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Ichiro drops F-bomb on Costas (caution)


This one has nothing to do with the Angels and it's been kicking around awhile, but we have so many new HHers that may not have seen it. A classic.

Highlandhalo raises a victory toast


I drink hard tonight for this time in the luxurious environs of the executive lounge of the Sports Cafe, London. Right now, drinking to ease the pain, but this is a Rally Toast!


Desmond is one tripling SOB

Almost lost in the maelstrom of last night's wacky 10-6 win over the pinstripes was the fact that our little All-Star snub-ee, Chone Figgins, tripled in the go-ahead run in the 6th.What an electric...


Figgy falls short (no pun intended)

Well Halo fans, the Final Votes for ASG are in, and our beloved little sparkplug Desmond has finished in a close third behind a reasonably deserving Brandon Inge of the Tigers and Ian Kinsler of...


Random baseball trivia for a Monday

OK, you're bored at work, so why not use your brain for something useful, like answering a random baseball trivia question? That's more like it! Presumably you're clicking away like an automation...


Halos are Ultimate Sports Franchise - (from ESPN)!

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but ESPN The Magazine has named the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim as the No. 1-ranking franchise of all 122 professional sports teams. The article will appear...


What type of Angels fan are YOU? (2009 edition)

I gots me a shiny new red laptop, a bit of time on my hands, and cold beers in a sunny garden in London. ... That can only mean it's time to play the second edition of "What type of Angels fan are...


30-30 man?

Just noticed that Torii Hunter is on pace for .319 with 44 HR, 30 steals, 140 RBI and 121 runs scored, not to mention the incredible defense and leadership. If this isn't an MVP-calibre season I...



Hey all ... Here's a funny thing I've learned about England in all the years I've lived over here. There's a company based in Bournemouth, south England, which manufactures all sorts of hygiene...


Second call for the UK HH chapter meet-up

OK it's gonna be Friday or Sunday in London at the Sports Cafe in Haymarket Street. YOU tell me the day and I'll be there for Game 2 or 3. If you don't turn up you're a p***y and you should change...


Open letter to the Chowds

Enjoy your brief stay in the playoffs this year because it is not going to last long. You probably won't even be able to drink enough to keep your beers cold because you lot are going out quick. E...


UK Chapter playoff meetup

OK I don't have any details yet, and nor do I know the date. But the time is here for the first full-on meet-up and playoff celebration of the UK Chapter of Halos Heaven. Mind you, I am crap at...


Calling Captain Hunter?

I had an interesting question from a very good mate in London today who is also a big Angels fan. But having grown up on "football" (soccer) he had an interesting question for me. In soccer, every...


Who do YOU trust to look into YOUR future

via s510.photobucket.com Ran across a couple political images and I was wondering you really believe can manage. I mean management. Now, we all know that Mike Scioscia is a pretty damn good...


Olympic baseball

Get used to it folks, it almost over, unless all the top pros get into it. Matt Brown did great, and the Giants OF prospect destroyed the Chinese catcher on a hard slide at home plate. But the...


Halos head shots!

  Get your red hot Angels mug shots right here folks ... useful for turning into avatars, etc ... whatever you fancy. They're all big enough to fit the 160px width required for Halos Heaven...


The view of the Angels from a hot Scottish barmaid

OK, the really sizzling hot barmaid in Inverness viewed the pics of both mayhood, ... and all the mugshots of our really ugly players. I recorded her responses on my phone they are below: Re: M...


What type of Angels fan are YOU?

The way in which we watch and react to Angels games tells a lot about what kind of people we are. Print off this handy quiz, be honest, score yourself, and fess up in the comments below the scoring...

This just to make you all happy today. Blue Smoke acknowledges the crowd on the night he drove in...


This just to make you all happy today. Blue Smoke acknowledges the crowd on the night he drove in 10 ribeye steaks. Love the man, Halos Heaveners ...

Vlad don't ground into any more DPs


Vlad don't ground into any more DPs

No more GiDPs Vlad


OK here is my goat-eating effort to stop Vlad from grounding into double plays.

Dang! No camera phone! ... And didn't have my Angels cap today either. But I ran into a couple of...


Dang! No camera phone! ... And didn't have my Angels cap today either. But I ran into a couple of Polish dudes who were dead ringers for Napoli and Shields. Crap crap crap!


You know what else happened in 1995?

A lot of dickheads walked around HB wearing Zubaz pants and did a lot of steroids. Jacques Chirac was elected president of France My girlfriend went psycho and decided she wanted to have sex...


The easiest game-story lead to write ... ever

As some of you know, i'm a sports journalist and used to be a beat reporter for the Angels way back when. It was really late when the game ended last night so I went straight to bed, but if was...

Should have said Sweep Caroline though ...


Some love on the baseball front page from CNNSI, who, unlike their journalistic brethren at ESPN, actually played up the biggest baseball story of Sunday, rather than burying it like those Chowd hacks in Bristol. Enjoy the love while you can!


ESPN grades the Angels at midseason

Had a look over at ESPN tonight and scanned through their INSIDE EDGE "In-Depth Major League Baseball Reports" in which each player is assigned a grade on various categories of performance. To...


California A's ???

A sad story to report to my fellow HHers from abroad today. Because today I happened to be in the city centre of Inverness, Scotland, and I saw a young guy around age 22 wearing an obvious cheap...


Our sweet DP

Missed the game last night but was happily awakened this morning to watch the MLB.TV recap and see that absolute honey of a DP Figgins and Aybar turned in the first inning. Well worth a replay for...


Good news for UK chapter of Halos Heaven!

Hello chaps, yes it's official, the Hooters chain is finally expanding in the UK. According to press releases, the 2008 openings of the restaurants will be in London, Manchester, Sheffield,...


Brandon Wood: A chuckle

OK, none of can wait for real baseball to start, to find out who's going to be playing which positions for us ... will we make another deal this spring, etc ... But I just thought I'd share this...

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