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Tebow > NFL. LOL. This from:


Tebow > NFL. LOL. This from:

Whatever It Takes!


Great article on on getting some coaching insight from John Fox on Tebow. I think Fox is still trying to figure out Tebow. I think he is liking what he sees so far. Wait and see approach. Good insight.

Sad to see Moreno go down when he was doing so well in the new run offense. The good news is that...


Sad to see Moreno go down when he was doing so well in the new run offense. The good news is that Jeremiah Johnson played at Oregon in a read option offense. Next man up.

Steve Young on Tim Tebow (Wednesday)


I just finished listening to the Podcast from SF radio station yesterday. Steve Young breaks down the 49ers and Raiders. He was very complimentary of of Tebow. His quotes: "If he does have the time to get his body in place, he can do it." "Like I said all along, let's see the body of work to see if he can get it done." "I love the enthusiasm" "He has a knack of putting the ball in the end zone" "He's fun to watch" "Who cares how he gets it done" "When I was young I use to run into everybody. You can't keep doing that. My dad says that I was built for a beating." I think we have a fan in Steve Young. Listen to 14.40 to 15:40.


How to Develop a Quarterback

We are in a unique situation in Denver. With a first round quarterback mixed with college success, sprinkle that with a fanatical fan base and for the topping add some crazier media attention and...

Did Fox Sabotage Tebow?


Interesting read by Foxsports. While Tebow has flaws with his throwing mechanics, I believe that the coaching staff did not put in the best position to improve this week.


Interesting Coincidence? Florida vs Georgia (Tebow vs Stafford) and Denver vs Lion

This is one of those strange weekends when the college game meets the pro game. This weekend we see the Gators playing the Bulldogs on Saturday and the Broncos playing the Lions. While the college...

Bill Simmons on Quarterback Rating


THE DOUG FLUTIE DIVISION (CHARISMA GUYS) 22. Tim Tebow When I watched football with some friends last Sunday, we put Tebow on one of the four TVs even though Miami and Denver had one win between them. We laughed every time he bounced a pass or sailed one over someone's head — that's just part of the Tebow Experience at this point — and we were riveted anytime he started scrambling. We started cheering when Tebow led the first comeback drive, and when they recovered the onside kick, we had absolutely no doubt that Denver was winning. When they lined up for the game-tying two-point conversion and spread everyone out, we knew Tebow was running a QB draw, and we knew Tebow was getting it. When they kicked an absurdly long field goal to win the game, we weren't surprised when it hooked left and mysteriously hooked back straight, and we weren't surprised that Tebow was crouched and praying after it went in. Here's my question: Why does this have to mean anything? Can't Tim Tebow just be a super-athletic QB with an erratic arm and possibly mystical powers who bugs the hell out of hardcore football analysts and stat guys because not EVERYTHING about sports has to have a concrete answer? One of my favorite songs of all time is "Nuthin' But a G Thang." Has anyone ever sat around trying to interpret what "It's like this and like that and like this and uh" means? No! And that's the chorus! Not everything has to mean something. I'm proud to be part of the Occupy Tebow crusade.

Air Tebow


"According to ESPN Stats & Information, Denver quarterback Tim Tebow is averaging 13.3 air yards per pass attempt this season and 12.3 air yards per attempt for his career. He has played four and a half career games. Since the start of 2010, no quarterback with at least 100 attempts has a higher average rate than Tebow."

Tebow Must Run With His Chance


This is a great write up by Chad Pennington on how Tebow can compete with the Lion.

Week 7 New Starters


Here is a list of the starters for week 7. They all lost except one. Guess who?

The Broncos season reminds me of the 2009-2010 season with the Titan when they were struggling with...


The Broncos season reminds me of the 2009-2010 season with the Titan when they were struggling with Collins under center. They were 0-6 and then a "unorthodox" quarterback came in and and went 8-2. Will history repeat itself? "Vince Young highlights from the 2009-2010 season, the Titans went to Young after an 0-6 start. Young went on to lead the Titans to an 8-2 record in the final 10 games of the season. All video footage copyright of, but legally reproduced here in conjunction with Fair Use laws."

Patriot's Tight End Aaron Hernandez on Tebow


"Tim's a great player and I loved him in college," he said. "He's a playmaker. He's going to make plays. Hopefully, he's going to go out there this week and make some plays. Hopefully, he can succeed because I feel like he's going to be a great quarterback." "He's a winner. You want someone like him in your huddle because he's going to know everything. People may not like his throwing technique, but he's a winner and he's going to find ways to make the plays and get that first down, whether he has to run it or throw it and he's going to make things happen." It would be great to have Pats' TE in Denver. Just a thought.

