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Best. Game. Ever.


Starring Eden Hazard and Charlie Morgan.


Forget Falcao, Roman will buy Luis Suarez this summer

Why is Pep Guardiola so desperate to bring Luis Suarez to Bayern Munich? Because he knows he needs a Messi-type player if he wants to emulate his success at Barcelona. I predict that if Pep fails...


Why Torres started scoring goals again when Rafa first joined Chelsea

Rafa's first day at Chelsea FC:===========================Rafa:"Hola, Fernando. I'm back, amigo."Torres:"Rafa! When did you join Chelsea?"Rafa:"Chelsea? No. No, Fernando. You are mistaken. We're at...


Why Chelsea fans love Mourinho and hate Rafa aka why Liverpool fans love Rafa and hate Mourinho

A conversation between two 12-year-old boys outside Stamford Bridge : ================================== Dreww:"Hey Bob, you've got experience with girls, right? Can I ask you something?"B...


Dear Chelsea, you need to stop having so many one-night stands.

As someone who really cares about your health and well-being, it saddens me to see how you've turned into a nymphomaniac pick-up artist, seducing top managers into shallow one-night stands with...


Why Roman should fire Benitez and hire Laudrup

Roman wants Barcelona-type football at Stamford Bridge. Guardiola is not available. Swansealona, under Michael Laudrup, has just beaten Chelsea in the League Cup first leg at Stamford Bridge.As...


Rafa and Roman, Sitting in a Tree...

Rafa and Roman--the strangest of bedfellows, really. Did fate bring them together out of necessity? Whichever way you look at it, Rafa and Roman's Chelsea romance could actually be a match made in...


What type of football does Roman want exactly?

IMHO, Roman doesn't necessarily want to see Chelsea play football like Barcelona. What he truly wants to see is his team dominate and control games. This is why Roman wants Guardiola to be Chelsea...

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