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I was born in Tennessee and grew up in East Texas. I became a Dallas Cowboys fan in 1966 and a San Antonio Spurs fan in 1983 when I moved to South Texas.

Our family Thanksgiving tradition from 1965 through 1983 was to drive to Dallas/Irving and attend the Cowboys Thanksgiving games, first at the Cotton Bowl and then at Texas Stadium.

When I was at Tyler Junior College, I played in the band. The Apache Band and Apache Belles performed at five Cowboys games - three at Texas Stadium (two pre-season and one playoff - 1973 vs. the Rams) and two Cowboys road games (at Denver in 1973 and at Washington in 1974).

So, in 1974, I was privileged to attend BOTH Cowboys-Redskins games - including the famous Clint Longley game (with several visiting family members who were Redskins fans).

I attended one Super Bowl in person - Super Bowl X in Miami (first Cowboys-Steelers game - where Lynn Swann made all the acrobatic catches and where Percy Howard made his only NFL reception - a Cowboys TD).

I have been reading SB Nation Blogs - mostly Blogging the Boys and Pounding the Rock - for at least a couple of years, but I have never logged in or commented before now.

My degrees (college and seminary) are in church music, and I have spent most of my adult life serving in a ministry position on a church staff. My main hobby is sports. I have moved more toward reading the blogs first; then, if I have time, I will read Yahoo! Sports (columnists and wire stories) and Texas newspapers' sports columnists online (San Antonio Express-News, The Dallas Morning News, and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram).

I prefer to watch sports after the fact, recording them on my DVR and speed-watching later. Typically, NFL or NBA games can be watched in sixty to ninety minutes - faster if the game is boring, longer if the game is exciting.

A Fan Of...

  • NBA San Antonio Spurs
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Texas Longhorns
User Blog

Brandon Carr and Jovan Belcher Relationship


Someone on one of the threads wondered if Brandon Carr was affected by the Jovan Belcher murder-suicide, since both were Chiefs last season. Tom Orsborn wrote a nice article in today's Express News. This is a good read, and I recommend it to you.


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #13 Update

Finally. This is the "most busiest time" of the year. Let me see if I can get this knocked out before KD puts out his front page story (he can't link to this if it isn't done first). This should...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Holiday Bonus #2

Here is the long-awaited and long-promised Holiday Bonus FanPost #2. Last year, as I reported in the first Holiday Bonus FanPost, our participation dropped off sharply the final three weeks of the...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #12 Update

Last year, we had a then-record number of 10-for-10s during Thanksgiving weekend (2011 week #12) after the Cowboys escaped the Dolphins on Thanksgiving. This year, there was no escape - too deep a...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #11 Update

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Last week, I opened that I was fit to be tied. The Rams and 49ers cost me my first 10-for-10 by finishing in an overtime tie a short while after the Cowboys...

Are you getting the Cowboys this Sunday?


Cowboys are making one of the their two appearances on CBS this Sunday (the other is against Pittsburgh). It's a CBS doubleheader, and most of the country is getting Cowboys-Browns as the CBS early game. The Texans are at home against Jacksonville in the same time slot. The only markets in Texas showing Houston are in the Houston area (Houston, Bryan, Beaumont, and Victoria). Every other CBS station in Texas is showing the Cowboys. Bookmark this link and check back through the weekend to see what games will be on in your area. The site is frequently updated as affiliates switch from one game to another. Our FOX game this weekend is one of those switches. We were originally going to get Phi-Was (NFC rivals), but no one would watch that during the Cowboys game. We are now switched to NO-Oak (a late game). So now, after the Cowboys, we can watch either network (NO-Oak on FOX or SD-Den on CBS). Best news - we miss out on either lead announcing team (Joe and Troy are in Detroit and Jim and Phil are in New England).


