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Hoegher's 2014 Previews: WISCONSIN BOWL LOSERS

It's Wisconsin week and I am a Wisconsin fan. Since y'all probably don't want to hear me wax poetic on how awesome the Badgers are, I'll keep this relatively brief.

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: NEBRASKA PE[LLLL]INIS

[ed note: Hoegher has these great posts on all of teams in the fanshots. We should be better at front-paging them... so here you go. -jc] Getting this out early, because I've learned enough to...

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: IOWA PIG EARS

Not that I'm beholden to any sort of contract, but apologies on the delays for these posts. The last few weeks have been fairly busy in terms of work and responsibilities. I'll try to add some...

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: PENN STATE NITTANYS

GO CHILE. Hopefully, this doesn't look dumb in a hour.

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: MARYLAND CRAB CAKES

I'm not going to add any discussion points. I don't care about Maryland.

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: RUTGERS RED SPARTYS

I have work to catch up on and I don't care about Rutgers.

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: INDIANA HOOSIERINGS

I've got win distribution plots, y'all! Isn't this exciting? I'll probably put Indiana's in the comments below after I get them uploaded.

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: LOLINOIS FIGHTING LOLINI

By the by, you may notice some discrepancies in the numbers if you're tracking these posts. I'm usually tinkering around with something and making small changes to my system and formulas. The...

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: ?????? BOILERMAKERS

Hey y'all! So I wouldn't exactly call this a tradition or anything, but I have tried to offer some sorts of season previews in years past, based on these ratings and numbers that I so diligently...

Hoegher's 2014 Previews: AN UPDATED PRIMER

To hell with basketball. Give me pigskin any day.


Hoegher's Rankings: "BEST & WORST" TEAMS SINCE 1930

So many FanPosts! I'm just trying to get some stuff out of the way before I start tinkering during the offseason. Some of you had asked about a listing of the best and worst teams from each BCS...



So I had intended to write this up sooner, but I spilled beer on my computer and lost the functionality of the "S" key. Turns out that's pretty important in the whole "typing things" activity....


Hoegher's Rankings: WEEK THE FINAL

(It's awesome having a credit to our OTE community like Hoegher around here. He's been posting rankings all year, and his final rankings are great and worth a read. Here's a link to his methodology...


Hoegher's Picks: BOWL SEASON



Hoegher's Rankings and Pick: WEEK SIXTEEN

There's snow outside y'all! Not only does it make it truly the holiday season, but I'm really happy I got my long run out of the way yesterday. Also, I have a tree to get needles all over my...


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK FIFTEEN (picks update!)

Ugh. That was a deeply unpleasant experience.


Hoegher's Rankings's and Picks: WEEK FOURTEEN

Hoegher decided to go out on Thanksgiving Eve. As such, please enjoy your abbreviated FanPost below.


Complaint about the [extra tab] feature on SB Nation.

Love this conglomeration of websites in general. I tend to stick to FB, CFB, CBB, but I think everything here is top notch. Registering a complaint, though. On a normal webiste, I can...


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK THIRTEEN (picks update!)

Well, Indiana, that's what you get for hiring a guy from Oklahoma. Perhaps he'll acclimate to the weather at some point. Yesterday was... yeesh.


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK TWELVE (picks update!)

Went out way too fast in my half-marathon this morning, but I still managed to stagger to a time bettering my goal. I'm celebrating by drinking beer, obviously.


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK ELEVEN (updated!)

Quickly posted for your enjoyment. Commentary and pickings coming later. Maybe.


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK TEN

I lied. No commentary, though.


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK NINE (picks update!)

Hey remember last year when West Virginia was ranked in the Top 10 partway through the season, before coming crashing back down to earth? Just saying, Texas Tech is looking mighty ripe right...


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK EIGHT (picks update!)

I'm trying a new thing now. Rather than put this off until the end of the week when y'all have relatively little time to criticize me, I'm going to try putting out my set of rankings on Sunday....


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK SIX (slightly delayed)

DELAY DELAY DELAY. Sorry about work [/shrugs]. Rankings and pickings below do not incorporate Thursday's results because of this. Good news! This means you can laugh at me for picking Texas (-7)...


Hoegher's Rankings and Picks: WEEK FIVE

We're all Badger fans this week, right? Right, good. Glad we got that cleared away.

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