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OG Junk

Well since your face ruined the last JD, I guess someone needs to make another. So my topic for this one is kid drawings. I'm getting bombarded with them! hehe. But I love them so it's all...


4-22 Disney JD!

Well I'm home from vacation and ready for another vacation! :) And since the last JD is old and moldy, i'm going to make one with some random Disney World pictures. The crowds were surprisingly...


Post All-Star Dunk Junk

Thank god that's over. via So what movies have you guys watched lately that you'd recommend? I finally got around to watching Skyfall this morning and was surprised at how much...


Hey a new JD 5-17-13

So I bought a new laptop a week ago (wooooohoooooo!) but it's nothing special (ahhhh). I realized while shopping for it that I have a very serious addiction to BE. I started looking at the...


2-9-13 Drawer of Junk and Stuff

So lately I've been in the mood to go backpacking again. I haven't gone in the last 2-3 years for various baby/knee exploding reasons but I think this summer I'll be back at it. Probably going to...


Back 2 Back Junks are a Killer! 11-30

Well the old JD is getting pretty full and slow and since nobody (MORTIMER) else is stepping up to the plate I'm making a new one! This has happened to me: via I also had the same...


11-18 Power JUNK!

Wow, it is crazy windy outside right now. The trees around my house are going everywhere and the lights have flickered a couple times. :( Only a matter of time before the power is gone... i'm...


we just lost 4 in a row TRADE DRAWER!!!

Well as the losses start piling up I can't help but start using Trade Machine to see how I can unrealistically rectify the situation we find ourselves in. But after trying for a few minutes I...


10-17 not a Junk Drawer

So I heard that the guys behind the new site format also are the creators of the new Maps app for iOS6. via Do animated gifs work in the main post? Guess I'll find out, but this...


9-17 Junkorama!

So I randomly got a $200 gift card from work today... Well not so random since I knew we were getting them. But I wasn't expecting it to be so big :) Now what should I waste it on? I'm not up...


Season Ending JUNK 4-27

Seems like we need a new JD. Cuz well, I don't see any and that's a good enough reason for me. Also, i'm watching Inception right now. I seem to remember this movie getting pretty mixed reviews...


2-25-12 All-Star Junk!

How is there not one thread going about the All-Star weekend? (or have I just totally missed them?) Anyhow I figured I'd make one so we can talk about how bad this slam dunk contest is. I...


1-28-12 New Junk!

So last night I went and saw Demetri Martin... which was funny and all but I missed the Suns game!!!! :( REGRET And now i'm home and there is no current junk or game on tonight! What the heck!? ...


El Junko de 12-15-11

I need some new music suggestions. Preferably stuff that I haven't ever heard or ever will hear on the radio. I'm open to all forms of music, seriously everything. So what do you like? I need...


12-5-11 80's Junk

Is there anything cooler than 80's movies? The answer is no. How do I know this? Because almost all 80's movies are based off of the actual life events of Mortimer. And because Mortimer watches...

Rudy Fernandez To Pass On Big Offer From Real Madrid?

75 reports that former Portland Trail Blazers guard Rudy Fernandez has received a six-year contract offer from Real Madrid that has a provision to deal with the current lockout. Here's a breakdown. Here's the original link in Spanish. Update (Tuesday, 8:34 AM): reports that Fernandez will remain with the Mavericks for the 2011-2012 season and then assess his options next summer. Via ed: bumped to front page and updated.

Rudy offered a 6 year contract from Real Madrid at 4.3Mill/year


I'm curious to see what he does about this. He's said several times that he wants to go back home. But then again he wasn't playing for the the best team in the NBA either lol.


Trade Drawer / ESPN Machine

With all the Trade Machine ideas flying around It's time we put them in one drawer that most people can just skip over and avoid the headache!  hehe...  But for the rest of us who love to make...

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