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Alumnus of Texas Tech and Boise State, rooting guide as such.

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Brett McMurphy - Boise State has not withdrawn from the MWC


I am confused, as he references EOB today, but my clock says 2:32 PM MST and I would think we function on the MST in the MOUNTAIN West. UPDATE: CBS has changed the link on this story. It originally read that we had not withdrawn from the MWC and stated "sources" had informed CBS Sports 2:38 PM MST There are still comments that reference the McMurphy Story and it is still under the CBS Sports CFB heading.

Another fine example of the highest level of online Journalism slideshows. I am sure the fine...


Another fine example of the highest level of online Journalism slideshows. I am sure the fine people down in GEORGIA appreciate the prediction on their upcoming football season. /looks for the Kellen haterz comments in 3,2,1....

Damn, it feels good to be a gangasta.......


Damn, it feels good to be a gangasta.......

Defense Numbers are starting to be more reflective of the Play


We have moved to #12 in Total Defense and #10 in Scoring Defense. Offensive Numbers are still lagging, but I will stay with the Eye Test we showed against the #6 (Georgia) Defense in the Nation as indicator that our Offense can move the ball against elite Defensive units.

OU Game is going to be at 7 PM on ABC


Tweet is from OU's Athletic Communications Director.

Another LSUFreek Gold Record right here!


Another LSUFreek Gold Record right here!

Spencer Hall details the events of last night and the SEC expansion


I wonder if Dan Beebe has made it home? Probably has a helluva hang over and is sitting on a bag of peas.

SEC Presidents traveling to Atlanta for A&M Vote UPDATED: SEC votes to include Aggie by a 10-2 Vote,


Also see TSK's write up: http://www.teamspeedkills.com/2011/9/6/2408754/sec-presidents-meeting-texas-a-m-application If the 9 needed votes happen, then expect A&M to announce the official acceptance tomorrow. That will kick off the proceedings, will OU & OSU move quickly? It appears the ACC report from Chip Brown seems to be Texas playing its last hand before having to "come to Jesus" with Larry Scott and give up the keys to the Ferrari ESPN loaned them this summer. I know we are, unfortunately tied to Texas, so here is to hoping $Texas sees their position sucks and they cave on points of contention with Scott and we get our golden ticket. UPDATE: Looks like a 10-2 Vote and A&M announces in the AM they are the 13th member of the SEC. AGGIE to SEC

The SEC speaks


Reading through the lines, Aggie has to quit the Big XII, then an invitation is there, because the SEC is not in the business of poaching

Things could be about to get REAL interesting (ATM to the SEC)


AggieYell.com (Rivals.com ATM) has reported that ATM is going to the SEC officially and this links takes you to IAMTHE12th MAN, which is reporting that the Aggie Board of Regents is going to vote on the move on the 22nd of August. What does the mean for Boise St? Well it means that the PAC 12 will probably move forward with extending invitations to what has been rumored to be Oklahoma, OK State & Texas Tech. Now I am a Tech grad and I do not see Tech being included unless Texas is coming with and that is not going to happen with the LHN. Essentially it makes no sense to invite a Texas school with out grabbing two Texas schools that would bring the DFW & Austin TV Markets. Whether TTU goes or not, there is going to be multiple BCS schools with out a conference. Kansas & KSU have been rumored to be looking at the Big East, as both schools are tied together by the State of Kansas, which makes sense because they are basketball school and fit with the Big East in that sport. Texas Tech, Baylor, Missouri, & Iowa State are still needing a home and the Mtn West could be a good fit if they are not grabbed by someone else, which hopefully could spell BCS inclusion. Then again, who knows? This could be the beginning of a Super Conference Showdown, which means we do not want to be on the outside looking in. Can you say horrible timing to fire Gene? Could we somehow, some way get a PAC 12 invite? Could we actually see the MTN West become a better conference in the same year it became the WAC 2.0? Could the Mayans have really called the end of the world? This is most definitely interesting times my fellow Broncos. More Linkage: http://www.burntorangenation.com/2011/8/11/2358275/www-aggieyell-com-reporting-a-m-to-sec-official http://www.teamspeedkills.com/2011/8/11/2358272/just-so-you-know-its-out-there Update: Kirk Bohl's of the Austin American Statesman has tweeted this afternoon about a conversation with Deloss Dodds. Dodds said the following: Texas AD DeLoss Dodds tells me "it looks to me like they're leaving," says he thinks B12 would be OK with 9 teams, prefers 10. Dodds expects Big 12 survival, unsure if Texas would keep playing A&M Texas AD DeLoss Dodds told me the UT staff "is working on 20 names" for possible replacements for Texas A&M. Asked if Pac-12 could be destination for Texas, AD DeLoss Dodds says, "I'd put that down as an option. I don't know if it's viable option." I would say the carousel is going around again. Things are happening, hopefully are ship has some leadership from a Captain because some rough waters are out there.

