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New York Knicks/ Carmelo Anthony fan in Miami. I go by other names on some other sites.

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Report: George Karl Offered Extension

link:http://nba.fanhouse.com/2009/12/22/nuggets-make-multiyear-offer-to-george-karl/   Basically Chris Tomasson reports that the nuggets have made a multi year offer to karl (around 3 mil per...


Way To Get Haywood

okay so to compete with the lakers size, we r gna need big body to throw at them for like 20 minutes. Names like JEff Foster, Joel Pryzbilla, and Brendan Haywood all fit. The latter is on an...


Anthony Randolph Available (maybe)

well i dnt have ESPN insider but it says that he is on the block. The warriors have been known to listen to coach nelly, no matter how dumb his decisions r. they also love there wing players. Well...


What are we looking for?

i found this video on Yahoo... it starts off about mccgrady, but around the 2:00 minute mark, they ask what is denver looking at? they guy answers an athletic wing to guard kobe (i would think a...


Bulls- Nuggets Trade

So what ive noticed is that what would really help Nene, Melo, and Chauncey is a big that could hit a jumper. No Malik allen doesnt count. We have been saying this for a while but I personally...


Targeting One of Orlando's Back Up Bigs

The way i see it is, by the time the playoffs come we will need another huge body to throw at the likes of Pau and Bynum. Well even though big men are scarce in todays nba... one team has a couple T...


How to beat the LA Lakers....

the concept is really simple.... have melo make artest and kobe work... take advantage of a not 100% bynum and no pau gasol, nene and kmart should have big games.... use lawsons speed to destroy...


James "Flight" White

According to a houston website James Flight White is being traded to denver for axel herevell's rights(never coming down anyways). James White is probably the best dunker in the league and this is...


Captain Jack....

I know I have written a lot of these kinda posts but this has been a long and boring offseason... So im going to put who we should target.... Well apparently stephen Jackson wants out of Golden...


We should target one of the Bobcats Guards....

According to a source (http://bobcatsplanet.com/wp/di...bcats-is-a-done-deal and DIME mag is reporting it too) that Iverson has agreed to go to the bobcats, which i thought was a great fit for them...


Brendan Wright and Anthony Morrow?

In my opinion these two players would be perfect additions to the Nugz, they are both good shooters and on rookie contracts. I also heard that Coach Nelson does not like either of them. So he could...


i have a question...

i remember i was looking at the espn nuggz page a while ago and i saw a list of players who we have the rights to. i dont recall them but can anyone tell me who they were, about them, and if there...


How does our team compare?

Im going to breakdown every position and see how we compare with other western teams.... Lakers: Chauncey> Fisher JRArtest K Mart< Pau Nene>Bynum Afflalo=Walton Birdman< Odom L...


Why don't we become a 3rd team in trade?

I also wrote this on Inside Hoops, under my name MeLo MvP 15, but i never understood why we have not been mentioned in helping facilitate one of the trades that need a third team. Like the Big Baby...


Nuggets Interested in Luol Deng??

i read this on a forum. As much as i would like this to happen i doubt we have the peices to make this happen. The only package i could see Chicago accepting would be something like JR, Kleiza or...


What about Trop Murphy?

I know he has a rather large contract, but he would bring rebounding and interior toughness to this team. The Pacers just drafted Tyler Hansborough (sp?) so he is standing in the way of his...


Two Trade/Signing Ideas

The first..... If the nuggets trade their trade exemption along with the expiring contracts of balkman and hunter to detroit for a Sign and Trade for rasheed wallace, it could work right?  cuz...



i think that the nuggets should resign birdman, kleiza, and jones (if he doesnt ask for much) mayb AC but even if its for the vet min i have a feeling ty lawson wont play at all due to Karls...


Jodie Meeks

I read an article saying that the only reason meeks stayed in the draft was because he was guaranteed by a team that they would chose him, signs point to the nuggets being that team because he only...

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