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"If you love someone, set them free. If they come home, set them on fire." - GC

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Capitol gains

Dirty divinity - Baseball, the faithful mistress


Where statistics fail and words fall short - trying to grasp the intangible passion for baseball.


RRRR: rigor mortis tortoise

I've been joyfully overwhelmed with longer days and extra surf and frisbee tosses and woodworking! Happy baseball season, everyone. Feels grand to be out of the offseason muck and steadily...


RRRR: catching up

I was sick for two weeks in February and since I've regained full health, it's been alarming how derailed I am from my life's previous goings-on. I mean, just look at that last sentence. I'm...


RRRR: cheeseball synapse

I can't figure out if I've forgotten how to write or if I've simply eaten too much macncheese today and rather than neurotransmitters, my brain is firing a fluorescent orange saucy goodness that...


The RRRR deLitefully do-si-dos

I'm watching the Mavericks surf competition right now and thinking about Girl Scout Cookies. I could sure go for a box of Tagalongs with my coffee and big wave surfing. There's this woman at my...


The Right Rail makes Room for Rumpusing once more!

oooooooh-whee! What a New Year treat to see our old friend, the fanpost-laden Right Rail back in action! Everything in its right place, am I wrong. My goodness, it's almost like someone is...


LLLL: (wish I was) Old and a little sentimental

Ahhh the holidays. I've been a bit mercurial with my relationship to the holidays for the past twelve years, since I first stepped foot into retail work. That was a game-changer, a...


LLLL: Easier than rainbow gathering

As an overall free spirit (whatever that means) living in Seattle, I've found myself around a lot of hippies over the years. A hippie, like any other race, must defy the stereotypes linked to...

Sox gifts you didn't know you wanted


Gift ideas for the Sox fans you love, including - and especially - yourself.



** If you have not watched Breaking Bad, I encourage you to not read this (like you had to be encouraged) and rumpus onward with your looney self in the comments, as usual ** Well shucks, I wasn't...


LLLL: Instead of this (but I love you)

(sheepishly) Oh hey guys. Sweeeetness it's a new Rumpus nyehhhcough I mean Looney Lounge. After all this time, I almost don't know what to say. I miss ye. I've been busy lately, moving and...

White Sox struggles continue


White Sox continue to lose the read on first place of the AL Central. And barely a caw from Chris Sale to save the day.


RRRR: Tell me what you think about our sit-u-a-tion

Oh I'll tell you what I think is wrong. It's September 17th and this country has already moved on to the cold embraces of another professional sport, when a perfectly cromulent baseball battle is...


RRRR: The touch, the feel, of honor

Lately I've been reflecting on honor and all its many shapes and forms. Hell, it's one of those words that can function as multiple parts of speech, so you just know it's a loaded concept! There...

White Sox 9, Yankees 6: And then it was Tuesday


Tonight's game clocked in at nearly four hours of lead-changing, pitcher-swapping, teeth-gnashing baseball. This was exactly the kind of game you'd expect from a "duel" featuring Gavin Floyd and F...


RRRR: Word to yo' motha

Etymology's a bitch. Words are sometimes dismissed as just those; oft-considered less impactful than actions. Sticks and stones and what not. Is this just something people say to children? ...


Right Rail (mechanical turk joins the) Rumpus Room

Is this really the most recent RRRR? I should check these things more often. Or ever. Anyway, without further ado, I bring you I guess I did say “rape” more than I remembered: the harrowing tale of...

White Sox 4, Mariners 2: Chris Sale completely nasty, gives bullpen the day off


Recap of the White Sox 4-2 win over the Mariners on June 3, 2012, in which Chris Sale threw his first complete game.

Mariners 10, White Sox 8: Sox winning streak see-saws to a stop


Recap of the June 2, 2012 game between the White Sox and Mariners, which the White Sox lost 10-8.


RRRR: Lemon drops melting

Apropos of nothing... This was the first year that I watched (some of) the Academy Awards, after several years of apathetically missing it. I never put much weight into the winners, realizing the...


An old RRRR

As much as I hate to silence the jokes about my broken promises regarding a new rumpus room, we're overdue and I want a clean thread as much as anyone. I'm sure there will be other opportunities....

White Sox 4, Red Sox 1: Gutsy Gavin threatens no-no, White Sox end losing streak, avoid sweep


Recap of Sunday's White Sox - Red Sox game, in which the White Sox won 4-1.

Gamethread: Sometimes three games against Boston just isn't enough

Boston Red Sox @ Chicago White Sox Sunday, April 29th, 2012 1:10 PM CDT Josh Beckett vs Gavin Floyd Today's local forecast: Light. Chicago sports fans in desperate need of an upper and the White...


RRRR: Dunn dingers and blackberry fingers

Hello there, esteemed Rumpusers. As some of you are aware, I live in Seattle these days and therefore got to see a few Sox games in person this past weekend. Just a regular ol' Sox sweep at...


2012 Outing: Final post, final plea for cashmoney

You folks are truly amazing followers-of-instructions. Thank you! We are almost entirely paid on our section for the outing and we have quite the robust bunch of folks attending this year. I need...

Humber makes history: My Perfect day at Safeco


"Wish you could come with me today. I may be going alone...damn my superstition." I sent that text message to my best friend in Seattle just before 11 AM yesterday. She is no longer allowed to...

The Annual SSS Outing: I mean, why not?


Gatherers of SouthSideSoxdotcom, allow me to lead you to an important discussion happening over on the Right Rail: The 2012 SSS Outing (aka: The Meet-up)(aka: The Meth-up). I'll let the details...


The 2012 Outing: Final cast list & moneys needed!

Hiya gang. I have our seats selected and reserved for the Annual SSS Outing on Saturday, May 26th against the Indians. The list of attendees is below. If I've missed anyone in those oft-hairy...

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