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Portland State Takes 3-0 Over TCU Early


Portland State got off to a strong start on their opening possession, going on a 14-play, 71-yard drive that resulted in a 22-yard field goal. Portland State QB Connor Kavanaugh, who only threw...


What Really Matters

I’ve been a baseball fan since I could remember. It was a sport I excelled in as a child, and I loved to spend the summer afternoons playing catch with my dad. We started in t-ball, playing for...


OT-College Football Talk (Criminal Edition)

So, the two big news items of the day were the release of the SI article that found (gasp!) that many players on college football teams have a criminal past. Here's the link to the article. It's a...


OT- College Football Talk (Signing Day Edition)

Well, Signing Day is very much upon us. I'm just starting to become more entrenched in the recruiting scene (not that I know anybody, just reading up on it more), and I'm pretty much hooked. It's...


OT- Video Game Talk

Well, since AC: Brotherhood came out in late November, there's been virtually no new releases worth purchasing for nearly two months. But, thanks to the numerous 2010 delays we had, there's going...

Joey Votto wins NL MVP


And it wasn't even close. He was voted first in 31 out of 32 ballots, and was voted second in the other.


College Football Saturday (11-20)

Man, Kansas and Michigan are awful. Okie State is only up 20-14 in the 3rd quarter over the Jayhawks. Both teams have blown multiple scoring chances. And Michigan can't play defense. A&M fans can't...


OT- College Football 11/18- The Auburn Saga

Holy crap. It looks like this Cam Newton situation got a hell of a lot bigger. This was posted on LSU's fan forum on November 16, and has exploded on the internet. If even half the allegations in...


OT: CFB Week 10 Recap, BCS Week 4!

Well, that was freaking awesome. TCU beat the crap out of a good (I don't care what anyone says, they are) Utah team, in Salt Lake City. That was the best they've looked since the Baylor game...


OT- College Football Week 8 Recap (BCS Week 2)

Welp, for the third week in a row, the #1 team in the country goes down again. This week's victim? The Sooners of Oklahoma. To be fair, most of the OU fans I've talked to didn't think they deserved...


OT: College Football (Week 7 Recap/BCS Week 1!)

Edit: I know we're all in Rangers mode right now, but there's some intriguing stuff going on in CFB right now. Seeing as it's an off day, I thought it would be a good time to post this. Another...


OT- College Football Week 5 Recap/Early Week 6 talk.

Well, overall a pretty decent week in the game of college football. We got to see Oklahoma nearly choke away the RRR, Les Miles nearly lose again due to poor clock management, and we got to see...


From a TCU Student

Massive props to your fans. I was shocked by how many fans you guys had make the trip from Oregon to Arlington for the game. You guys were loud, respectful (!), and friendly. I remember my freshman...


Josh Hamilton

Hey Rays fans. First off, congrats on the kick-ass season your team is having. Now, I'm a longtime Ranger fan, and we've been blessed to get to see Josh Hamilton play the way he has this season....

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