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Taking A Step Back From The Hill Pick

Like most of you, I went through the five stages of grief after hearing Solo Jr.'s name called last night. First, there was denial: "this has to be a trade...there's no way we are keeping this...


Colts Bar NYC

I just moved to NYC from Indy and my crappy Time Warner Cable doesn't carry NFL Network. Does anyone from the area know a cool place to watch the Colts tomorrow? Preferably somewhere where there...


Please Don't Shoot Me (No Pun Intended)

First of all, I can't believe I'm writing this. And, to preemptively answer your question: yes, I have been drinking tonight. But Stephen Jackson has been relegated to the end of the bench in...


Rolling the dice: JR Smith

To gamble or not to gamble? That is a question I often find myself pondering. Being the weak man that I am, I usually push my chips into the middle and ride the wave. With JR Smith returning to...


Kyrylo Fesenko

I think it is quite clear that we have depth issues at the 3 and 5 spots. When Jeff Foster is sidelined our need for a better backup center is glaring. I respect Amundson's effort on both ends of...


Amnesty Priority

I read today that teams under the salary cap will have priority to sign players cut through the amnesty clause. This obviously benefits the Pacers. It got me thinking about players that may not be...


NBA Players Choose The "Other" Court

The Indiana Pacers remain locked out with the rest of the NBA so here's a look at what fans might expect from the latest legal actions.


Can we stop with the casual fan talk?

[From the FanPosts, Hilliard shares his thoughts on the fan base. TL] I don't know that the casual fan is really being lost. At least not yet. Maybe here in Indy, where the Colts aren't giving...


Rush Out

Mike Wells tweeted that Rush is going to be out around 2 weeks with an ankle injury. Great timing since he just got jumped by the rookie. With the current youth movement happening I hope this...

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