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Uniform Controversy?

It has been a long time since I have written a post on this site. I am in the US Air Force and have not had a decent chance to get on this site and contribute as much as I would like to. But I...


Almost There, Waiting on the First Win

  With one monkey off the back, it’s time to shrug the next one.  The Browns finally scored in the second half.  Seneca Wallace showed that he could lead a team and score points.  The Browns hung...


Breaking Down the Browns ’09 and ‘10

  There was an expectation at the beginning of the offseason.  With the new VP, Czar, and the returning leadership of a team that won four straight in the 2009 season, mixed with a new vamping of...

Browns interested in drafting a quarterback


Sorry Mooncamping, but I think Ratliff is on the chopping block.

FanFeedr | NFL | 12 Feb 10 | Why Brady Quinn Can Still Be a Franchise Quarterback


This article explains everything we, at DBN, have been saying about Quinn. Is he a franchise QB? I think he needs one more shot, but in a different offensive scheme.


Brown: The Real Color of the Super Bowl

As everyone in the world knows, the Super Bowl is going to be played on February 7th.  Through its history there have been dynasties, decade champions, and many remarkable achievements.  It has...

Mike Furrey Named as Finalists for Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year


Always good to see Players get recognized for this achievement. Go Mike.

According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Edwards has six drops (the most of any starting receiver in...


According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Edwards has six drops (the most of any starting receiver in the AFC playoffs). Against the Bengals, Edwards should’ve made a 41-yard touchdown catch, but he dropped the pass in the end zone. He acknowledged that he’s "thinking too much," and he promised to be mentally right before Sunday’s AFC divisional playoff in San Diego.

thejetsblog.com " The Rundown: Mr. Edwards? Let Me Introduce You to Your Broom. Jets fans starting to realize what Cleveland has been complaining about all these years. Thinkin too much? Catching a ball is your job out there.

Who Will Get Their Seasonal Wish Sunday?

 I am a Browns fan living in Fairfield (Travis AFB).  I want to wish you luck this weekend.  I would like nothing more than the Browns to win 3 straight, but the Raiders can put up some numbers,...

…Then I hope Holmgren understands the importance of Browns tradition and restores the sacred a...


…Then I hope Holmgren understands the importance of Browns tradition and restores the sacred all-white uniforms. Get rid of those brown pants, please.

Diner morning news: A holiday of hopes | National Football Post This has already discussed here. But i am completely for this happening. If it does, this should be his first act as President. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone! Go Browns!

Holmgren hiring not in violation of Rooney Rule


Holmgren will not be like Parcells. So why did we hire him?

Browns hire Holmgren as club president


So let it be written, so let it be done. Now that this is put in play, What will happen to Eric Mangini? does he get a shake at coaching next year, or is he gone? He deserves one more year to see how he can take this momentum through the off season. He manufactured the Draft picks, let's see what he does with them. Also, if he is fired, where does he end up? He will go back to being a Defensive Coordinator, but where?

Mike Holmgren will not rejoin the Seahawks


I think this is a done deal. Now let's discuss Mangini's chances for retainment.


Holmgren: Cleveland waits...Browns back to work.

  via www.kcchiefs.com   The biggest news to come out of Cleveland Browns is the courting of Mike Holmgren.  It has been reported that he may give his answer by the end of the weekend.  This...

Sunday at the Post


Look at #3, This is all crazy, and did anyone else hear that Bernie went to see Clausen?

Team building praised by hall of famer


For all the Bad things being reported and stated about Mangini, I think this is his vision for the team. A family atmosphere is what you hear about when teams win championships. I heard Yankee players say that this years team became more like a family than in resent years. Also that Sabathia wanted to go to a team that was like a family. Being a C.C. fan, I would like to think he was a major contributor to this atmosphere. But this is football, this is the NFL. The only families are on the offensive and defensive sides. When ever someone is interviewed and asked about the other side, many times they sound stumped or they speak only about their respected siide of the team. To me this is a step in keeping Mangini and seeing what he has to offer next year. Next year will make or break him as a coach. But lets see if this gesture will give the team more confidence and run the table to end the season. Go Browns.


Peter King Thinks Weiss has a Chance to End Up in Cleveland

  I was listening to The Dan Patrick Show on the radio today and he was talking to Peter King.  When asked if Charlie Weiss get fired at Notre Dame, could he come back and be an offensive...


Gruden to Stay on MNF

ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning announced that Jon Gruden just signed a multi-year contract to keep contributing to MNF.  For Browns fans this might be a bit depressing.  There has been...


Love for Lewis

Jamal Lewis is calling it quits after this season.  There are some people that think he still has gas in his tank, but that remains to be seen.  His former teammate and name sake, Ray Lewis, wants L...

Jeff Fisher, John Fox among NFL coaches wrongly put on hot seat - Ross Tucker - SI.com


Fans getting some heat for calling for Mangini's termination. Are we warrented? Probably not. We do need to give him a chance, but unfortunately for him, a new GM of VP of Football Ops may agree with the fans,


If Mangini Keeps His Job...

There are a lot of new rumors about the Cleveland Browns right now.  I don’t know of any other team that had so much action during their bye week this season.  The GM was fired and there is another...

A lesson learned in Cleveland | National Football Post


Was Kokonis really the right person for the job? We all know he wasn't, but this somes it up.


What About The Defense

With all the talk about the Offense, we are forgetting about the Defense.  The Cleveland Browns had a dynamic offense in the past.  The way the NFL is today, the offense gets all the "hype".  When...


The Browns Fan

  I am brand new to this site, and this is my first Blog, but I felt compelled to write how i feel about the Cleveland Browns.  I have been a Browns fan my whole life.  My mother moved from...

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