NFL Never Say Never Week 5 Nominee: Tebow


First week of playing. Never say never nominee and starting quarterback. Good to be Tebow this week. Let's hope in two weeks he can win.

Why the NFL needs Tebow


"Tebow is something else. He might not become a great quarterback or even a good one, but he captures the country's imagination in a way that strays outside of the league's expected storylines."

Can someone explain the QBR?


Maybe it's Tebow Time to draft Tebow for your Fantasy Team. Tebow ahead of Rogers.

Broncos top 5 for Suck for Luck


Isn't it too early to be listed as one of the worst teams? We still haven't played the 1st rounders on the bench.

SoundFX: Aaron Rogers versus the Broncos


A reminder that we have ways to go. I hope this motivates us to beat the Chargers on Sunday. Go Broncos.

New York Times: Message to John Fox


The New York Times: Fifth Down Blog. Message to John Fox. This is incredible that the everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. START TEBOW.

NFL NEWS: Time to See what Tebow Can Do


"Meanwhile, I didn't think Tim Tebow was an option this season after visiting the Broncos this summer and seeing him really struggle in practice. But now I wonder if he should get some playing time. At the end of the third quarter of the Broncos' game Sunday against the Packers, the score was 42-17; it looked like the perfect time to send Tebow in for a quarter of work. Kyle Orton threw 10 passes in the fourth quarter, and it might have been interesting to see Tebow get those throws."

Peter King on Tebow Package


"Tim Tebow is lost at sea in the Rocky Mountains. Tebow's total offensive output in the first quarter of 2011: minus-one yard. No passes. One rush. I continue to be mystified that the 23rd-ranked offensive team in the NFL cannot find a package of plays for a fullback/wingback/quarterback/wildcat-quarterback with the determination of a Brahma bull." I concur.

Warning from a Panther's Fan on John Fox


"It is what it is". Sadly, we failed to head this advice. It may not just be Orton.

Interview with Dan Reeves and Woody


If Dan Reeves was coach, he would use Tebow. Compares Tebow to Staubach. Great article.


Apples to Apples: Comparing the Last Six Games

In the last six games, we have had two starters: Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton. Let's take a look at a simple comparison of their record and their statistics: Same Record: 1-2 Kyle's last 3 games vs....

Sad Reality: Neither Orton or Tebow (or Quinn)


I just wish they get a chance, but sadly, the deck has already been stacked.

Co-Number 2s????


Does anyone else find this a bit bizarre?

