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Halos out on Greinke


As always, consider the source...but this sounds right. Dodgers having insane money and guys like Hamels, Cain and Kuroda going off the market just made this too crazy of a bidding war to try and win. Sucks to see him go, but I imagine his final contract will confirm that it was not conducive to maintaining a healthy amount of payroll flexibility going forward.

Angels a front runner for Fujikawa (!)


"There’s an attraction there for the player and for us," Dipoto said of Fujikawa, who has expressed a desire to play on the West Coast. "I’ve seen him pitch quite a bit through the years. I have a lot of information on him, and he’s been on the world landscape, pitching in the World Baseball Classic." Get it done! This was one of my hopes for bolstering the bullpen. Hopefully Seattle doesn't swoop in and kill our West Coast upper hand


That Unpredictable Move You Wouldn't Hate

Since our offseason has begun earlier than we like I'm sure many of you are, like me, staving off your Angels withdrawal by thinking about the offseason. Our conventional, obvious gameplan for the...

Torii likely to get 1 more year


I actually would be in favor of this if it corresponds with Vernon being outright released. Torii has stated he'd accept a reduced role to stay here and he's basically Trout's best buddy and mentor. Other thing to take from this? DiPoto may not be long for either Trumbo or Bourjos

Arte upset with Scioscia.....and DiPoto


Yes, consider the source (Heyman) but I found this interesting and actually a little concerning. Scioscia I can understand...but DiPoto inherited a flawed roster and one that was flawed largely with poor moves signed off by Arte himself. If our new GM-and modern approach-is aborted early by Arte, I think the guy will have lost me. This article makes him sound like Al Davis.


Discussion: Justin Upton

I'll admit I was one of the first to say "No..doesn't make sense" when the guy first went on the block a few weeks back but since then, a few things have kept crossing my mind I cannot ignore: 1...


Visiting from way to stadium?

Marlins fans! I'm an Angels fan flying into Miami at the end of this month to visit the new stadium and figured you would be the best people to ask about getting to the stadium. I will be staying...

All in favor of JCVW Halos Heaven T-shirts


SAY I. Misery loves company. Another great way to spot a fellow HH'er at games too. C'mon Rev. Do it!

More "Old" Front Office Purged

Tory Hernandez, a guy who was actually considered for like 5 seconds to be our GM (at 33!) was let go. Sounds like a nice kid who took it in stride. Ric Wilson (aka Not Eddie Bane) is kept on and one of DiPoto's guys from Arizona is joining the Angels as an assistant GM.

Food for Thought: 2013 Free Agents


I know we 'live in the now' in baseball, especially with a new GM coming in soon. But when you stop and think about it, isn't 2013 the more logical time to re-shape the Angels back into a World Series contender? 1. Refresh yourself on our contract situation this year and next: The extra *$50-60 million* to spend in 2013 stands out, as does the huge opening (read: opportunity) created with Hunter and Abreu gone and either Aybar, Maicer or Kendrick being potentially replaced with inexpensive *Jean Segura*. 2. The available free agents in 2013 vs. 2012 Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, Josh Hamilton, Matt Cain, Russell Martin, Miguel Montero, Liriano, Marcum, James Shields Doesn't it just seem like showing a little restraint in the coming months and letting our young guys continue to develop and gear up for 2013 make a lot more sense than cramming Prince Fielder into an insanely crowded 1B/DH situation?

OT: Is the Marlins FO on drugs?


Maybe it's just me--and maybe this IS fake--but this looks like it would be a disaster of a re-branding effort. Yuck!

Friday's game = ??


Did anyone else hear that blurb last night about the team doing something for their 50th anniversary on friday with former players before the game? Is anyone else going or know whats up?

Anaheim's All-Star Game Lowest Rated Ever


Thoughts on the reasons why the game and derby(down 20% from last year) both tanked in rating compared to the last two years?


Strange thought...Angels as sellers (sort of)

Ok, I first should say I am completely aware how early it is in the season and that I also believe this team can string together a few hot months and this will be a moot point...but if this team...

Neyer on Wood (surprisingly interesting)


Rob Neyer's blog post on Brandon Wood accounts for his numbers in AAA and references what those stats translated to in major league equivalencies (not good) over the past 3 seasons. Interesting read. Mentions Wood projects to be a Joe Crede-type, which is something I always assumed was his ceiling (and something I'd die for now!)

Melvin Mora? Huh?


