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Bronco All-Access


Wish i could embed the video. not sure if it is possible the way they have it. anyway, watch it if you can. really neat.

PetersOn mentions in the Nebraska comments


Your standard, run of the mill, "PetersOn didn't like what those OTHER schools had to offer, but if WE did it, well, there's no WAY he could pass us up." blah, blah, blah. Nebraska may be able to figure out their coaching situation. But it won't be Pete.

Want Idaho football news before Boise State? Go to Bleacher Report


Welp. It was the first I had gone there in months. Looks like I will not be headed back.

Boise State over/under set at 10.5


I asked this on Twitter: Is it ironic that Alabama has a higher over/under with a "harder" schedule?

Hightower to Houston.


Good for him. Hopefully he finds success.

Former Boise State Recruit Marcos Rios Most Likely Out For Year At UCLA.


That's a bummer for him. Hopefully he's able to make a full recovery and bounce back.

Jaleen Greene, QB, Committed to Boise State


So that's pretty awesome! Hopefully this sticks!!

UCLA Looking for a New Basketball Coach


Would it be one of those "out of left field" shockers if Leon Rice left for UCLA? I am sure they feel like they can get anyone they want to show up. So this makes me wonder who they target. I am not concerned, just trying to start up some convo during our down time.

Well. Huh.


Boise State has agreed to a two-year, home-and-home football series with Troy of the Sun Belt Conference.

Boise State football's Petersen on Southwick: 'Joe's in a great groove right now' » Idaho Statesman Blogs

Boise State applied pressure to Big East during breakup, emails show - CBSSports.com


My opinion: good. Someone is looking out for Boise State's interests. Kustra knew/knows he's got a product that people want to see and is willing to push hard to get what he feels is warranted. People will complain, blah, blah, blah, but in the end, it's Boise State looking out for Boise State. Pay him (and Petersen of course) what he's worth.

Moxey commits?


Hope so.

Boise State verbal commit Nick Terry offered by Cal


Competition. Boo. Hopefully overtures from Johnny-come-latelies amount to nothing.


NIU getting no respect

And after that game last night, rightfully so. They didn't belong on the field against FSU. That isn't to say they didn't deserve to be in the game, as per the rules of the BCS, but they just...

Happy Thanksgiving Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and may your football...


Happy Thanksgiving Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and may your football watching be accompanied with copious amounts of Turkey/Ham/Chinese Food.

College Football Bowls - CBSSports.com


I kind of don't get this. Still projected to the Orange Bowl? I think someone needs to temper that expectation. (The projections were updated 9/30, so it included the UNM game.)

Blast from the Past: Vandal news 8/19/2010


I was just perusing through some old Vandal stuff. This is from the Vandal Blog: Vandal Nation. My favorite part: ◦The latest-breaking development? Utah State confirms it, too, was approached by the MWC and offered membership — before either Fresno State or Nevada. But with honor and commitment, the Aggies refused to betray the WAC. Everyone left in the conference should consider USU their heroes. They rejected self-interested sabotage, and I hope they, and we, come out ahead for it. Woops.

Shea Intercepting passes.


Both first rounders representing.

Boise State making an appearance in Whitlock's article about Penn St/Sandusky/Paterno


It's only a a minor blurb: I’m sure in the moment, a Boise State football player thought playing for the national title was the most important thing in the world. but i don't want BSU mentioned in the same article as that mess. oy vey.


Would you root for Idaho?

The other day on Idaho Sports Talk, Caves and Prater brought up an interesting topic about the "fanbase" of Idaho and whether or not Broncos would root for them if they went to FCS. A listener had...

Mark May screws up poll, declares victory as Boise State Public Enemy #1 prematurely.


Would be nice if he would wait before polls close.

Big East Sues Texas Christian


It's about TCU bailing. I think it's more posturing than anything. What do you guys think?

Shea McClellin: Chicago Bears top pick — nice story, maybe - Chicago Tribune


Curious how this didn't make our pages yet. I just hope Shea can make him eat crow. (HT: Scott Slant)

Coach Pete and Paul J before the race.


Coach Pete and Paul J before the race.


Running Pains. Quite Literally.

I am a pretty new runner. So new that I am still trying to figure out the idiosyncracies to running properly and making my life easier. Non-shoe apparel: both cold and hot weather clothes; safety...

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