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Bruins - Redwings Series

Detroit leads the series 1-0 after winning an entertaining 1-0 game where both goaltenders were aggressive. GWG from Datsyuk who did what a superstar had to late in the game. Who are you...


Did Iggy just ensure Chicago gets a 3rd cup in 2015?

Went from the Pens to the team that beat them. Now watch the Pens beat the Bruins next year in the COnference finals. Then like Hossa, he goes to Chicago next year and wins the conf finals over...


Chicago- Bruins stretch run(Games 5-7) Gameday thread

Chicago already up 1-0 in Game 5 first period. It seems like Chicago is going to average 2 goals a game when the Pens scored 2 damn goals in the entire series. Kane crashed th net and scored....


Rask is human. Boston - Chicago Cup Finals SERIES (Games 2-4) thread

Who woulda thunk it. 7 goals by both teams in a game I expected to be under 5. Chicago didn't expose Rask as Rask played decently. But they did show the league is he is not superhuman.



Hossa vs Jagr Bowl (Chicago vs Boston) Game 1 Thread

Do we want Chicago, their awesome national anthemn announcer, rollicking arena with Chelsea Dagger blaring in the background after each goal, better owner(now that his cheapskate dad died want...


End of May 2013 Playoffs Gameday Open Thread (REDWINGS-BLACKHAWKS GAME 7)

UPDATE: Now, it is just down to Game 7 of the Redwings-Blackhawks series. No more playoffs for the month of May , but unbelievably two more rounds left in the NHL playoffs. Such great scheduling. ...


5/25 Rangers/Bruins Wings/Hawks playoff gameday thread

Rangers trailing 2-1 in the 3rd and looking offensively anemic as usual. Good to see Detroit up 3-1 over Blackhawks in the series but I would like to see Blackhawks take it to 6 games to tire out...


NHL Gamecenter blackouts raw deal for Pens fans

I usually subscribe to NHL Center Ice(though I have gotten a couple of seasons for free because COMCAST forgot to discontinue the feed. THis year, I decided to go with NHL Gamecenter because...


Amos Jones - Only coaching change that matters

We keep going back and forth as to what is the better option- Haley or Arians, Lebeau and his 3-4 or someone new. But here is one area where a coaching change would clearly be for the better. Get...

Overdue: Tomlin needs to deliver his own major upset

The Steelers are eight-point underdogs heading into Baltimore in Week 13 - a rare time the Steelers' opponent is favored by more than a touchdown. It's time for Steelers coach Mike Tomlin to...

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