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Tori Gurley cut again


A's are done, time to play the kids and deal the vets

It took two months for the A's to settle where I thought they would be....which is the bottom of the division looking up at everyone. I had hope at the beginning of the month that I was wrong, and...


Look at your division rivals before signing on to organizational rebuild

Nico has an excellent look at what/where the organization should or could go to get better.  He details no hitting, and decent pitching.  He does not mention horrible fielding.  Yesterday's loss to...


A's are done, stick a fork in them and in Geren

No thanks to Geren the A's are slipping away from contention, and if you check out the Texas Rangers they have a nice opportunity in the next 22 games to put the AL West either away or take a huge...


Former Packer QB Cut Again

Former Packer practice squad QB Mike Reilly, was released once again.  This time by the Seattle Seahawks.  Reilly was a record setting QB at Central Washington U., the alma mater of former NFL qb J...


Ruvell Martin signs with Seattle

The Seahawks just announced they signed free agent receiver Ruvell Martin from Green Bay.  Seattle just signed NE Patriot tight end Chris Baker to back up starter John Carlson, so I have no idea...


Sloan Sports Analytic Conference & Moneyball Reference

If I knew how to post the direct address I would do so, but at Blazers Edge, another SB Nation blog, there is a very long fan post about the Sloan Sports Analytic Conference that was just held in...


Byrnes signed by M's...who is the better GM Billy or Jack Z?

Byrnes was signed by the M's today, and Mariner fans are claiming that Jackie Z....their new GM is making all the right moves.  So who is the better GM Jack Z or Billy.  Jack Z is from MIlwaukee...


M's handle A's.....AGAIN!!!

As an A's fan in Seattle I only get to watch the A's on TV when they play the Mariners, or on national TV once..... It absolutely kills me how the A's have rolled over against the M's.  Once again...


The A's are Quite Simply Just Terrible!!!!

I am an A's fan living in Seattle.  I have watched with dismay the last three games on local TV as the A's were swept with ease.  The A's are terrible.  They have no life, no passion, and had no...


Stick a Fork in the A's They are Done

I am sick about the fortunes of the A's because they are mired in last place with the worst record in the American League, and you can stick a fork in them because they are done in 2009.  They can...


Heads Up: Mariners Show Sign of Intelligent Thinking

A heads up to A's fans about what is going on in Seattle. The Mariners have retooled both their front office and on field management. According to the bloggers in the know, USS Mariner is my...


Wakamatsu to be new Mariners Skipper

It has been reported by several media outlets here in Seattle that the A's bench coach, Don Watamatsu will be named as the new manager for the Mariners.  Announcement to be made on Wednesday is the...


Why is Emil Brown complaining....he has not been dfa'd

So Emil Brown with is 1.4 million dollar contract is upset that he has not got the chance he deserved to play more this year?  This guy is lucky he was not dfa'd this year.  He has no future with...


Which came first: The A's going down like a sinking ship, or the A's bailing on the season

I am dismayed at the once stellar season sinking like a ship taking on water.  My question is what came first:  Did the A's go into the tank because of the trades of Harden, Gaudin, and Blanton, or...


Disturbing Trend

The A's showing against the Mariners in two games exposes a disturbing trend that does not bode well unless changes are made.  The obvious one is the offense.  There is no punch, but even worse, a...

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