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idunno723 is a dashing young man that hails from San Jose, California. In his free time he enjoys watching hockey and baseball. His all-time favorite San Jose Shark is Alexei Semenov. He is also probably better than you.

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  • MLB Oakland Athletics
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Urban Dictionary y FTF = friends?

Right now I’m surfing the interwebs and I came across Urban Dictionary. I was tempted to make a definition for FTF. Fearing I might screw it up, any suggestions? Laziest Fanshot ever. I just...


Dropping the Gloves: The last one of the season

Hello and welcome to the last Dropping the Gloves of this season (sniff). It's been fun doing these and I hope you guys enjoyed them. The next three fights are from the playoffs. So let's get this...


Bringing down Mark Purdy. FJM style.

Mark Purdy is a moron. He pisses off Shark fans. How does he have his job again? I don't know if you guys are familiar with this blog called Fire Joe Morgan.. They were brilliant. Every terrible...


wut the heck is up with the sharks?!

so this is lik my first year watching the sharks. ive only watched abuot 2 and a half games and it dosent make ne sense. my friend said that they were like the best team in the major hockey...

Patty Marleau wants you to be ready for the playoffs! First person to make the best photoshop out...


Patty Marleau wants you to be ready for the playoffs! First person to make the best photoshop out of this picture gets an inter-five. Inside joke (sort of) at FTF. I'm not crazy, trust me.

idunno723's observation's from Sharks open practice

  1. TORREY MITCHELL SIGHTING!! He was wearing a white jersey, that means he was practicing with the 1st or 2nd line. Might just be for practice though.
  2. Apparently Sharks don't like to give autographs to teenage boys. WYN 14 me 7
  3. If you want an autograph from JR, say "Please" and "Thank you"
  4. Jody Shelley is the funniest guy on the Sharks
  5. I wish I was four again so Devin Setoguchi would give me his hockey stick

Dropping the Gloves: Sharks Beat Up on the Coyotes

Hola, haven't had one of these in a while (I say that every time huh). Well the Sharks just lost to the Coyotes so on this post you could watch the Coyotes getting beat up to make you feel better....


FTF DLD: April Fools Day edition

Is FTF doing a DLD thing? If not toooooooo late. I figure you guys can do the random stuff chat here too.


Dropping the Gloves: Brad Staubitz could fight good, really really good

Updated: Not only could Brad Staubtiz fight really, really good, he could fight really, really well. Today I picked two fights. One was awesome. One not so much. I'm pretty sure you could figure...


Dropping the Gloves: Two fights (plus one for SLGT!)

Hello Alls. Today I've got three fights for you today. One from last Saturday, and two from Tuesday. So you ask, "but the Sharks only fought once on Tuesday!" That is right but on Tuesday I...


Meet the Fins - HOW OLD ARE YOU!

(This FanPost is to be read with a game show host voice in mind) So my fellow Fear the Finners, I give you The Official Age Poll!!! One simple question for you today: How old are you? Now...


Dropping the Gloves: Jody Shelley vs. Boris Valabik (+ a bonus intro!)

Before I start, let me say I'm reading a book (something I don't do often) called The Code: The Unwritten Rules of Fighting and Retaliation in the NHL. It made me respect enforcers even more than I...


Dropping the Gloves: Claude Lemieux and Alexei Semenov fight the Oilers

Hellooo everybody. Tonight Claude Lemieux and Alexei Semenov dropped the gloves for the Sharks in a game where a brawl could have broke out at any minute. It was a heat-filled game and Shark fans...

Yahoo! Answers = Hilarious

I was just reading Yahoo Answers because I was bored, than I came across this. I got a good laugh out of it. Now I don't know if this guy has actually been a Sharks fan for a long time or if it's the Sharks bandwagon growing. Speaking of bandwagon (as I have said before): ALL ABOARD THE BANDWAGON CAUSE I'M DRIVING!!! (shut up just cause I like to do imaginary driving because I can't legally drive)

According to ESPN player survey Patrick Marleau is the most underated player (and us fans are the third most disruptive)

On the ESPN player survey Patrick Marleau was voted the most underrated player (he got 8% of the vote).


Dropping the Gloves: Douglas Murray vs. Chris Stewart

Hadn't have one of these in a while. On January 27th Douglas Murray fought Chris Stewart. Stewart has been in 5 NHL fights this year and surprisingly Murray has only been in 2 (including the one...


My Sharks History

Yesterday, on the internet, I found this thing called My Sharks History on Fear the Fin. I thought, man thats really corny. As I started reading them, I found them quite interesting and I slowly...

Here's Jeremy Roenick on TNT's Leverage, in case you didn't get to see it

Hockey's Jeremy Roenick guest stars on TNT's 'Leverage' @ Yahoo! Video

Here's Jeremy Roenick on TNT's Leverage, in case you didn't get to see it


Dropping the Gloves: Triple Edition

Hello. Welcome to Dropping the Gloves, the seventh one in its existence. Today we will explore the battling of three Sharks. Two of them do not fight very often (guess who they are), so their...


Dropping the Gloves: Worchester Edition

Originally I was gonna add this to the other fanpost but I didn't want to make that post too long. Than I was gonna make a fanshot, but than I found out there were three videos. Anyway, here are...

Ouch! Remenda and Hahn are the best announcers

Ouch! Remenda and Hahn are the best announcers


Dropping the Gloves: The Super Late, Dual Edition

Yeah yeah, Dropping the Gloves is supposed to go the day after a fight, but now that I have the time I give you: Dropping the Gloves: The Super Late, Dual Edition

This has to make you laugh

This has to make you laugh

Since when did Milan Michálek play for Phoenix?

According to Yahoo! Milan Michálek played 1 game for Coyotes


Dropping the Gloves: Donald Brashear vs. Jody Shelley

Before the game the Sharks revealed the new Black Armor Jersey. They are great, they cause a lot of goal scoring and little goals against. Now something this great must have a flaw. That flaw is...


Dropping the Gloves x4

[Editor's Note]: From time to time I'll promote Fanposts onto the front page- tonight is one of those times. Idunno723 takes a look at the astounding number of fights in Monday's game against...


The best part about hockey: The Fights

To me and maybe some of you the best part about hockey are the fights. This year the sharks have some "tough guys" including Jody Shelley, Brad Staubitz, Ryane Clowe, and occasionally Douglas...

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