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Formerly, Card carrying member of the late VacansOleil fan club.
Friend of Sergey Lagutin and his family.
Born in the Sixtieth.
Raced bikes for a living in the Eighties.
Moved my family headquarter, from former Soviet Union to the USA in the Ninetieth.
Discovered the Café in 2010.
Never left the Café since then.
One of the few PdC members, who thinks that "Flat stage" and " Bunch sprint" are not a curse words.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Yankees
  • NBA New York Knicks
  • NFL New York Jets
  • NCAAF Syracuse Orange
  • NCAAB Rutgers Scarlet Knights
  • NHL New Jersey Devils
  • MMA Fedor Emelianenko
  • Soccer Team USA
  • Cycling Sergey Lagutin and every rider who does it for living is a Hero in my book!
User Blog

Did VacansOleil had any strategy (Or even were using common sense ) during KBK?


Sunday during the KBK live tread, GS made interesting comment about VacansOleil helping to chase the break, which included two of VacansOleil racers. Situation didn’t make any sense at that time. But a few days later I found this article in C-Cycling blog. Still doesn’t make any sense to me! I like Kenny, but come on! Him against Cav? I still think it was just a luck of communication, or some kind of deal between Sky and Vaca's Your thoughts?


Best day of the season! When your freshly submitted team still looks like the winner!

What is going on? Why all this ruckus? Why all this flying confetti and all this people waiving flags and holding banners? This is Holmovka’s FSA DS team submitting festivities. Happy faces of the...



No comments from Cav, yet. And I am not expecting any, tell you the truth. Article from the CN

Are you, by any chance, waiting for the ruling in Contador’s case?


Be patient people….. It was delayed, again! Did you ever cry and laugh at the same time?

Ha! So 2:30am visit from anti doping vampires is not an unheard thing?


"Had some naughty/drunken kids on my door bell at 2:30am- almost let them in thinking it was the guys from anti-doping. Little terds!!" ( Christopher Froome, from Twitter )

Thor was the most available ( for the Media ) cyclist in 2011.


And he has Award to prove it! Mr. Cavendish, are you paying attention?

Probably the last chance to see HTC kit in the race!


Cavendish returning to track racing,first time since 2008. He still officially member of the HTC Highroad, till the end of December, so on November, 19 we will be treated to an eye candy! I am buying virtual round for everyone. Long live HTC in our memory!

"Chess on wheels, spandex diplomacy…" I like that description of Cycling.


How do you feel about so call "gifts"? Did it ever rub you wrong?

Oh, People, I did try hard to love the Cyclocross….. And Fail!


I was silently standing on the Café’s sidelines, watching your enthusiasm for mud and misery. Till I found this gem in the Innring. Yey! I am not alone, after all! Oh! By all means enjoy the Cross season, but, please, tell me how many days to the TDU?

1.5 Month left to Valverde’s return.


Guy has big plans on 2012. But with which team? VDS DS, any thoughts? He has to be cheap, no?

Freire is not retiring after all! ( Rumor )


Freire will join Katusha for 2012 season. Not confirmed yet, but very strong possibility.( Now it is confirmed) Also joining Katusha’s staff, Eric Zabel. Eric will try to make Cav from Galimzianov. Can he? Galimzianov is pretty good. News from cicloweb ( on Italian )

Cycling grows in popularity, but becomes more and more dangerous!


Not my point of view, but " New York Time’s" What you think?


How about a little game of words and associations?

You know the one when someone saying a word and you saying first thing witch come to your mind. And of course the theme is The Tour. I will start first after the jump.  

Janez Brajkovic! What a spirit!


Just the other day we saw him taken away by ambulance, all banged up and covered in blood. And he already planning his Vuelta come back! Respect!


VDS Transfers and Mid Season signings ( Yeah, you wish! )

And why not!? Hokey has the trading deadline. Same situation in Basketball. Mid Season signing pretty common in almost any sport. Even in Cycling, this is something not unheard of. But not in...

Did You know that John Degenkolb has a qualification of the Police Officer?


So he is a DegenClub! Ha! I want to see someone get in fight with him after some controversial sprint!

Carlos! Looking cool on the motorcycle!


If only he can ride the Giro on that bike! Any way nice to see that he and Denis become such a smiling buddies!

Talking about slingshots and drafting behind the car!


Note, that Sky guy was drafting behind, not even his team’s car, but Rabo.

FMB tubulars, one of the ingredients of Cancellara success on the cobles, last year.


Hand made in France, in the small workshop, tucked behind the company owner’s house.

Young and talented designers of the Podium Café, this is for you!


Just don’t complain next year that you don’t like VacansOleil new kit.

I say, Mike Friedman has good sense of humor.


Amnesty! Everyone is free to race! Zeke starting at Ruta Del Sol.


Problem solved! He is replaced by Marcello Pavarin. According to Platypus, this is victory for exposure on PdC! Good job everyone! ( Yeah! I wish we could be that influential!)

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