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Magic to the north of us, Lefty to the south?


Now it appears even golfers are snapping up SoCal's baseball teams. Phil Mickelson is in on an ownership bid for the Padres after Magic Johnson got in on the Dodgers ... Hmmm, I'm happy with our billboard salesman

Hey, I like checkered cotton shirts too!


Nice to see the All-Stars dressing down a bit ... and good to see our boy Mike Trout sporting the checkered shirt.

Let's reel in another fish!


Considering our luck with fish-named players, this guy comes to mind. Tyler Pike, a 6-3 HS lefty from Winter Haven, Florida. Not sure if he'll drop far enough for us, but Baseball America have him No. 125 on their draft list. Hmmmm. ... Trout, Pike, Salmon maybe a future manager? Hook him! :)

If I was Frieri I'd be a little ticked off


Ernie had absolutely unhittable stuff yesterday, in fact about the nastiest stuff I've seen since K-Rod was good. He was badly used by the Padres and I can see him having a big role for our club. ... He was one out from his first MLB save, and while I understand the lefty-lefty matchup, with that stuff there's no reason to believe Frieri wouldn't have gotten David Murphy out. OK, if Frieri lets Murphy get on, then pull him for Downs. But it was a little unfair for Downs to get a one-batter save when Ernesto did all the donkey's work.

AP drops the ball?


The Associated Press recap of the Weaver no-hitter still has this interesting info: "It was the first time the Angels had back-to-back complete game wins since 1993 when Chuck Finley and Mark Langston did it." Surely that's wrong? Surely the writer meant back-to-back complete-game shutouts? ... Anybody know for sure?

An Angels hitting coach is in this picture


My former journalism professor, a very wise man, suggested something today that really makes sense. Clearly the axe needs to fall somewhere for this craptastic start and for the 9 millionth time on HH, it's time to hatchet Hatcher. Check out this photo. The guy on the left, Kingfish Tim Salmon, looks like a hitting coach (in addition to being the Angels all-time leader in HRs, WALKS and slugging. The guy on the right is clearly asleep on the job. C'mon Jedi show some more cojones. A Hatcher firing would be a shakeup, and that's what this team needs.

The Official site scared the bejeezus out of me


With this supersize main pic on their home page today of our closer Jordan Walden. On a large-screen laptop it looked like an axe murderer was staring back at me. How I know why hitters are scared ...

Angels unwanted jersey appeal


Hey does anybody have an old Angels jersey they don't want anymore? My local pub in Maidenhead UK is refurbing as a sports bar and they are hanging jerseys from all sports around the bar. It's only right that there is an Angels jersey hanging in there in pride of place! The only problem is there is one place in the UK where you can buy authentic Angels gear and the jerseys cost like something like $400. But if my fellow HHers have any old ones laying around that you want to get rid of, I'll gladly pay for the postage and shipping (think of the jersey that you don't like anymore or says Mathis on it or you use to wash your car). All help appreciated ... Cheers, Stu (highlandhalo)

The Trout


May I suggest another English pub that all Angels fans should visit sometime? OK, maybe just me and the Limey and missuses ... :)

the Soth needs to have a word with the boys about beating ourselves up


the Soth needs to have a word with the boys about beating ourselves up


Destroy the bookies

Old highland had 2 possibly brilliant ideas yesterday while walking past one of London's innumerable betting parlours. 1) was to complete my butt-kicking of Ladbrokes with a clean sweep of NCAA...


Cool names and why I suck at Fantasy Baseball

Listen. I suck at Fantasy Baseball -- But since it's draft time again, you want me in your league. Why? Because I suck. No excuses, but ...1) I care very little for stats and am very poor at math;...


Represent YOUR HOOD in the "fan base"

Suddenly Godzilla stompts into our yard, highlighting the global nature of today's baseball biz, and Hideki Matsui will hopefully hit a ton of ropes into the RF bleachers and make us forget about...


HH Player Ratings: Game 5, ALCS. Angels 7, Yankees 6

I had to wait for my heartbeat to slow down before I could even think about posting anything, but here we go with highland's fearless and completely unbiased biased player ratings for Game 5. B...


HH player ratings: Game 3: Angels 5, Yankees 4

Our Halos are still struggling at the plate but managed to gut this one out. Abreu, Rivera, Kowbell and Desmond were all swinging limp sticks. Fortunately, we had enough to carry this to Game 4 ...S...


