that you're a commit because I can actually come after you harder." -...


"I actually love it now that you're a commit because I can actually come after you harder." - CRN to Dietrich Riley when he found out about his silent committment to U$C this past December,0,3921919.story

Brandon Willis to reconsider UCLA?


If I were CRN, I would tell Brandon that he'll have the chance to play against the coach that screwed him over (almost...really a blessing in disguise). Defensive line is definitely a position of need.



In honor of our recent victory over,

Eff it all...Harbaugh signs extension at Stanford


Arg, Stanford is becoming a thorn in our side. Wish he would have taken the job at KU.

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