Is this to be the new Quinlan or just insurance if Wood falls flat on his face? Maybe we're trading Wood? Either way, our front office sure seems to prefer old guys lately.


Could Granderson be a smart plan B?

So apparently Detroit is trying to shed payroll and will consider dealing Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, etc. etc. Now, I know the guy's not exactly young but in the event Figgins leaves and...

Angels interested in Freddy Sanchez


Makes sense. Trade Howie in a deal for Cliff Lee, trade other guys for Freddy Sanchez, maybe groom sean rodriguez to be the 2nd baseman of the future. Freddy and Howie's similarities go beyond cutsie names. They both hit for average and dont walk, both play 2nd base...but Freddy is 31(!). He has 28 doubles this year. Thoughts?


A Letter to the Fans from Arte Moreno

READ: ARTE MORENO'S LETTER TO ALL ANGEL FANS I think there's no question we have the best owner in sports and the best organization. Win or lose, agree or disagree... we all should be proud to be...

Gallo officially charged with 3 counts of murder


Yahoo breaking the story. Also being charged with another DUI... If convicted of all 3 counts, its 55 to life in prison. Lets hope for life

TONITE at 7pm: FSW to pay tribute to Nick, replay last night's start


Nothing more to say. Angels Live will be on to pay tribute to Nick, air his innings last night and offer a final tribute to Angels starting pitcher Nick Adenhart.

Angels shopping Matthews


"Angels manager Mike Scioscia says Matthews "isn't comfortable" with his role as a fourth outfielder, but despite rumors that the Angels may try to work something out with the Yankees, the contract will be difficult to move." Peter Gammons ^^^ Maybe Figgins and Matthews for Aceves or Hughes? Maybe Swisher?

Manager Mike Scioscia said the Angels are not considering Wood at shortstop ahead of Erick Aybar or Maicer Izturis.


Quotes in LA Times from Scoscia really make it sound like Wood is heading back to AAA or the bench. Here's another: Wood is hitting .378 this spring, and he leads the team with eight extra-base hits. He has struck out three times in 37 at-bats. He hit .127 last spring, with 22 strikeouts in 55 at-bats. The Angels could accommodate Wood by rotating Chone Figgins among third base, second base and the outfield, leaving at-bats for Wood at third base, shortstop and designated hitter, but Scioscia said he has no plans to rotate players among defensive positions. "We could tap into that if needed, but I don't think we're going to approach the season wanting to move guys," Scioscia said. "You need that defensive continuity."

Matthews whining about playing time - open to a trade?


LA Times has some pretty annoying quotes from Matthews about how he was upset about how he was benched last year because he sacrificed his position and played hurt with a "serious injury" Ya, way to sacrifice Gary. Playing hurt when you're totally ineffective is really putting the team ahead of yourself. He says he wants to and plans on playing everyday this year and that he *hopes* its with the Angels. Here to *hoping* its somewhere else.


LA Times reiterates team is re-emphasizing plate discipline,0,6769707.storyA nice article to read for those of us who may be getting (too) antsy about the lack of plate discipline throughout the...


ESPN all over the Halos today

A lot of content today on worldwide leader of Red Sox coverage, not much of it too nice. Perhaps most interesting is an article contributed by Baseball Prospectus on how we've basically mismanaged...

LA Times update


Things of note: -Anthony Ortega isn't throwing off a mound yet because his arm got worn out in winter ball. -Brandon Wood will have to "hit his way on to the team" to get him into a reserve role. Sounded as if Scoscia is content to have Wood back in AAA if he doesnt light it up this spring. Today's lineup: Reggie Willits, cf Bobby Abreu, lf Brandon Wood, 3b Kendry Morales, 1b Jeff Mathis, dh Luis Figueroa, ss Chris Pettit, rf Ryan Budde, c Kevin Ramos, 2b Shane Loux, p

LA Times: Tony wants to negotiate, Lackey maybe not


Daily update via the Times. Interesting in that it says someone familiar with the Angels' thinking says Tony plans on opening negotiations soon to get it done before the season but also notes that Lackey was "surprised" they didnt approach him over the winter and that he might be interested in testing the market.

Baseball Prospectus projects us to win 79 games this year


And for the A's to win the division with a pretty bad record. I would have a much easier time shrugging it off if Nate Silver's election projections weren't so frighteningly accurate throughout the process and specifically on election day. Also, my apologies for the projections being on a Red Sox blog. But most people I'd imagine dont have the subscription to BP

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