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PFF Depth Chart Ranking

Pro Football Focus released their roster analysis for each team. Link to the Colts is here:https://www.profootballfocus.com/blog/2014/05/29/2014-depth-chart-indianapolis-colts/ I agree with...


State of the Cap

NFL SALARY CAP $133 Million Current Salary Situation - 67 palyers $122.3million Overthecap.com the Colts currently have 67 players under contract totaling $122.3 million dollars. Dead...


Dollars and Sense - 53 man Roster

As we discuss potential off-season moves, a lot of time will be spent on "value." What constitutes good value? Who is overpaid? Where do we need to invest? With this in mind, I decided to take...


Let the offseason begin - (53 man Roster)

As we all like to do from time to time, I put in the effort to play armchair GM. I put together an extremely early look at what the Colts 53 man roster could look like at the beginning of next...


Drawing Comparisons - Trent Richardson

Trent has been one of the most hotly debated players in Colts' circles throughout the year. He is a massively talented player that joined the team two games into the season and has quickly become...


Ask a Colts fan

Colts fan invisibulman stops by to answer Chiefs fans questions before Sunday's game against the Colts.


Colts Makeover - 2014 Edition

Disclaimer Is it way too early for this type of post? Perhaps. However, following another embarrassing and all too predictable loss last weekend, the season seems preordained to culminate with a...

Ask A Colts Fan

Answering your questions about the Indianapolis Colts.


Ask A Colts Fan

Greetings friends from the desert! I am stopping by to answer your Colts questions and chat about the upcoming game. I think this matchup has the potential to be one of the sleeper great games of...


Ask A Colts Fan

Greetings Rams fans! This weekend pits our two teams against one another and I as well as some other Colts fans will be dropping by to answer your questions about our team and the matchup. The...


Ask A Colts Fan

Continuing an SBNation tradition I am creating this post to discuss the upcoming game from the opposition perspective.


Remember this guy?

I'm not generally one to gloat, but who doesn't love it when a troll gets what he has coming? Why Andrew Luck is Not the best young QB That is the best I have seen the Colts play in a long time...


Reading the tea leaves - One more mock

With so many directions we could go this year, it is hard to get a grasp of whom the Colts might select. We all have our favorites, but trying to divine what Grigson is thinking is difficult. ...


Post FA Pre-Draft Needs

Post Free Agency, this team looks a lot different than it did prior. Some needs have been addressed, some partially addressed, and others remain open. I will list the the holes as I view them in...


Grigson's Track Record

Just wanted to set the record straight. There is some good here, some bad. He doesn't walk on water, nor is he the complete dolt who is running the franchise into the ground. Judge for yourself. ...


Who is really available in FA?

Obviously a lot of speculation out there on who the Colts should sign this offseason, but the fact remains that a lot of these guys may re-sign with their current teams. I took a look at team...


How to spend $43 Million

The Colts have roughly $43 million in cap space this year. The new collective bargaining agreement means that they will need to spend nearly all of it. So, I'm going to take a shot at breaking it...


Colts should sign Tebow

Ahhhhhh, nothing stirs up controversy like Timmy Football Christ. If the Jets aren't able to find a trade partner (and it seems unlikely at this point) then I assume that Tebow will be released. ...


Offseason Crystal Ball

A lot of posts about offseason wish-lists and the like. I'm going to try to take a slightly different spin and see if I can divine what moves I think will happen this offseason and why. Colts...


Mock me Amadeus

Thought I would get in on the act with my own thoughts on e Colts mock. Spoilers... Andrew Luck is the first pick.

Colts Mock

With the front office starting to take shape and more information coming out every day about what the team might look like, I'm going to take a shot at mocking the Colts 2012 draft. Fire away with...


Ask-A-Colts Fan

Hey Bucs Fans,   I had not seen one of these go up yet, so I'll get the ball rolling.  My wife is a Bucs fan and I am Colts Homer from the Harbaugh days, so we are a divided household this week.  I...


The INDIANA Pacers

A lot of to-do has been made about George Hill coming home to Indiana.  Indiana High School basketball is a unique institution in this country and continually produces top level talent year after...


Derrick Johnson Fantasy question

I hate being "that guy."  I feel tacky even asking a fantasy question, but it's not like there is any other football to get excited about.  I have a trade proposed to me in my Dynasty IDP league. ...

What about the Colts taking a QB?

The Colts have had workouts with both Andy Dalton and Colin Kapernick now.  While I know they have worked out QBs in the past, I have to wonder if there is anything to this.  Painter is awful, we...

Colts Mock Draft v2.0

Well, Colts fans, our season is over.  Somewhat disappointing, but to be expected given the number of injuries we suffered.  Nothing to do now but look ahead to the draft.  For a team that looked...

Colts Mock Draft

Too early for me to try to mock an entire first round, so I'll stick with what I know... and that's the Colts.  I know there are a lot of Colts fans that frequent this board anyway, so perhaps we...


Do you mock me, Sir?

I think we are starting to get a taste of what the Colts will look like going into the draft, so I thought I would take my shot at mocking their selections in next month's draft.  This is a bit of...


1st and 3rd for Gaither?

Jared Gaither is a restricted free agent this season and I suspect he is going to receive a max tender.  If another team does attempt to sign him, the Ravens would receive their 1st and 3rd round...

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