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It's better to burn out, then to fade away...


No, this isn't an argument about the Hall of Fame chances for Andruw Jones and Jim Edmonds. Rather, this is my goodbye to Beyond the Boxscore. Though I've only been here for a few months, they've...

Call it the A-Rod tax. One in three Americans believe the government should make it illegal to pay...


Call it the A-Rod tax. One in three Americans believe the government should make it illegal to pay athletes and movie stars more than $1 million per year, according to a new poll. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey released Thursday found that 30 percent favor government pay limits for jocks and film stars.

so says the NY Post per a recent Rasmussen poll. This is seriously why I'd rather stay in the basement all day, if I step outside and run into 10 people on the street I'd risk meeting 3 people who think like this >:(

Considering today's roster moves, I was trying to update a classic Giants style. I'm at work so...


Considering today's roster moves, I was trying to update a classic Giants style. I'm at work so it's a sloppy mspaint only, I don't have the photoshop skills :(

My try at some of Dave Allen's excellent run value charts.


My try at some of Dave Allen's excellent run value charts.

Bases Loaded, 2 Outs, Full Count, What Should the Pitcher Do? (Exploring Baseball and Game Theory)


Do pitchers treat the super scary full count, bases loaded, 2 out state properly? Graham Goldbeck looks at what's happening in this scenario and how to properly address it using game theory

Caffeine, nature's steroids


Per the NY Times: "Now, Dr. Tarnopolsky and others report that caffeine increases the power output of muscles by releasing calcium that is stored in muscle. The effect can enable athletes to keep going longer or to go faster in the same length of time. Caffeine also affects the brain’s sensation of exhaustion, that feeling that it’s time to stop, you can’t go on any more. That may be one way it improves endurance, Dr. Tarnopolsky said. The performance improvement in controlled laboratory settings can be 20 to 25 percent, Dr. Tarnopolsky said. But in the real world, including all comers, the improvement may average about 5 percent, still significant if you want to get your best time or even win a race." Time to ban all that coffee and soda from the clubhouse now too, right?

Beyond the Boxscore AL West Chat Tomorrow 3/13 at Noon


Our chat tomorrow at Beyond the Boxscore is the AL West Edition. It'll feature myself, Adam from LoneStarBall, Matthew from Lookout Landing, Jim from Halos Heaven, and Eric Seidman. Feel free to drop by and ask any A's questions (or AL West questions in general)

Fanshots more interesting than your mom, 3/6-3/12


Uhhhhhh, or so I've heard? There were a couple of high traffic fanshots recently, in case you missed them: centris linked us to his run value based on location in a strikezone plots. Very pretty...

Using Gameday to build a field metric part 2


Dan posted last time about part 1, but I think this second part from Jensen might be more interesting to people. He uses Gameday to develop a fielding metric and gets results similar to +/-, and UZR in terms of plays saved. But the run values seem to be a little different.

Graph of the Day: Plate Discipline (or not)


A look at plate discipline for the least and most swing happy players in 2008, 1B Nick Johnson of the Washington Nationals and C/1B/3B Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants.

Summary of the Sloan Sports Conference


Sal Baxamusa of The Hardball Times with a good summary of the events transpiring at this weekends Sloan's School of Business Sports Conference at MIT. I've attended a similar conference before and really enjoyed it, you get to meet a lot of people in the quantitative sports community and it's very informative. I especially like seeing the prominence of basketball in the discussions.


Open WBC Discussion Fanpost

You've probably already seen some pitch fx posts on the Front Page and in the Fanshots concerning games played in Major League Ballparks, but there's a lot of other WBC games going on. So let's use...

Hooray for nerdy comics!


Hooray for nerdy comics!

Year to year parity in the NFL and how a salary cap affects it


Brian Burke takes a look at how the salary cap has affected team's year to year records by comparing pre and post salary cap numbers. The results are probably what you'd expect, but then he draws some baseball conclusions too: "For about 10 years, you could reliably predict the standings in the AL East, not by the All-Star break or even by opening day, but by September of the previous year. You could make the case that half of MLB's playoff spots were effectively determined before the first pitch of opening day." Not the case anymore, no matter what some betting sites may say, lol 10:11 Yankees wtf.

Interesting Fanshots 2/23-3/2


Certainly more interesting then that title... OK this was on 2/22 but it was like 2/23 in China when it was posted so it counts. Harry linked to an awesome study involving Chase Utley's hit...

Debate Sparked at Lookout Landing over Surgical Enhancement


To borrow from Jeff: "[Gary] Matthews Jr. isn't the only baseball player to undergo this procedure, but I think he's the latest, and it seems to have worked pretty well. By having some of his own blood concentrated down and injected directly into the injured tendon, Matthews Jr. was able to introduce blood-based healing promoters and agents into a poorly vascularized region of his body, thereby seemingly speeding up his recovery time. In other words, the performance of Matthews Jr.'s body may have been improved by a process the body is by and large unable to perform on its own." It goes on in the comments to speculate about Lasik, natural supplements, and other procedures. This subject interests me far more than a straight steroids debate. This almost by definition is wholly unnatural, yet MLB doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I have a problem with line drawing in general and this is another example of it. Of course, MLB is free to do what they want (well, until the government steps in) but I'd be wary of where they're making their lines in the sand.

