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My Attempt To Make Sense Of It All


An in-depth look at the Broncos season to this point, comparing the Broncos first 5 games with their last 7.

Quarterback Comparison


In in-depth study of the youngest starting quarterbacks in the NFL. How do the rookies and second-year quarterbacks compare to the more experienced veterans?

Game Preview: Denver @ Green Bay


The Broncos (1-2) faces off against the Packers (3-0) in Green Bay this Sunday. Here is an in-depth look at this match-up.

Game Preview: Denver @ Tennessee


An in-depth look at Denver's upcoming game at Tennessee. Despite many injuries, Denver looks to stay tied for first place in the AFC West standings.

Race for Rookie of the Year - The Defense Rises


This is an interesting article that discusses the impact of some of the rookies so far this season. Pro Football Focus has a lot of great things to say about Von Miller. Here is a link to their analysis on the Cincinnati game this past week: It is a welcomed change to read a good review on one of Denver's top draft picks.

Placing This Preseason Into Context


Denver has shown improvement during the 2011 preseason. Here is an in-depth look at what this might hold for the 2011 regular season.

Teenager Meets Tim Tebow


I saw this on ESPN this evening and thought it was a cool story. I know everyone here is excited about football coming soon, but this teenager is awesome. After surviving multiple health complications, he made a wish to meet his favorite college player. That would be current NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow, of our beloved Broncos.

Breaking Down the Roster - Part Five: Offensive Line


An in-depth look at Denver's offensive line. After some struggles last year, Fox and McCoy will need to find the best group to move forward.

Breaking Down the Roster - Part Four: Tight End


An in-depth look at the tight end position for the Denver Broncos? After a poor year in 2010, Denver looks to

Breaking Down the Roster - Part 3: Wide Receivers


An in-depth look at Denver's wide receivers. Denver will be looking for several players to step up.

Breaking Down the Roster - Part Two: Running Back


Here is an in-depth look at Denver's current situation at running back and who might join them in training camp.


Breaking Down the Roster - Part One: Quarterback

Opening Statement I recently finished revamping my statistics website at, which attempts to quantify the production on the field into relatively simplistic measurements that...


What Makes A Great Defense?

As the 2011 NFL Draft concluded, I was left intrigued by the thought of whether a defensive lineman holds more value or has more impact than a linebacker. However, when trying to weigh the value of...

Break It Down: Denver @ Kansas City


In-depth preview of Denver's match-up with the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.

Statistical Analysis: What do the numbers say about Denver?


A look into stats, their significance and what they say about Denver.

Break It Down: St. Louis @ Denver


What is a stat and how can it be used to paint a better picture about the NFL? Here is a look at what the stats say about Denver before its game against St. Louis.

Break It Down: Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers


Denver faces off against San Diego for the second straight year on MNF. Here is a simple analysis of how each team has performed this year.


Areas of Focus: Denver Finally Delivers

This past week, I wrote two articles detailing Denver's struggles in a couple statistical areas. You can read them again here as a reference. KC @ DEN: Early Review The Art of Scoring Non-Offensive...


The Art of Scoring Non-Offensive Points

Since most people have shown either only a slight interest in statistics or have stated "the only thing that matters is the scoreboard," I have decided to compare Denver to the rest of the teams....


KC @ DEN: Early Review

While I have not posted often, I regularly read  other opinions on this site to see what other Broncos fans are thinking. I have a website dedicated to unique statistics that are unlike football...


Kyle Orton's Development - Year Two

In my college composition class this fall, we are all writing a paper on a topic that has been researched but not to its fullest. My topic is the impact of statistics on the NFL community and how...

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