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Thank You to the Guys at Arrowhead Pride...

What's happanan, (happening to the "un" educated) ChiefsNation? I'd like the opportunity to talk about this one subject that I feel needs to be talked about. Everyday, I check for the latest news...


The Changing of the Guard

Have you ever had the feeling of being black balled? You know, wanting in somewhere but, no matter what you do, it's never good enough? When I joined this site after stumbling across blogs for C...


Ooh... Now they're talking bout "Us"

It's that time of the season to where the nay sayers and the usual yearly shun from the media, will leave you wondering why does it seems they're black-balling us. This year seems to be a little...


" The Good Pupil & Family Ties "

As a kid, I remember watching the New York Giants during their better years.  I would hear my uncles saying that we needed to bring Parcells in to rebuild the team.  This was back in the mid 80's....


Caption This "Haley Moment"

Haley doesn't seem to be too happy about something.   Maybe he knows whats coming.  Maybe he's tired of players not wanting to be great.   He may be thinking this is his first major challenge. ...


Do you think Clark Hunt is trying to bulid a Dynasty?

Dynasties are supposed to be extinct. The Patriots were the exception. In the recent years, I'm becoming more convinced that he's attempting to bring home his Daddy's trophies, not the Super Bowl...


Linemen Up!!!

In the last couple of post, I broke down the complete "Offense". The "Turning Tide" was a quick run through of the "O"- line. "Weapons of Mass Destruction" touched on the wide & slot recievers we...


Boooomm Shak-a-laka

Its time for it all to come together with...... The leader of the field... The field general.


"Clash Of The Titans"...The Backfield Edition

Clash of the Titans. That was a good movie. This version is different, but like the movie it too has monsters. In particular, a 3 headed one. If you like action, this backfield is for you.


Weapons Of Mass Destruction

Yesterday I posted a couple of facts for the "O" line. It showed where our strong point of attack was running on a specific side of the "O" line. Some were better than others but, the off season...


The Turning Tide...

Well this is what I'm looking at as of right now. I wondered if we had addressed our offensive line needs in the past off season, so I got to the searching as this is what I came up with. These...


Caption This Todd Haley Moment

Here's another Coach Haley moment. It looks like he's angry about something. This picture brought a wave of "Captions" I could use. Once again, it's a lonely Sunday to where I need my fixin. If...


What REALLY Goes On, On the Road?

This has been a topic I know that has come up in every sporting event at some time or another. As a fan have you ever been left scratching your head like..."Damn, we got our asses handed to us or...


Caption This Haley Moment

"Look Pal, you got 1 more time to call that b.s. The next time, I'll send my goons to pay you a little visit""


With the 2010 NFL Draft over, & our strength of scheduling, what are the chances of playoffs?

I know we haven't even played one game....yet. But as a Chiefs fan, its time for me to start getting pumped for the season. With the additions of a new OC in Charlie Weis, new DC in Romeo Crennel,...


If KC offered their #5 for your two 2nd rounders would you take it?

This is imur#1fan. I've been wondering if it was just a silly thought or could you guys use our 5th overall pick this year. You'll have 3 and 5. All I need are your two 2nd rounders. Could you use...

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