Bill Madden of NY Daily News Speculates Contraction for A's, Marlins


I speculate that Bill Madden should STFU and pick on some other teams that you know, maybe haven't appeared to have tried to win in the past decade? FTA: "And just as Wolff, his partner John Fisher and the Marlins' Loria are going to be looking for a way out from under their mounting losses, baseball can't afford to keep dumping revenue-sharing money into hopeless franchises. Like just about every other industry in this country right now, baseball is going to have to take stock of its situation and downsize. There are too many teams in baseball anyway and it makes no sense to continue operating them in places that can't or won't support them." Of course he provides little to no basis for the statement that there are "too many teams in baseball", at least cite some monetary info. I don't think the Marlins can even lose money with the revenue sharing present in baseball as John Brattain of THT pointed out last year.

Players union stepping up to help with supplement issue


Well, sort of. From the article: Fehr told the players that they can call a Major League Baseball hotline if they have questions about a supplement, or they can send the product to the league for testing. ... "We have this tiny list of approved substances that includes things like Gatorade," Lidge said. "Guys are like, 'Can I take some protein? Can I eat a protein bar?' You send it to get checked, and it takes two months to get back. It's a difficult time. Everyone is so scared - players and the union - of doing anything wrong." h/t to BBTF

David Cameron on the new look of baseball media


Of course as a member of the online community and not a reader of newspapers I pretty much completely agree with him. Hey, who's this Kalkman guy on the list at the end?

Mariano's Gonna Cut You, Everybody Knows It, And Nobody Can Do Anything About It


Is Mariano Rivera's cutter the greatest pitch ever? This article looks at how one man with one pitch can dominate a season in a way that hasn't been done in a very long time.

Baseball is back today! Here's the schedule


Hooray for baseball! Feel free to post anything about today's games here, MLB Network will have the Giants-Indians on in a little over an hour from now.

Advanced scouts make way, computers are coming to town


The Rays are turning to computers and video to do their advanced scouting for them now. Interestingly the writer mentions that a few teams already do this, thought not saying which teams they are. Is this the future of scouting? Do you think there will always be a place for live advanced scouts or is it a dying breed? H/T to Baseball Musings

Won't see me hating on this umpire


Umpire Tim McClelland shares his completely level headed take on the steroid issue. If only George Brett knew he thought like this back in '83 (wow, McClelland has been around for 25 years now!?) maybe he wouldn't have gone nuts over him.

Keith Law Chats Braves Prospects with Talking Chop


ESPN's Keith Law talks with SBN Braves blog Talking Chop. I found the last paragraph especially interesting. "The obvious weakness is the lack of infield prospects, but I think there's a bigger organizational weakness: their excessive loyalty to certain players. Jeff Francoeur should have been non-tendered, and instead they're taking him to arbitration, even though he's about the worst "everyday" player in the game and seems to blame everyone but himself for his horrendous play. Tom Glavine is a damn charity case. He'd be their eighth- or ninth-best starting option if they sign him, assuming he can pick up a ball without hurting something. If I was Frank and he rejected my $1 million offer, my answer to their counteroffer with would end with "... and the horse you rode in on." Yet Atlanta is the team that can't say no to players with some sort of tie to the organization. They stood firm with San Diego in the Jake Peavy discussions; I wish they'd do the same with their own mediocre players and avoid a situation where Tommy Hanson is ready to come up in June but can't because it might hurt Lil' Tommy Glavine's feelings."

MLB working around its own Type A rules?


Looks like MLB and the players union might be helping facilitate a Juan Cruz signing since no teams really want to give up a Type A for him. Could we see similar deals for Orlando Cabrera or Orlando Hudson? Will this fiasco make MLB take a look at the Elias Compensation rules for FA, which may have some problems if they're resorting to these measures? How do you think they could they improve the system, or should there even be one in place?

bigger picture This is rough as I'm just getting the hang of graphing with R, but here's all the...

bigger picture This is rough as I'm just getting the hang of graphing with R, but here's all the called strikes separated by LHB and RHB in a hexbin scatter (density type graph). What do you guys see?

Are RHB getting the same treatment as LHB on pitches away?


Do RHB get treated differently than LHB with regards to pitches out of the strikezone away? The pitch fx study would seem to show this is the case.

Jose Reyes to drop from Leadoff Spot?


Mets manager Jerry Manuel thinks it might be best for the team. Yeah, giving more PA to Luis Castillo (about a .325 wOBA the past 3 years) than Jose Reyes (.355) sounds like a recipe for winning.

Are LHB being unfairly struck out looking on pitches away?


Are LHB being unfairly struck out looking? It appears to be so according to pitchfx analysis.

While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no valid excuse for using...


While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no valid excuse for using such substances and those who use them have shamed the game.

Bud Selig's take on Aroid Other Bud Selig Dr. Seuss Quotes: The Solution's Collusion, Bonds is Gone Schilling is Milling retirement You Guys just Die for all-star Ties What have you guys got?
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