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Editorialady of South Side Sox

"If you love someone, set them free. If they come home, set them on fire." - GC

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Chicago White Sox
  • NBA Chicago Bulls
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  • Tennis Novak Djokovic
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User Blog

Ruminations on the 6th annual SSS outing

The 6th Annual SSS Outing was jolly good times, and simultaneously set a new standard for mild-mannered meth-ups. This was by far our tamest event yet. People behaving. Gentlemen and ladies...


RRRR: Men in blue

When was the last time you argued with an umpire about marking down runs that outright belonged in the scorebook? When was the last time you had an umpire ask you, the player, for a rulebook? In...

Hometown Drama: Far-fetched and Fact-checked

Is there a correlation between the 2014 Blackhawks playoff results and White Sox dramatic victories? Deep-diving and gut-checking to back an observation.


6th Annual SSS Outing: Urgent Call for Methuppers

Friends of SSS, Due to personal conflicts, I hadn't planned on organizing the 6th Annual SSS Outing; but now less than two months from the event, I'm stepping in to get it done. The date of this...

The marathon series continues on the South Side


Offense continues to explode on the South Side of Chicago; but a battle of the bullpens went in the favor of the Indians today.


RRRR: brau's before frau's

We embraced goodbyes at the Keflavik airport. ​We hadn't known each other for long, but I felt a certain sadness as our Iceland chapter closed. ​ We ​shut down the bars in Reykjavik that morning...


RRRR: gridiron dance party

I told Rhubarb I'd get to Germany before (an unspecified) February, so here I am, approaching February and not quite sure it's meant to be this one. How could I continue on with the trip tales at...


RRRR: Valhalla, I am coming

I knew something extraordinary was looming when I couldn't sleep on the plane to Iceland. I sleep on every plane, no matter what time of day or circumstance, takeoff to landing. I'm a champion...


RRRR: la-Z-lady

Here at the start of my third week in the new job, I find myself suffering from a mental fatigue that I haven't felt in a while. Long days, making sense of new work while also attempting to wrap...


RRRR: the delight of kite

Atop my loaner board called The Wizard, I sat facing east with my back to the waves, and took a near-bottomless inhalation. In with the breath came my physical surroundings. Sometimes you breathe...


RRRR: magnesium proficiency

One minute, I'm sitting in the tallest of treetops, at eye-level with the bald eagles that I spotted from the beach the previous weekend. My ultimate happy place. Together, we survey from a great...


Gamethread: White Sox @ Indians

Gamethread: White Sox @ Indians


Breaking Bad: The Felina Four

*Warning: Spoilers aplenty* We're halfway home. Or three-quarters home, depending on how you choose to perceive the so-far excellent Season 5. The past two weeks' episodes confirmed that Jesse...

White Sox 5, Rangers 2: Hot-streaking to September


Pregame ejections, face-fulls of fence, and some good ol-fashioned brotherly love, as the White Sox take the series over the Texas Rangers


Rangers vs White Sox

Sunday afternoon rubber match, the final 2013 showdown between the Rangers and White Sox


new RRRR

come and get it


all bad things must come to an end

Breaking Bad dissection thread - spoilers abound!


RRRR: estate that I am in

With a belly full of coffee and hot sauce-slathered huevos rancheros, I wasn't ready to go home quite yet. My friend in the passenger seat entrusted me to drive us wherever. This wasn't his first...


Gamethread: Tigers vs White Sox

Porcello v Santiago on a special Sox anniversary



Where have all the Billy Pierce statues gone, long time passing


RRRR: way to be

In 2007, when I dragged my heavy Chicago heart away from the only place I had ever called home, I committed myself to two years living in Seattle - what I deemed at the time to be a fair enough...


The RRRR bends all your notes for you

The Last Time We Rumpus'd ~ the conversation, as it so often does around here, took a musical turn. The Right Rail often goes to show that South Side Sox is a community rich in culture, diverse...


It's just the Cubs, you guys

Current Series Cubs lead the series 2-0 Mon 05/27 WP: Jeff Samardzija (3 - 6) LP: Jose Quintana (3 - 2) 0 - 7...


SSS Outing - final post

Outing-goers, take heed! If you appear on the list below, it is time for you to send money via paypal to - with your SSS identity and preferred email address included in...

Gillaspie puts the "heart" in heart of the order

A combo of soft hits and long balls leads the Sox to a relatively easy Peavy win


Gamethread: White Sox @ Mets Part Deuxdeux

Bright side: This can't be worse than yesterday oh hey the Bulls are on too


RRRR: 2013 Outing - next steps!

~ Friends of SSS ~ Below is the current roster of 2013 Outing attendees. The outing is on Saturday, June 29th vs. the Indians of Cleveland. I'd like to get our section reserved by next...


Ball-rolling RRRR: The annual SSS outing 2013

Now that the season is well underway, it’s time to get planning the Fifth Annual South Side Sox Outing. I’ve seen enough inquiries in the comments to know that the interest is out there and the...

Nationals 5, White Sox 2: Gnats on the basepaths


The White Sox show promise early and fall short to the Nationals' mid-game form.

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