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Why does most modern sports broadcasting suck so hard?


Worth it for the title and opening image alone, but this article hits on some of the things I hate about most sports broadcasts nowadays.


Puck Daddy's Sharks coverage vs. their Wings coverage

Over the last couple years, I've noticed that a lot of posters here at Fear the Fin, and on the Battle of California, have complained about Puck Daddy and what they perceived as an anti-San Jose...


Why I hope the NHL doesn't go back to ESPN

LeBron James and the cult of the superstar Well, I didn't watch LeBron's infomercial last night. Apparently it was something about expanding the LeBron James brand (something very, very important...


Flame out

Man, I feel for Calgary's fans. I sometimes feel sorry for myself for cheering on a team that disappoints in the postseason, but what if you had one of the top goalies in the game, one of the best...


Olympic hockey rivalry day: Sunday Sunday Sunday

During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, my housemate and I and our friends all picked a team to root for, and then we watched as many of the games as we could together. The rules...


Adventures in Columnar Stupidity: Huxtable Sweater Edition

Same to you, pal Why didn't I know that Ray Ratto has a blog called ...And The Horse You Rode In On? Well, call me enlightened, and weep for me because I read his latest entry on the Sharks....


Purdy Stupid

The Media, bete noir of practically everybody rich/famous/important enough to warrant somebody writing about them, has lately been the subject of more hand-wringing opinion pieces and alarmist...


The "P" word

Who's on Top? Take this with a heaping dose of rock salt, but check out your division leaders 5 or 6 games into the season: NY Rangers Buffalo Sabres Tampa Bay Lightning Colorado Avalanche LA K...


Taking nothing for granted

Various financial douchebags wrote: Past performance doesn't guarantee future results. That should be taken as both a positive hope and a warning for the Sharks and their detractors. For all the D...


Another take on the top ten Sharks rivals

Plank's rivalry depth chart has some good stuff, but I'd order things a little differently. 10. Philadelphia Flyers Why? Mostly because their fans are obnoxious. Anyone remember that home game a...


The Mind of a Wings Fan

I don’t like the league. I like the Wings. I’m not an "NHL fan", only a Wing fanatic.  I like Wing fans. I don’t like many fans of other teams.  I believe the Wings are the greatest franchise in...

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