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Goodbye Spags!


Sean Payton has fired Steve Spagnuolo. Apparently we're switching to a 3-4. Thoughts?

Drew Brees ‏ @drewbrees I am speechless. Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The...


Drew Brees ‏ @drewbrees I am speechless. Sean Payton is a great man, coach, and mentor. The best there is. I need to hear an explanation for this punishment

Saints Pro Bowlers: Brees, Graham, Bushrod, Nicks, J. Evans


Alternates have not yet been released. I'm glad Bushrod made it- I really thought he improved a lot this year, and really is a good tackle now.

Do we need a Center for a year or two? How about Olin Kreutz?


Maybe Matt Tennant is ready... but if not, why not Kreutz?

Mark Ingram signed!


Alright! Let's get him on the practice field.

Reggie Bush agrees to be traded to Miami, says agent


I hope we got something good... adios, Reggie.

Brees played 6 games with MCL tear?!?


If this is true, I'm not sure whether to be even more in awe of Brees as a sportsman and all-around awesome dude, or annoyed at the Saints organization for not doing what's best for Brees' health. Probably both. Although on the second point, I'd probably feel differently if we had made it to the big dance.

Anyone else worried about the cold weather in Cincy?


I know Cincy's not very good, but I think it might be below freezing at gametime, and IIRC the last time we played well in cold weather was in 06 when we beat the Giants in NY. Any other thoughts?

Sharper will be Active!


Great! I wonder who we'll release...

Times Pic says Reggie could be back in 4 to 6 weeks


Sounds like it's not nearly as bad as we may have thought.

Final injury report before season opener


Cross your fingers! Porter, Vilma, and Hargrove are all Probable.

Vilma practices!!!!


Thank you Breesus!

Saints agree to terms with QB Ramsey and TE Graham


Just one more draft pick, and probably no more veteran free agents. What do ya'll think? lists "blue chip" and "red chip" players on each NFC team


In the NFC, they've got us and Dallas with the most blue and red chip players. What do you think of the list? I don't have much of a problem with leaving Shockey and Bush off the lists, though I'm a little baffled by Hargrove and Bushrod as red chips. My list would be similar, but bump up Colston to blue, add PT, J Greer, and Will Smith to red, and take off Hargrove and Bushrod.

Madden 11 player ratings for Saints are out


(Link Updated) Doesn't look to bad, though I think Colston, PT, and our corners might be a little bit low. What do you think?

WhatIfSports complete NFC South preview and predictions


A few surprises here- they say we win the division at 12-4, but Carolina will be right with us also at 12-4. They don't have all the divisions' predictions out yet, but from what I can tell by looking at the other divisions they have so far, it looks like they rate the Packers, Cowboys, and perhaps the Chargers as slightly better than us, and every other team worse than us. What do you think?

Rams release Marc Bulger


How about another backup quarterback named Marc B.?


Derek Anderson as backup QB?

I haven't seen anyone else mention this possibility, so... Derek Anderson was just released by Cleveland.  I know this guy was pretty bad for the last couple of years but he had one very good year...

What If Sports says Saints win 62%


Surprising prediction by they've been pretty good this year; about 70% for the year, 60% for the playoffs.


If Pierre's ribs don't allow him to play... should we go Deuce wild for the playoffs?

Pierre Thomas has been great, and I really really hope he can play up to his ability for the next few games, but if he can't (or if he complicates his injury in the 2nd round), I wonder if Deuce...


Homefield advantage in the 2nd/3rd round of the playoffs in the 2000s, NOW with weather effects

In my last post, I analyzed the homefield advantage of playoff teams in the 2nd and 3rd rounds since 2000.   I found that the home team record was 34-20.  Someone suggested that I look to see how...


Home field advantage in Divisional and Conf Championship rounds in the 2000s

In general there has been much chatter towards the end of this season (as far as I can tell) in the media and among fans about how having the #1 seed (and thus homefield advantage) is not...


Appeasing the football gods


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