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A Plea to the Royals to Show Some Self-Respect


Did the Yankees have a ceremony for George Brett?

A kind request to clean up your language


Think about the hurt feelings and the damaged self-esteem

Royals demote Dayton Moore


"It's about time" is the wide-spread reaction by Royals fans.

Chris Getz Retires


Words are not capable of expressing the grief and sadness we all bear this day

(Almost) Everybody Loves the Royals


So why don't you?

An OBP Memo


An intercepted memo from Dayton Moore to David Glass

Throwback - A Sneak Peak


Excerpting a book the way it's meant to be excerpted

A Memo from David Glass to Bud Selig


David Glass, fighting for the Royals

Leaked! Dayton Moore's Interview with David Glass


The Royals? Yeah, ahead of schedule.

Do the Right Thing: A Plea to Bud Selig


Because I want Bud Selig to sleep well at night.

The Royals are doing so good that ...


Yes, it's a bit unexpected, but it is fun

Rex Einstein


Combining the brilliant mind of Royals broadcaster Rex Hudler with the equally brilliant mind of physicist Albert Einstein

Royals Announce Replacement for Frenchy Quarter


A vacuum that needed to be filled

Valuable Lessons from the 6/17/2013 Game


Here's hoping the Royals were paying attention

Recap of 6/2/2013 Game as if written by Lee Judge


Writing about the game the way it's meant to be written about.

Messages have been sent


For the White Sox, that is. It would be nice to hear something like, "Unless they start performing, a few guys who planned on spending the summer in Kansas City won't be here".

Hey Dayton - You know this isn't working, right?


Panic, Dayton. Please panic now.

After some introspection, I accept the blame


What has become of my life?

New Shocking Scientific Breakthrough


It turns out that replacement level players do grow on trees

Is Wil Myers headed for a long stint in Durham?


I still strongly dislike the trade, and he would be better in right field today than Francoeur. However, Is this just talk to avoid arbitration, or is there a deeper problem there? Or - is this simply a case of taking time to unlearn the Royal way? Who do the Rays think they are trying to change a prized Royals prospect? It's not like they have a lot of success they can .... oh wait, nevermind. Maybe this is why every prized Royals prospect seems to take three years to adjust to the major league level.

A Literary Review of the Lineup Card from 5/9/2013


A stunningly brilliant work of staggering despair.

It's little things like this that just get to a guy


The Royals official twitter feed has a positive tweet about Jeff Francoeur after Monday afternoon's game. He had about as bad of a game as a player can have, and yet the Royals are singing his praises. How bad would he have to perform before the Royals even consider platooning him, let alone release him?

A Team of Destiny that Cannot be Stopped


Not even by bladders full of gall

Abandon Despair All Who Enter Here


What is this strange feeling?

And suddenly, a dark shadow is cast over the Royals season


Lee Judge will not be calculating Polk Points this year. Perhaps somebody could volunteer to do it for him?

A recap of Friday's bizarre happenings


Royals Fall Victim to Major League Baseball Conspiracy

Chris at the bat


Is there joy in Royalville?

Review of mid-1980's Royals Baseball Cards


Bringing back the memories

Getz v Getz


An analysis

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