No College Game Day in the ATL


Ducks getting carved up by the Bayou Bengals will have the Gameday crew to start the 1st day of the CFB year. I would prefer the TCU-BSU game on the Blue to be our Game Day over the Chick-Fil-a, but would have been fun to have 2 Game Day appearances for the Broncos this year.

The Top 25 Recruiting College Football Teams of the Past Decade


Now it is pretty obvious at OBNUG that we (BSU) are not on the Top 25 list of Recruiting (Arbitrary) College Football Team list of the past decade. Yet we are very aware of taking less (underrated by talentless hacks) touted athletes and producing a strong team environment that results in check marks in the win column. I make this point, because the author of this article adds a table to the article that points out the top 10 teams in winning percentage that rank outside of the Top 25 in recruiting. We all know who is #1 on that table and #2 will be here on the 12th of November to take its turn on the Blue. Now the naysayers will scream lack of superior competition, yet any coach will tell you no matter the league you play in, wins are not automatic. As you cruise past the top 3 on this table, the teams listed are not like BSU, TCU or Utah, but are from the Big 10, the Big East and the Big 12 and those teams have a better winning percentage than all but 11 of those teams on the Top 25 in conferences that contain superior competition. Now matter you viewpoint of the competition faced, would you rather have your school have superior recruiting rankings or have solid coaching? I think I know the answer to this question, yet I do not ask it to be rhetorical. I think we all agree it is better to be in the TOP 25 end of the year team rankings every year then on the recruiting rankings.

Ken Griffey Jr's Son


Anybody else see this article on Trey Griffey, son of Ken Griffey Jr and grandson of Ken Griffey Sr? Apparently Trey is showing skills that is gaining attention from Div I football schools like Oregon, Wazzu, Indiana, & UCF. Trey plays wide receiver with a 6'3" 190 pound frame. The most intriguing part is that Trey, who has been raised in Florida, has transferred to Dr Phillips High School in Orlando for his senior year. Dr Phillip's sound familiar? It might since the starting QB at Dr Phillips is Nick Patti, a scholarship offered athlete from BSU. I know that Lomax's kid never worked out during his time at BSU, but maybe Coach Pease is looking to try the genealogical gamble again?!?

Interesting Read on ECU and Ruff McNeil & Lincoln Riley


Discusses the changes at ECU with Ruff taking over from Skip Holtz statistically with graphs. Multiple mentions to the Air Raid and the Pirate and the South Plains.

Spencer Hall's Culinary Suggestions


Team Leach is still banging their dreams and providing their chili & beans with cornbread recipes to boot....

University of Texas Coaching Salaries


This came off Double T Nation, but the link off the top of the fanshot has the source, which is down the screen a little ways. For those NUGie's just wanting the meat of the story, Bryan Harsin - $625,000 per year. Not quite the $900,000 that Mack got approved from the Texas Board of Regents to pay for an OC, but being from Austin myself, this will do him and the little lady quite nicely in A town.

Sounds like UCONN fans aren't so excited about the Fiesta Bowl


Bronco Nation would show up in droves, if the BCS cartel didn't find every way possible to reward the Big Boys of CFB who make the world go around. Bill Hancock says the system works because the Broncos were inches away from the National Championship, because it really is an inclusive system! Looks like Billy boy is going to have to file a lien against UCONN to get his precious $$$. Big East is a joke.


Bronco Nation Home Attendance

I know as a member of Bronco Nation, we are often attacked for not selling out our lovely home, many of us have defended the Nation against the attacks from the larger conference elitists that...

Boise Road Trip by Orson, I mean Spencer, no I said Orson, but it's Spencer


For those that read EDSBS, please find the review and quips of one Spencer Hall and his visit to our fair city and football stadium. To those that kept he fully stocked up on booze and among the inebriated, Cheers!

Final Coaches Poll, Tubs votes Auburn #1


I guess Tommy feels like he must exact some revenge for 2004.



Jerry Palm has found a computer with some miscalculated outcomes that shows that BSU should be #10 and LSU should be #11. I for one feel that we should at least be ranked higher simply because our HC does not eat grass, but that is something I doubt is factored into the equation.


Bus Metaphors getting thrown around on EDSBS

Vehicular Metaphor for the Top 25 EDSBS's Spencer Hall having some fun with Pat Forde's Bus metaphor.  Spencer breaks down the Top 25 with each team getting a metaphorical vehicle.  Pretty funny...


At Least our Adminstration hasn't allowed

something as hideous as these abominations.  They have ruined our current state of Athletics, but at least that have not gone Amos & Andy with our past great heroes of the athletic fields.  Texas...


Highest Rated College Football Game in 16 Years...

ESPN came out with their ratings for Monday's Game, link says it best.  Highest rated game in 16 years, highest among households and 2nd to OSU v USC last year in Columbus in total viewers.  That...

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