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Holiday Bonus #1

Happy (early) Thanksgiving! I was asked on KD's page if there would be any chance of getting something up early so guys who traveled for Thanksgiving could make picks early. My reply included: M...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #10 Update

I am fit to be tied this week. For the first time in four years, and for the first time since KD began 10-for-10 back in 2010, [insert Ray Scott voice] "We have a tie." I have had three perfect...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #9 Update

~sigh~ Deja vu, again. The order was slightly different, but the tease was the same. There were elements of brilliance, stupidity, futility, hope, and disappointment. For the third time, and the...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #8 Update

KD, I feel your pain. Twice last season, I carried perfect 9-for-9s into my final game. Both times, I had the Cowboys (vs. Cardinals and Giants). Both times, I was disappointed - by the Cowboys...

Big Tex Suicide Note


Big Tex Suicide Note


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #7 Update

Welcome to Topsy-Turvy world. A week after bemoaning our worst week ever (only four right in fourteen games), the tables were turned. We had our best picking week ever - twelve right and only one...

KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #6 Update

Where do I begin? I have already stated in comments on KD's Week #6 page that I believe this is our worst week ever - at least since I have been keeping score. Let's look together at the carnage...


KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #5 Update

Well, here goes another week, full of good news and bad news. This week was like a boxer taking a haymaker in the first round (Thursday night game), staggering to his corner between rounds, and...

KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #4 Update

I really didn't mean to jinx us. For the superstitious among us, I apologize. Not to jinx anyone, but I had 9-for-9 twice last year and was also just a Cowboys win from perfection. Cowboys lost...

KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #3 Update

Last week, I opened with "I am stunned!" Even more so this week. Fresh off an 8-8 consensus (the majority of us picked eight games right and eight games wrong), we went 8-8 again. But, this one...

KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #2 Update

I am stunned! That's how I opened my comment after the Sunday afternoon games were all in the book. One reason, of course, was the way the Cowboys lost at Seattle. It's been a while since someone...

Update - Are you getting the Cowboys this Sunday?


FOX has added more stations to their original list of areas where the Cowboys can be seen this Sunday. NoCal is now getting the Cowboys, along with Reno, Hawaii, Miami, and Buffalo. Memphis and Joplin areas will no longer get the Cowboys. If you're not in Cowboys Country and don't have alternate arrangements made, keep checking this site for updates on who will get the game this Sunday. Bookmark the site so you can come back to it throughout the season. Both this Sunday and next Sunday are CBS doubleheader weeks. FOX is only showing a single regional game. So, the same scenario is in play next week - Cowboys on FOX; FOX is only showing one game regionally. Will you get it? Update - even more areas have been added to the Cowboys, including the entire Pacific Northwest (all of Idaho, more of NoCal), and more of Ohio (Columbus and Dayton areas). Ironically, the only area of Texas that is NOT getting the Cowboys is the sliver in East Texas where my extended family all live. They get their broadcast television from Shreveport, and are getting the Saints instead. They are bummed.

Are you getting the Cowboys this Sunday?


Last week, the Cowboys were on NBC - televised nationally and streamed on the internet. This week, they are on FOX, and it's a regional telecast. If you're not in "Cowboys Country" or in possession of Sunday Ticket, you may or may not get the game on your local FOX station. Bookmark this link and come back to it each week. Also, come back during the week, as it is updated when stations drop one game for another. If you don't get the game, then you will need to find a friend, sports bar, or bootleg internet feed in order to watch. Looks like the only areas outside Cowboys Country that are getting our game are: Seahawks area (NW US), Anchorage AK, Jacksonville FL, and parts of Ohio (Columbus to Cleveland). Again, that could change before Sunday.

KD's 10-for-10 - 2012 Week #1 Update

Welcome back - football, Cowboys Win, and KD's 10-for-10 contest! Last year, KD had just gotten promoted to the Front Page, and he was overwhelmed by the first week entries in his 10-for-10...

Last chance for KD's 10-for-10 Contest!


This afternoon, I was the 200th entry in KD's 10-for-10 Contest. If you haven't already submitted your entry, come aboard and join in the fun. This is the most that have ever played in one week (96 was the old record). Either submit your 10-for-10, or make a "Wednesday Game Only" selection of tonight's game. Then get back before Sunday with your other nine picks.

T.O. and Alex Barron? Say it ain't so!


