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Getting serious with Hamilton


Doesn't look like there's a designated thread for this. Joe McDonnel tweets that the Angels are in serious talks, and then Buster Olney says Angels are positioning for a "big move."

Angels Sign Angel Sanchez


He would be a cheaper backup infielder than Maicer Izturis...

ESPN has it all wrong


Christina Kahrl in particular puts the Angels' struggle on the lack of production from the rotation. And while that's obviously a major symptom of the problem, Dan Haren, Zack Greinke, and CJ Wilson didn't all simultaneously forget how to be top of the rotation starters.... The rotation (I include Santana) has been let down by the garbage bullpen so many times, they feel like they need to throw all 9 innings to help the team. If the rotation trusted the bullpen, the team would be much better off.

Giants Seeking OF Help


It may be a loose interpretation of the word "help," but I say a V. Wells for B. Zito swap is in order!

The Best Part of the Greinke Trade


OK, maybe not the best part... but you gotta love adding depth to the WAGs.


The White Sox cut Bobby Jenks

The White Sox cut Bobby Jenks. Considering the plight of the Angels 'pen, does anyone else think this is an arm worth adding? Regardless of any history in the minors, the guy throws gas and should...


PECOTA Projections are (Out of) Whack

PECOTA just released its 2009 projections. I haven't read up too much on how the projections are reached, but based on the outcomes it has something to do with a magic 8 Ball and chicken entrails. ...


Olney says Abreu willing to settle for one year

In Buster Olney's Blog today, he says that Bobby Abreu is willing to accept a one-year deal. If that's the case, then I am wholeheartedly in support of bringing him on board. The guy gets on base...


Adenhart is the sticking point...

I didn't see this on here yet. According to the Miami Herald, the Angels are willing to give up Kendrick, Willits, and Mathis, but the Marlins are holding out for Nick Adenhart. h...



I know this is something we've gone over ad nauseum, but the Miami Herald ran a story today about Marlins first round pick, 3B Matt Dominguez. The article doesn't necessarily mention anything new,...


Man, Lyle Spencer is an Idiot

I understand he is specifically employed by the Angels organization, and has an obligation to be their spin doctor. But this is ridiculous! h...

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