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User Blog

The Pace Of 2015 Recruiting

How does the pace of football recruit commitments last season stack up to this season?

Recruiting "Buzz Kill" or "Buzz Redistribution?"

Don't be fooled by the slower pace of football recruiting commitments this season. There are very good reasons for it.


UK Hoops Pops Up in Arkansas

About 15 years ago we moved to Hot Springs, Arkansas and settled into our new town. As part of settling in we, of course, had to attend our local high school basketball games to check out the level...

Building a Team from Rubble - Recruiting

Striking a balance between junior college players and four-year recruits is tricky, and Mark Stoops of Kentucky seems to be doing it the right way.


Youth vs Experience

For the past few years the BBN has certainly talked a lot about youth vs experience, except this time, it's about football. In basketball, we've come to accept the premise that a team of the...

Bright spots this past week for UK


Kendrick and Robinson get some recognition amidst the hand wringing.


Irrational Exuberance: Stoopid Football (part 2)

We lost the first one, but we're not done with the party!


Why Kentucky will beat Western Kentucky

Think we're going to lose to the boys from Bowling Green? Nah.


Irrational Exuberance Part I

Every year, we give in to irrational exuberance for Kentucky football.


U Mad, Nick?

The Big 12's eighth official seems a much better way to address the up-tempo offenses, not slowing the game down like Nick Saban and Bret Bielema want.

Nice Story


Nice to hear stories like this from other parts of the world. Sort of restores your faith in humanity.


Moral Victories Are Us

This year, moral victories may be all we have.


The Perfect Day

What a great weekend. Although the Blue/White game was four days ago, I wanted to add my take on a perfect day. Is this a tale of 'What you missed'? Absolutely. I got in to Lexington late...

Ashley Judd


Announces she won't run for Senate. - Will she still root for Louisville?


Football Expectations - Offense vs Defense Improvement

The excitement of hiring a new coach and most of his staff has waned somewhat. That doesn't mean football season is over because now we can live on expectations and hope for next year. Barnhart...


Stoops' Defense Illustrated

On KSR, Rashawn Franklin ran across a treasure trove of information regarding Stoops defense and defensively philosophy. The information is quite lengthy, especially when you follow all the links,...


Your Head Coaching Candidates, Part 2 non-Head Coaches

Previously we had looked at the myriad of names being dropped over the past couple of months related to the UK head coaching position. Due to the large number of names, I split it into those...


Stir the pot. Petrino wants the Kentucky job.

The Courier Journal's Adam Himmelsbach interviewed Bobby Petrino's father and discussed fly fishing in Montana. I wish. He actually spouted some surely to be cited quotes to re-fan the flames of...


Your Head Coaching Candidates, Part 1 Head Coaches

From early in the season, first after the losses to Louisville and Western Kentucky then more so after the blanking by Florida then the beat downs from rest of our opponents the conversation...

Is UK bad for the NBA? Bad enough to address One-and-Done?

When the NBA tipped off this year 21 former Wildcats were drawing a paycheck on a final roster, some for the first time. Now add in players this year that move up the next year or two plus the...


UK football Head Coach profile - Part B

So this is part b of the previous post concerning whether you lean toward a "Big Name" coach or "Up and Comer" coach. You either one or the other, it's just that you may not think this is...


UK football Head Coach profile. What are you looking for?

With the football season on the verge, or probably past the verge of being over before it's over, the discussion will raise a few notches about getting a different coach for next year. This...

Coaches in Arkansas Discussion could effect UK


This is an interesting synopsis of the Arkansas coaching search which could have an effect on UK's potential search. A lot of "big name" coaches I hadn't seen discussed before.

Keeping an open mind on coaches


It seems inevitable that there will be coaching changes at UK at the end of the season. In our state of affairs, everything should be considered. BBN needs to be totally open-minded.

Cut and past the above to your browser. You'll either be amazed or terrified. Hog fans! They...


Cut and past the above to your browser. You'll either be amazed or terrified. Hog fans! They are...........unique. Found this one on Mr.SEC.com


Kentucky Football: How young are we?

Taking a look at the relative youth between Kentucky and Louisville prior to tomorrow's Governor's Cup game.

Everything on UL vs UK - From UL's view


A massive compendium of minutia about UL vs UK and UL.


Irrational Exuberance (Yes, it still exists)

There's no reason not to be optimistic about Kentucky - they start out undefeated just like everyone else. But this might be a little -- irrational.

Depth Chart Guesstimate


Kyle Tucker at TCJ has his guess on the defensive depth chart. As good as anything I've seen at this point and a good starting point for what may be our defensive starters and first rotation players.


Petrino Given the Door - The New(Old) Standard

As many of you already know, Bobby Petrino was dismissed as head coach of the Arkansas Razorbacks late this afternoon. Jeff Long (Athletic Director) had been pondering this decision since late last...

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