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Vikings Knit Hat with Nothing but Horns

My fellow Norsemen, In the name of everyone that is Nordic, I need your help. It was one cold night in of 80% nights of Minnesota which can be called cold...I was driving...


Vote and tell me what should I do? Updated with results

UPDATE: ORIGINAL POST FOLLOWED BY RESULTS OF THE POLL Geaux Seaheux ! Who Dat, Sea Dat ! Hahahahaha....I cannot stop laughing. Matt Hasselbeck is Da Man. I say get him here. If not for anything,...


Don't Be Hatin' Ya'll

Dear Lions, I come in peace. This is my first post on a blog of any team other than DN. I am here to congratulate you for your victory over us today. It was very well deserved. It was a great...


To: Volunteers for the TCF Bank Stadium Snow Removal

After repeated attempts to contact them this is the message I received. Thought, I'd forward it to anyone who wants to help:   To: Volunteers for the TCF Bank Stadium Snow Removal Thank you very...


Picture Tribute to the Iron Man

My tribute to Brett 'The Gun Slinger Iron Man Silver Fox' Favre. Pictures are not in exact chronological order. If you have more, please add them in the comments. Enjoy the pics as much as we have...


Good things from tonight's loss

Here are a few good things to take away from tonight's games: 1. T-Jack is not going to be our QB next year 2. Lezlie Frazier is not going to be our coach next year 3. Webb will stay with the...


Someone asked for pictures of snow..(Not of the collapsed roof of MOA field)

Someone asked for some pictures of the snow. are some. Not too good though. I took them from inside the house. Did not have the courage to go out after I shovelled for an hour (it...


True Viking Flow Chart

I have been thinking of doing something like this for a long time. The flow chart is not as good as I had hoped but I am giving myself a little latitude...with Friday night, 3 AM and all !! Should...


Lorenzo Booker (who) signing with Vikings

From: Lorenzo Booker Signing   The Minnesota Vikings plan to sign running back Lorenzo Booker(notes). Interim coach Leslie Frazier confirmed the decision Monday, with the team still mulling a...


Respect for Childress!

I would like to remind everyone that I am part of the group of fans (about 95% of us) who wanted Chilly to go. I know I am going to get my behind handed to me for this comment but I will take my...


Cheerleader Poll (A Tribute to Mr. Eric J. Thompson)

Here is a poll of cheerleaders from Vikings and their season opponents. Found it hard to find pictures of Giants, Bears and Lions but managed to find something....took me 1 hour to make this...


ESPN Reporting Players Giving Anonymous Statements Against Chilly

Just  saw it on ESPN (11/10/2010, 10:32 PM), 6 players have anonymously told a Chicago paper that they want Chilly fired. One player is quoted as saying that the players know that Chilly doesn't...


Post-Win Poll

We won the game against Cardinals with a lot of contributions from various members of our team. There was no single stand-out player who can be given credit for winning us the game. Numbers favor...


Jump the Ship Poll !

A lot of fans are frustrated, angry, mad, pissed off, drunk, sexy, freaked, livid and/or various combinations..after recent developments. many have said they are ready to jump ship. I am not one of...


Obligatory...blah blah Poll.

I am not going to repeat what went on today in Foxborough. Today was such a bad day for us...Packers win, Lions win, we lose and as of now it seems like Saints are going to win as well (4th Q, 3...


Poll Updated - How to Kick a Man When he is Down!

So this is how it went: Chilly begs Favre to come be a Viking. Favre comes to the purple country. We don't know what to think of it. He finds Greg Lewis. We accept him and we know we are in for...


Favre vs Chilly ?

This from Yahoo report on Vikings/Cowboys game: Favre had a cortisone injection earlier in the week that helped his ailing elbow feel better, but he took a bunch of big hits from a fierce Cowboys...


Obligatory Post-Win Poll

This is not the official DN poll (The Sprint game ball of the week). Please do not forget to vote for that one later. This is more about having an over all impact on the game. I am trying to credit...


Obligatory Post-Defeat Poll

It is introspection time (as if we haven't been doing that forever). We lost a game we could and should have won. Was it stomach churning? Yeah it was. Was it vomit inducing as NFCCG? Not really....


Happy Birthday #4 (Updated and Poll)

2nd Update: It is PurpleEaters' Birthday today so please feel free to spam him with your wishes.   1st Update: Now that I am at work today, I got the time to update the stats and records and add a...


To Be(rnard) or Not To Be(rrian) - That is the Question.

BB has been a constant topic of discussion in these circles. His lack of production so far is as undeniable as the promise that one day he will be a star receiver. The passion of his fans (such as...


Running Back Situation in Gridiron - Pl help

Here's the deal: Name of the player is followed by his price in $   I have Gore (5.9) + Arian Foster (5.4) = $11.3 Gore is playing Falcons and Foster is playing Raiders. Should I stay put with them...


Best and The Worst

Well...plenty has been written about the sloppy Vikings team and their sloppy win over the loser Lions not meaning anything in the real world. It goes without saying who the best player was on the...


I will be the bad guy.....(Reggie Bush)

And say that I am happy Reggie Bush is out for at least 6 weeks.  I do not wish harm to people (usually) but man Saints got me royally pissed off. I spent all these months wishing Jared Allen would...


Now that Vick is playing well...

Now that Michael Vick is playing well, are the NFL fans ready to ignore his criminal behavior (as in torturing and murdering) against animals?  I hated Whoopi Goldberg when she defended Vick saying...


What is wrong with MJD?

I realize that the guy has to use Favre's name in his every post so that he can get a decent number of hits on his posts but what is wrong with this guy? Why does he spew all this hateful venom...


How to Calm Yourself Before Game?

A lot of us Vikings are anxious today. We are worried about injury and lack of depth. Almost all of us are worried to death about Favre facing the dirty dozen (11 + Williams) with no significant...


Stop Playing the Sympathy Card

    I wrote this article the night of Super Bowl. It is about New Orleans Saints and their media blitz running up to Super Bowl. While it is not my intention to stir-up any controversies, I am...

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