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Lifelong BSU fan. I almost literally grew up with Bronco football. I attended BSU from 2000 to 2004, right as the team was getting good and beating the crap out of everyone. Fun times! Nowadays I can only afford to get to one game per season, but I am even more obsessed with BSU football than ever. I clearly remember the last year the Broncos sucked (1996, first year in I-A) and it blows my mind to see how far they've come. I hope everyone remembers that and appreciates this great time for BSU!

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Boise State moves up to No. 4 in Coaches Poll, stays at No. 4 in AP Poll

BSU jumped Florida State in the coaches poll during a bye week for the Broncos. Usually it's the other way around. Truly a brave new world we live in. has BSU at #5

I know not everyone's ranking BSU this high, but the fact that this program has built up so much street cred over the years is fairly mind-blowing if you think about it.

Kellen Moore Q&A

"We found, when (former offensive coordinator Bryan Harsin left for Texas), he left a few things in the drawers. My high school highlight tape was there. We threw that thing on and I don’t know how the hell I got recruited. We were watching that. Then you watch these kids coming out now and it’s like, ‘Jeez!’"

Dr. Gene on ESPN

Takin' his anti-BCS message to the masses!




Dr. Saturday's games of the year

BSU-VT at number 6, BSU-Nevada at number 2. Mercifully no clips of missed field goals included.


BSU's 2011 opponents' progress in 2010 bowls (edit 12/31)

BSU's 2011 schedule features no less than 8 teams that are competing in bowls to close the 2010 season. I've listed all the bowls below and will try to keep the list updated as they play out. H...

Brotzman on ESPN

Are we sure that first FG attempt missed? Anyway...

BSU number 11 in BCS standings

Welp...still in the top 12. Certainly a long shot to get an at-large bid to a BCS bowl, but the shot remains.


Are you in??

So. Boise State has lost a game after almost two years of not losing games. It was bound to happen at some point. Any team is capable of lapsing and losing a game they have no business losing. It...


How have BSU and TCU done against the spread this season?

This post was prompted by a question from VT1996. Color me curious! I took the following point spreads from Don't join me after the jump because there is no jump. :) Week...

Probably good that this guy doesn't have a Harris or AP vote

Some guy named Tom Dienhart thinks TCU has ended the debate over whether they're better than BSU. Of course, I respectfully disagree.


'Boise State fell well short of a sellout for its first regular-season Tuesday game. The attendance was 32,026, with a big hole in the student section.' Folks? I paid $40 for my ticket. YOURS ARE FREE.

swell Fox Sports write-up of Coach Pete

"I’ve seen Chris be in a position where they’re tossing shot after shot of drinks," Bellotti says. "Chris isn’t drinking them. He’s just tossing them over his shoulder on the back wall, but other people are drinking them and eventually going down for the count." DUDE

Doyel has learned nothing from Mr. Fiskers' spanking

If anything, he comes across as an even bigger a-hole now. I swear I'm done with fanshots for a while!

Where's Tony Knap?

Pullman, Wash. Still kickin' at age 95. Highest winning pct. of any Bronco coach until Hawk and Pete came around.

High stakes have Bronco fans on edge

We Bronco fans talk a good game but apparently we are actually really nervous about VT. Mr. Drew Roberts chips in a few quotes!

Hendricks in Boise Weekly

Every so often BW delves into sports. Here's a brief interview with Bart "coolest Bronco ever" Hendricks.

Forde officially throws in with BSU

Feel a bit weird fanshotting an ESPN chat, but I was quite happy with the "World's Biggest Boise Backer's" responses to BSU-related questions here. Remember this man correctly assessed that BSU was not ready for the big time after the Georgia debacle, and now considers Bronco football the best in the country. :) Also look for the killer quotable at the end of an Oregon fan's BSU question. HAHAHAHA

Tim Gilligan out of jail

What do you think? Let out too early? Here's hoping he makes better decisions in life.

WAC All-Decade Team

No Dinwiddie (that's fan voting for you), but we get IJ, Clady, Colledge, Winterswyk, Avalos, Korey Hall, Q Mike, Tadman and Wilson. That's one third of the team!

If one could post videos on locker room bulletin boards, I'd post this in BSU's.

If one could post videos on locker room bulletin boards, I'd post this in BSU's.


Where will you be watching the Fiesta Bowl? (Poll)

With every bowl season, there is the initial selection of teams to each bowl, and then many days of opposing teams' fans jawing at each other over which team is coming out on top before the day of...

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