The Case for Tim Tebow


This is what you expected, right? Here you have a young quarterback perpetually impatient with the play, ready to trust his legs as much as a good throwing lane and unafraid of a hit in a way that terrifies his coaches, and he could get pushed into the starting role -- at least partially, you could argue -- because of his name. He's had a few starts, so there's little to project off of. "At first, he wanted to run every time he got back there," says his coach, who insists there is not a single play in the playbook designed for his quarterback to run. "I think he could be a running back in this league," a teammate says. "I've seen [him] run over linebackers and then bounce back to the huddle." And to go with the running problem, the lefty with the big college stats doesn't have a big arm. But he knows the angles, and how to explain away flaws. "As far as arm strength goes, there are people who have been successful with less. Joe Montana, to name one," the quarterback says. "John Elway was 'confused' before he 'arrived.'" It all makes Tim Tebow so hard to evaluate. Thing is, these quotes aren't about Tebow -- they're about Steve Young. Year of the Quarterback ESPN has dedicated 2011 to examining one of the most crucial positions in all of sports -- the quarterback. Year of the QB " Those coaching frustrations, the teammate views, the player himself -- it's all from a Chicago Tribune story that was written eight months before Tebow was born (he's 24 now), about a 25-year-old Young, who was being handed the keys to the Tampa Bay offense in November 1986. It's a reminder that the NFL has always had issues with this type of quarterback -- the kid who can pass, but a lot of his instincts don't fit the traditional NFL model. Ultimately, Young struggled and was traded away from Tampa in frustration; he was viewed as a bust. He didn't become a starter, then a star, for years. Perhaps Tebow also will be traded at some point, a wasted pick, a project for another coach. But there's also good reason to think that Tebow can be a very good NFL quarterback because, in the same way Tampa once miscalculated on Young, there's reason to think we haven't done a good job of accurately deciphering what a quarterback like Tebow can do. In a great GQ profile on Tebow from 2009, regarding Tebow's NFL prospects, Jason Fagone wrote that he "has a way of making you feel like there's no relevant history to contend with. Like you can just sweep that all aside … the statistics and the metastatistical arguments about what the statistics aren't capturing." We can already see that there is relevant history in a player such as Young, if not a certain outcome. And now, there's also a statistic that better captures Tebow. Total QBR shows that Tebow's best game as a pro was an 8-of-16 passing performance against Oakland in which his QBR was 83.3. Of his three starts, this game also had Tebow's highest passer rating, at 100.5. But his QBR score is so high because it encapsulates that Tebow also ran for 78 yards on 8 carries and, in one remarkable play, turned a third-and-24 into a 40-yard touchdown run. This is nothing new for Tebow -- he ran for 2,947 yards and 57 touchdowns at Florida and, if you add only rush attempts and sacks, was hit close to 800 times without missing a start -- but most traditional QB statistics don't recognize that. Although QBR sounds built for Tebow, a brilliant runner and merely developing passer, it really helps guys such as Josh Freeman and Aaron Rodgers more. Both are fantastic throwers who quietly run often and effectively. Still, in that game, according to QBR, Tebow created just as many expected points with his legs as he did with his arm, and did so on just nine total runs. The bottom line is this: If you want to evaluate Tebow as a quarterback, you have to understand that what he lacks as a passer can be made up for by what he brings with his legs. This isn't a new argument, but it now has additional context. For instance, QBR shows that quarterbacks who can run are vastly more dangerous in the red zone -- if you recall the famous Tebow jump passes at Florida, you know exactly what this means. It also speaks to development. If you consider this running stuff just a youthful compulsion that NFL coaches must break out of the young colt, you're wrong. Tebow, at 23, ran for 227 yards on just 43 carries last season, including six touchdowns. Michael Vick at 31 hasn't kicked running -- he topped 600 yards last year. At 37, Young ran for 454 yards and six touchdowns. Yes, players slow down. But it's not about age; guys who can run, will. Evaluators are right -- Tebow is not yet a quality NFL passer. Too often his accuracy on even simple throws is poor, and he tends to hold back on throws into the conventional, but tight, NFL windows, those hanging tires through which quarterbacks must be able to throw. Still, his total QBR score outpaced that of teammate Kyle Orton last season -- Orton is a much better passer but a statue in the pocket, costing the Broncos points with sacks -- and Tebow's 82.1 passer rating in 2010 would have been the best among rookies if it had stretched for 16 games. Is there reason to think Tebow's accuracy will grow? Well, why not? We've had this argument before. As a college passer, he threw for 9,286 yards at a 67.1 completion percentage. He had 88 TD passes against just 15 INTs. This was all out of an offense that won't be coming to an NFL stadium near you, but compare that with Vick's final year at Virginia Tech, where he completed just 54.2 percent of throws and threw just nine TDs against seven INTs. Vick is a superior athlete to Tebow and has a bigger arm, but he's also more brittle. That Vick played quarterback at an MVP level past the age of 30 -- as he did for much of last year in the same dual-threat format that Tebow will offer -- given his own battle with learning to throw in an NFL offense, makes the idea that Tebow somehow can't do the same extremely short-sighted. Tebow, were he to start in Week 1, would continue to be as raw a passer as you can find in the NFL. But this unrefined product is a lot better than some believe, and he might even be more valuable than Denver's other option. Last year in Vick's "Monday Night Football" masterpiece, a six-touchdown performance against the Redskins that included two running touchdowns, Young gushed that the performance exemplified "the fruition of the position." It was a nice thought, a nod to the totality of quarterbacking that we haven't previously measured. It was also kind, given that, in that total sense, Young was clearly forgetting about himself. And people who give Tebow no chance to succeed as an NFL quarterback are being similarly forgetful. Chris Sprow is a senior editor for ESPN The Magazine and Insider. He reports and edits on many sports and works year-round with Mel Kiper on NFL draft coverage. He also oversees ESPN's Rumor Central and has been a regular guest on ESPN networks in that role. You can find his ESPN archives here and on Twitter here.

Tim Tebow Interview with 790 Atlanta

2 He needs no introduction. He’s Football Jesus, Tim Tebow. I enjoyed listening to this very lengthy interview with Tebow in-studio on 790 The Zone in Atlanta. The range of topics covered was dizzying, but I’ve transcribed a big portion of it below. After you hear the interview you’ll either enjoy it and then think a bit differently about the guy, or you’ll have even more fodder to make some funny jokes about the Denver Broncos signal caller.. . .

John Fox on Tim Tebow


Fox offered similar sentiments on Tebow as many others have. "I’ll say this: I had dinner with the young man (during) the evaluation process, and I know he’ll do whatever it takes to be a great player. He’s got a lot of intangibles I look for," Fox said. "Where that goes, it’s hard to predict. He’s in a developmental stage for sure, but I think he has the makings to be as good as he wants to be." Previously he watched Timmy on Pro Day. Here is what he has to say: "He had a very, very good workout," Carolina Panthers coach John Fox said. "He doesn't lack in the work ethic department, so whatever needs to be done, he'll do. I definitely saw some adjustment and I thought he executed very well."

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