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The one where I fix everything, part deux


Sactown also gets a protected 1st from us and an unprotected 1st from Memphis. Who says no?

The one where I fix everything


Maybe the Lakers say no, but that's what picks & cash are for.

TAI's take on Booker T's season


Pay special attention to the comments section. :)

The advanced stats world has learned of Nick Young


And they have noticed that he does not pass. Fun read that harkens back to many 'discussions' had on this very board.

Jay Caspian King on the one and only Kwame Brown


Very well written and it might even give some of us a new take on the kid.

Tom Haberstroh voicing all of our deepest beliefs


It's locked down by the ESPN Insider rules, but basically Wall is the evolutionary Jason Kidd. I cosign.



Seen in the "Most Underrated" category discussing centers: "JaVale McGee. He's hardly rated at all, and best known for losing a popularity contest to Blake Griffin." And it just gets better after that. I love JVM & all, but I'm not sure that he "runs DC".

"The Real World: Minneapolis"


So the wolves want a veteran big man? Can I interest them in an Andray Blatche and #6 for #2 and their Johnny Flynn mistake? We, obviously, take Williams and they can either use the pick or try and move it again for more vet help. We get that backup PG we need and Derrick Williams without having to lose McGee. Minny could play the all offense frontcourt of Love, Beasley and Blatche Plus, who among us wouldn't want to see the potential fallout of Dray and Beas on the same team? It could be a reality series. Win/win, I say! The link's really just to show that the numbers work, for those of you that care about that sort of thing.

Remember when ESPN was legit?


Now they're apparently just afraid of bronny's pimp hand.

For those saying that a qualified big man coach is unnecessary


Oakley has made Kwame look like an actual basketball player: "(Oakley) has just helped me keep it simple," Brown said. "When I was coming out of high school (Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia), I was getting the ball a lot, scoring a lot. Now as a big man, it's learning a role, doing your role, which is to start off rebounding, protecting the boards, protecting the paint, and then when you get your opportunities you finish them." I reiterate, Oak is exactly the guy I want teaching Dray and JVM how to act their size.

Who wants to save $20 million?


The Knicks get even more offense, the Mavs get some versatility and get to move Caron and we clear 20 mil at the end of the year. Plus we get a prospect wing. We probably have to send them each cash, too, but we still come out $16 million ahead.

So, Oakley's coaching in Charlotte...


Oak is exactly the man I would love to have teaching Dray and JVM how act their size. Dammit.

Once and Future Bullets


With, apparently, Cleveland and Dallas both interested in our boy Dray, I decided to see what a 3 way deal might look like. Cleveland dumps money abnd gets Dallas' first round pick, Dallas gets serious bench scoring and some of the flexibility they lose with Caron getting hurt, and we get some youth (after we buyout DSteve). Completely infeasible? Of course, but that's the beauty of the trade machine.

Andray and JaVale fight in a club


These are the moments that make being a Bullets fan all worth it....

The Gilbert the rest of the country doesn't know


I've never had a beef with Gilbert as a man, he seems like a genuinely good guy. This is the stuff you never heard a year ago.

Who says no?


Phoenix dumps salary, gets something for Nash and their training staff potentially saves Gilbert's career. Orlando gets Nash and some damn fine bench scoring. And we clear roughly 30 million bones.

Get him, Wojo!


Bronny bo's a spoiled, coddled child star? Shocking....

Say it ain't so John, say it ain't so....


Wizards rookie John Wall has leaned on LeBron James, also a former No. 1 pick, for advice and calls the Heat star whose camp he attended his "big bro

Sometimes I love Wojo


The Heat are soft and bron bron think's he played too many minutes. This will never get old.

Colin Cowherd, evil genius?


I mean, when has anyone ever had this much to say about the guy?

BDL's Preview


I especially like the Old Man Howard bit. Makes me a little misty...

Just to keep harping on the Gee Debacle


Arnovitz is unwittingly on our side: "Scoring is easy in summer league for guys who are naturally inclined to do it. They can be tempted to put the blinders on and head to the hole without any regard for what's materializing on the floor. Alonzo Gee doesn't suffer from this epidemic. With the Lakers paying him a lot of attention on Friday, Gee was more than happy to work on the weak side and keep the ball moving around the perimeter until it found the open shooter. Outside of the handful of sure-thing lottery picks, there are few players who look more destined for a full-time NBA gig than Gee." Damn you Ernie.

I love this town sometimes


We were the first to hate 'Nique II.

Wade and Bosh in Chi-Town?


God would I love to see 'Nique II stuck by himself on the Knicks.

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