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User Blog

Caption This: A Little Luck Goes a Long Way Up


Caption This contest featuring Andrew Luck.

Caption This: Fast Is Faster


In light of Alex Smith's Nike photo, it only seemed right to use Caption This to show off a little something from his audition shoot. "Okay, Alex: Now, give us your angry face. Good, good. I like...

Caption This: Randy Moss


Caption This would like to extend a warm welcome to one of the newest members of the 49ers: the esteemed Mr. Randy Moss. It only makes sense, I think, to welcome him to the fold in much the same...

Caption This: Draft Combine


The NFL Pre-Draft Combine is a goldmine, and we all enjoy it for different reasons. Scouts and GMs enjoy having the opportunity to see many of the most interesting college players in person,...

Caption This: Jerry SLICE


Caption this contest featuring Jerry Rice

Caption This: The Story of Jaws


Caption contest featuring ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski

Caption This: "Wha'd I do, Bro?"


Our caption contest, featuring a New York Giants fan getting arrested

Caption This: Hugs


The truth is, Caption This could probably subsist entirely on photos of people hugging. Take a hypermasculinized environment, mix in a dash of emotional embrace, add cameramen... and bingo: Caption...


MLB History: All-A Team

So, I got this idea in one of the last threads to work on figuring out what the All Alphabet teams would be in MLB history. The work is simple: Put together the best team of players whose last...

Caption This: Justin Smith Has Something to Show You


Justin Smith has something to tell you, but the only clue we have as to what is this photo. It's possible that he's telling us about the Subway commercial he plans to film one day, whether or not...

Caption This: Da Raidas


We take a look at a great Raiders picture for our Caption This contest.

Caption This: Brandon Lloyd


No, this photo is not being used for Caption This because Brandon Lloyd's backside is more successfully elevated than his head. No, this photo is not being for Caption This because of the way the...

Caption This: Drew Brees and a (Noun)


Welcome back to another week at Caption This, the fat-free Niners Nation segment that gives you the chance to put your own signature flair to the caption of whatever photo I choose. This week, I...

Caption This: Alfonso Ribeiro Watching the Cowboys Tank


Caption This featuring Carlton Banks laughing at the Cowboys-Giants game!

Caption This: Bradying


Our weekly Caption This contest, featuring Tom Brady.

Caption This: Context Is Everything


While I will admit that it seems only appropriate to devote today's Caption This to some member of the Philadelphia Eagles, I've been attached to this photo of Drew Brees since I saw it earlier in...

Caption This: Building Blocks


The first thing I want to say is that I like Anthony Davis. I think he's a fine young man and a talented young player. However, when I looked through the photos from last night's game, I couldn't...

Caption This: Tom Coughlin


I think my favorite Caption This moments come from photos where I really can't figure out what's going on. Why is Coughlin making that face? Why is he clapping his hands? What is the ref trying to...

Caption This: THAT Guy


Caption This featuring 49ers-Browns

Caption This: LOUD NOISES


There has been no shortage of comedy to come out of the Jim Schwartz/Jim Harbaugh scuffle, and we would be missing an opportunity here at Caption This if we didn't squeeze it for just a little...

Caption This: Pour One Out


It's a fine line bringing Al Davis to the Caption This as a show of respect. There's no getting around the fact that the man, particularly later in life, was the subject of some tremendously...

Caption This: It's Gold, Son. Gold.


Caption This featuring 49ers S Dashon Goldson versus the Eagles

Sept. 29, 1957 | New York Giants Play Last Baseball Game


Have a morning thread. This was the first News hit I got by Googling "Baseball Giants". Why didn't I Google "Giants Baseball"? Because that's just what I expect me to do. It's a morning thread, anyway. Get out of those late night game threads for a few hours before Grant deletes this and takes back the site.

Caption This: I Don't Even....


Caption This involving Alex Smith and Kendall Hunter.

Caption This: When in Romo...


It may be best practice this week to just ignore that headline and go straight into captions. This week, we've been given this lovely photo of Tony Romo saying something to Vernon Davis. There are...

Caption This: For Pete's Sake


Allow me to take a week to head right on back to the bin of easy targets. You know this bin. It's where I keep all the photos of Jimmy Raye and Ben Roethlisberger. It's a bin full of beautiful...

Kaeption This!


The headline game is almost as cutthroat at the caption game. Last week, I hit the high point of my career. And because, really, there's no good way to follow that up, I decided that this week I...

Caption This: An Offensive Line


You have no idea how proud of that title I am. Really, I may as well just quit after that, having officially hit my literary peak. But the show must go on. It's always interesting composing a...

Game? Thread.

This thread only exists so computers don't melt. The Giants don't deserve a new thread.

Caption This: More Alex Smith Mileage


49ers Caption This Featuring Alex Smith

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