HH player ratings: Game 1: Halos 1, Yankees 4

Well, let's start off these player rankings with this non-sequitur: 46 degrees fahrenheit is not cold. That's 8 degrees celcius, which is warm in Inverness, Scotland, where I lived for two years....


HH player ratings: Game 3, Halos v. Boston

Only three moments in my life match the way I feel right now 1) the birth of my son Ethan 2) my marriage to Elizabeth and 3) Game 7 of 2002.Old highland is going to to give his unbiased biased...

Christmas comes early in London


The scene where I was, as a Halo fanatic, couldn't have been better. An expensive sports bar in central London packed with Chowds and wanna-be Chowds. I heard one guy clapping in a far corner of the busy Sports Cafe when Kazmir delivered a strikeout. I gravitated to him. His name is Mike from San Juan Capistrano. I was the only person in the joint wearing an Angels cap, but the place was packed with Sox fans wearing full regalia. It was a fan ratio of about 30-1. Two Angels fans, plus two Yankees fans who hate the Red Sox, versus countless chowds. To their credit, the Red Sox fans accepted defeat with grace. The Angels fans (myself and Mike) ran around like maniacs high-fiving after the last out, but we did not gloat. We tried to handle victory with as much grace as they handled defeat. Oddly, out of the 30 or so Red Sox fans at the Sports Cafe, about 10 were women and none had mustaches. None were drunk. In fact, every female Sox fan at the Sports Cafe in London was dead-on HOT. And the guys were cool too. Not surprisingly, they wished us luck against the Yankees and in fact some of them congratulated me and asked us to kick the Yankees' ass for them. All in all, not what I expected at all. A lot of hanging heads from the Sox fans but I can't think of one that did not conduct themselves with class. All in all, a perfect evening watching baseball in mixed company. Postgame player ratings coming later after I have a much-needed beer. ~ highland


HH player ratings: Game 2, Boston v. Halos

Well here is old highland celebrating a 2-0 lead going to Fenway for Game 3 on Sunday. I'm back on the job to give my completely biased unbiased player reviews for Game 2 in the old-school sports...


HH player ratings: Game 1, Boston v. Halos

My player rankings for Game 1 of the ALDS. In the grand tradition of British soccer writing, I am going to assign a rating of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, based on the individual players'...


What Desmond needs for .300

OK, it's time for my one stat-head post of the season, and on the last day! ... Chone Figgins is currently sitting on a .298 batting average, and it's really splitting hairs, but let's face it -- a...


Angels pics: Cool or lame?

Now you may have noticed that MLB.com have an army of photographers with digital cams at each and every game. Hence, while flipping through our roster and our stats, I noticed that each player's...


Some "underrated" love for Desmond and Kowbell from SI

Since there was no Tuesday Halo Links today, I thought I would point HH's attention to the fact that Sports Illustrated's Ted Keith has been paying attention to the Angels. Two Halos make his list...



Well, I have to say this season has been a season of surprises for me. We have gotten the predictable production out of Vlad Guerrero and Torii Hunter (despite injuries), Juan Rivera, Chone Figgins...


Random Saturday baseball trivia

Here's a random pitching trivia question as we await tonight's massive tilt on the mound between the Angels' John Lackey and the Kansas City Royals' Zack Greinke ... Which set of brothers holds the...


Team MVP so far

Just for shits and giggles, I thought I post this poll to see who y'all this is our Team MVP so far. Vote below and explain your reasons in the comments. And to quote Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and...


An Open Apology to Acuda

Acuda, mi amigo, I have in the past, in game threads and other fanposts, particularly when we were trying to re-sign Mark Teixeira, made some perhaps snarky but well-intended remarks about your...

Soth Quote of the Year (So Far)

"We've had a lot of continuity on offense. That needs to continue." Good old boring Mike. Give the man a plate of spaghetti ...

Highlandhalo is drinking again


Sorry, no hot barmaids in this pic, will do a better job next time.


Waking up Desmond

WiHaloFan posted a link to the CBS story on this, but Chone's amazing journey to St Louis is interesting enough I thought it deserved it's own fan post. Here's what happened: Chone is snoozing...

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