Making the news today is the release of Terrell Owens by the Seattle Seahawks. However, a blurb in the same story mentions our own equally-beloved Alex Barron was visited by the same Turk. What's Pete Carroll trying to do in Seattle? With his trade of Tavaris Jackson to Buffalo, he has removed three of the main cogs that are keeping them from playoff contention. So, do we look to re-sign T.O. for a veteran WR presence, or would we be better served to reinforce our OL with Barron? Decisions, decisions (sorry, can't do sarcasm font on a FanShot).

Where to watch tonight's game: TV Stations broadcasting the Cowboys tonight (Cowboys announcers...


Where to watch tonight's game: TV Stations broadcasting the Cowboys tonight (Cowboys announcers only): Cowboys broadcast: (Bill Jones, Babe Laufenberg) KTVT 11 (CBS; Dallas) KMYS 35 (MyTV; San Antonio) KEYE 42 (CBS; Austin) - tape delay KWKT 44 (FOX; Waco) KJTL 18 (FOX; Wichita Falls TX) KTEN 10 (NBC; Sherman TX) KFXK 51 (FOX; Tyler TX) KBTV 4 (FOX; Beaumont) KVCT 19 (FOX; Victoria TX) KRIS 6 (NBC; Corpus Christi) KRGV 5 (ABC; Harlingen) KVTV 13 (CBS; Laredo) KSAN 3 (NBC; San Angelo) KRBC 9 (NBC; Abilene) KWES 9 (NBC; Odessa) KMYL 14 (MyTV; Lubbock) KCIT 14 (FOX; Amarillo) KFOX 14 (FOX; El Paso) KOCB 34 (CW; Oklahoma City) KOTV 6 (CBS; Tulsa) KARK 4 (NBC; Little Rock) KFTA 24 (FOX; Fayetteville AR) KTAL 6 (NBC; Shreveport LA) KARD 14 (FOX; Monroe LA) KASY 50 (MyTV; Albuquerque) UPDATE - I had earlier said that the Albuquerque station was streaming the game on its website. That is not so. I was just reading an FAQ section on the KASY-TV website, and they are NOT webcasting the game, only broadcasting it. Here's the quote: "Sorry...we don't do webcasts...and it's not up to us. We are a TV station. We are only in the broadcast business...not the webcasting. The Dallas Cowboys only give us broadcast rights. It would be in violation of our contract and we would get slapped a heavy fine to try and distribute their signal any other way." So, watch another way. The Mothership is not streaming the game either, just offering the link to purchase the Preseason Package from

China Doll Vick Hurt Again


Two preseason games played, two preseason games Michael Vick left with injury. Flag football anyone? Each time I see Vick hobble off the field, I have an increased appreciation for Tony Romo, and all he has done the past three seasons to play through injury and pain.

Ware vs. Merriman? It's not close. Merriman waived by Bills.


There were many who gave the Cowboys grief for drafting DeMarcus Ware instead of Shawne Merriman, especially after Merriman's sack-filled rookie season. Now that Merriman is on waivers - again - anyone want to revisit that discussion?

Chad Johnson arrested on domestic violence charge


Just when things have gotten quieter with Dez and his own charge of domestic violence, Chad got into an argument with his newlywed wife over a receipt that she had found for a box of condoms. His new team - the Dolphins - "are aware of the situation". And his agent? None other than Drew Rosenhaus. Funny how he keeps showing up everywhere.

Michael Irvin said what? about Belicheat?


Hat tip to tanstaafl for this little gem from one of our all-time favorite Cowboys.

O.C.C in mourning


Everyone needs to be kind to O.C.C as he mourns Germany's loss to Italy in Euro 2012. Hopefully, he recovers in time for Cowboys Training Camp.

Tony Fiammetta to Patriots


He made a tremendous difference in the Cowboys running game last season, when he was healthy. Best wishes to a class player. May his health hold up in NE.

CONGRATULATIONS, Mikellie - Perfect 7-for-7


Congratulations to Mikellie for incredible picking in KD's Playoff Edition of 10-for-10. He correctly picked all four division games, both championship games, and the Super Bowl - before any division round game began. Congratulations, sir, and well done!

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