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Silence for Josh

As most of you know, Josh Hamilton is no longer a Texas Ranger. I understand that he broke the hearts of many; some people are still trying to get over the damage he has caused. Suzy (my neighbor)...



This is not too long, so read it right now. ____)______)________)___________)_________)_ What is a team? A team is something people form when they can’t do something on their own. For...


Omegle: World Series Edition

Game six of the World Series got postponed due to rain, so I needed something to do tonight. So, I decided to go on Omegle and see what they think about the World Series and rain.     When it...


Get Fired Up (omegle style)

The Angels are two and half games back and some people are starting to worry. Why? Why are you worried? We have been leading the division for a while now and the Angels really haven’t gained that...


Baseball or Football? Omegle decides.

It's late and I can't sleep. I can't sleep, because something has been on my mind. This question has been dragging me down for weeks. The question is, "Which sport does Omegle prefer? Baseball or...


Omegle and Baseball Don't Mix!

I decided to see if Omegle was excited for the Rangers opening day and they weren't at all. I don't know what it is about them but they act as if baseball isn't life! They need to get right with...


Michael Young you are a human Roller Coaster

When you first came on the team and you were cool and "leadery" I was like   via media.tumblr.com   Then you became a super leader and led our sucky ass teams to be a little bit less sucky. I...


The LSB Challenge

So I figure it's about time to figure out who is the best person on this website. How? Well I'll tell you how and next time raise your hand when you want to ask something. Anyways there will be a...


Omegle on Cliff Lee

So since Lee still hasn't signed and I've been getting a little antsy I decided to ask Omegle what they thought. They have certainly calmed my nerves. I mean I was worried but Omegle has spoken and...

Second most watched program in TBS history


* Second Most watched program in TBS’ 34-year history in U.S. ratings and total viewers (2008 ALCS Red Sox/Rays Game #7, drew 7.9 U.S. Rating and 13.4 million total viewers). * Strong home market delivery with an 18.4 rating in the New York market and 28.5 rating in the Dallas-Fort Worth market. * Most watched MLB Regular Season or Postseason Game of the Season, Broadcast or Cable


The Electrician

via i53.tinypic.com Well he basically asked me to do it. So I'm going to write a fanpost about my pic. It's of the Electrician. Who of course is not on the team anymore, which I think makes us...


Andy Sonnanstine

via nimg.sulekha.com     Fuck you. Fuck you Price. We came to your ballpark and fucking dominated you for two games, and we were somewhat respectful to your awful crowd. Then you come to our...


An evening of Jim

    As you all know or most Jim Knox took a tumble over the weekend, and well let's just say it took off on youtube. Being the third most viewed youtube video of today. So I thought "there has to...

They're awesome


They're awesome


My love letter to Josh and Tom.

Texas Rangers games are fun to watch for many reasons. A lot has to do with the team, and how they play. They play like a bunch of kids, and you hear that get thrown around a lot. "They're like...


Ryan/Greenberg Press Conference

So here is the video of the press conference that happened a little after 12 am. August 4th and 5th was filled with so many highs and lows. It was unbelievable how the process was going down, and I...


The rangers do omegle

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi! Stranger: hey You: Hello. You: Pleasure to meet you. You: My Name is Elvis. Stranger: same to you Stranger: a rather unique name You: No not...


Um where is the freaking ballpark at?

The argument has been on here for years it has seem. Is the ballpark too far from any major cities like Dallas? The answer is an outstanding yes. Before the ballpark was built I never went out of...



I wanted to start my own Texas Rangers campaign, and try to get people to root for them. I don't own a bullhorn so I couldn't go around town talking loudly, and plus most people living around...


Hey guys

I just wanted to post a link to my new blog that has now gone global. I had some time in my hands this Saturday, so I thought I'd throw together something real quick for my blog. I previewed the AL...

AC transit bus fight. Anyone see this video? Race issue aside the comments, and the epic beard man...


AC transit bus fight. Anyone see this video? Race issue aside the comments, and the epic beard man pictures, and quotes from that video are the funniest things I have seen in a long time. "OHHH, WHAT THE FUCK?"


The truth behind lonestarball

The truth behind lonestarball     The truth behind lonestarball if you are new to this blog, or still trying to figure things out this will help you a lot. I've been on here for almost two years...


C.J. Wilson starts group on facebook

str8edgeracer    anyone on FB who wants to join my baseball advice forum...I just created a group for you! http://bit.ly/6OIaId That is from C.J's twitter he has started a facebook group. C.J....


Ben's E-mail to Adam

As you know Adam and Ben are connected they are what brothers should be they love each other, and it shows. Even through here it shows I sit and think sometimes "How come my brother can't love me...



Well the Angels have clinched the West, and with one boston win, or Rangers loss the Wild Card will be theirs. So the playoff chances are over now, and I know some of you are like "Yes Orange we've...


I've got hope yes I do. Goooo hope.

Where is the hope guys? WHERE IS THE FAITH? Okay I know where it is it's in the toilet along with other dumps of shit the rangers took this week. I've thought it was over this week I've been close...

Hitler really hates the Texas Rangers....


Hitler really hates the Texas Rangers....


Frankie's video

So, I made this video for you Frankie you can put it on your iphone, or whatever. It's just a way for you to get fired up before you come into close. Your beeping sound noise just ain't cutting it,...


To me it seems like C.J. Wilson has lost touch with reality.

It's really sad to see, I mean last season he started off pretty good he was doing fine and getting the job done. But after that ball toss I just don't think he's ever been the same and the warning...


Evan Longoria on Josh Hamilton [home run derby]

http://mlb.mlb.com/media/video.jsp?mid=200807153137316     LMAO wow it looked like he was pissing Justin off he was like a 10 year old watching his favorite player live for the first time.   R...

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