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Who is Ricky Ledo?

Like a lot of you, I was curious to find out more about this man of mystery. Through my google searches I came to learn some interesting things about our new second round draft choice. This is by...


Dirk Nowitzki: X-Factor?

For the past decade or so, Dirk Nowitzki has been the anchor around which the Dallas Mavericks could count on to deliver 50 win seasons, year after year after year. Coaches, teammates, offensive...

Deron Williams' coming 'split-decision'

Mike Fisher with a typically great breakdown of Deron Williams' decision

Breaking down the ways Coach Spo tried to get LeBron the ball

How do you guys reckon OKC will try and guard LeBron?

The San Antonio Spurs: A Basketball Utopia

Mavericks fan checking in here. Watching the playoffs, I couldn't help but admire the way your guys have set aside individual recognition for the greater good - and not just for a year but their entire careers. I wrote a little piece explaining just how underrated Parker and Ginobili are from a reputation/legacy standpoint. Have a read, and good luck for the rest of the playoffs!


Trade Machine Shenanigans

Fun with the trade machine!


Last year, this year and next year: The state of the Dallas Mavericks

Editor's Note: Front-paged even though I have differing opinions on some things :) “That was our dress rehearsal” – Jason Kidd Come on now, 6 picks and no one’s taken the defending...


Can the Mavericks flip the switch?

I wrote a playoff preview for our blog ( but unfortunately we didn't have space to run my entire Mavs piece. So here it is in it's entirety, for some like...


How to have our cake and eat it too - keeping Chandler while leaving our options open for 2012

Say it ain't so! Finally, for the first time in our franchise history, our beloved Mavericks landed a dynamite defensive center, who eventually proved to be the missing piece in Dirk's Conan the...

"CB Antwaun Molden better for taking hard road"

Most Pats fans probably greeted this guy's signing with a shrug (I know I did), but this is a pretty inspirational story. By all accounts, coming into the NFL was a pretty raw, workout-warrior type guy (top 5% in all CB drills at the combine; went into his Sr. year as 2nd ranked CB behind Rodgers Cromartie). Sounds like a hard worker though. Hopefully Bill can coach him up and have him be another one of our diamond in the rough finds.

Football Outsiders illustrates just how good the Pats offense has been in 2010

Let's go back to the Patriots for a moment. Do you wonder how the Patriots have gotten to 8-2 despite a young, undisciplined and outright poor defense? Well, no matter how good you think the Patriots offense has been, they've been better. Based on our numbers, this is the second-most efficient offense the Patriots have put on the field, trailing only the record-breaking 2007 team. In fact, this could be the best offense we've ever measured other than that team. Yes, the Patriots are only seventh in the league with 5.6 net yards per play, but they've been outstanding at extending drives and extremely good at avoiding turnovers. The Patriots are first in DVOA on third and fourth downs, and their 78.8% rating is far ahead of any other team. (Atlanta is second at 50.6%.) Meanwhile, only Kansas City (seven) has fewer turnovers than New England's nine, and one of those Patriots turnovers was a Hail Mary pass at the end of regulation before their overtime victory over Baltimore. The Patriots aren't keeping the turnovers down through fumble recovery luck -- they have only one fumble that they themselves have recovered to go with the three that their opponent have recovered. As a result, the Patriots are tied with the 2004 Colts as the second-best offense we've ever tracked through Week 11.

The context of Childress' remarks came when he was asked about getting cornerback Chris Cook more...

The context of Childress' remarks came when he was asked about getting cornerback Chris Cook more into the mix, and if it was a concern that it comes in a week against quarterback Tom Brady. He then started to talk about the '06 game, taking the opportunity to call the Patriots "some of the all-time great signal stealers." "It was like a surgical procedure," he said of the '06 contest, according to comments from a team-issued transcript. "That’s back when we used to signal [plays] and things like that. I remember having a conversation with [former Vikings defensive coordinator] Mike Tomlin about that. These were some of the all-time great signal stealers. In fact, that’s what was going on. They were holding, holding, holding. We were signaling from the sideline. They were good at it. It’s like stealing signals from a catcher." Childress said that if the signals were picked off, and relayed to quarterback Tom Brady, it was a devastating combination. "If you know that as a quarterback, that’s as good as you can do," Childress said. "And they did as good as they could do."

Experts: Offense will lose bite

"In that offense, what they do best - with Tom Brady [stats] - is the possession passing game. It works best with air in the defense, and by that I mean having space to work," Dilfer said. "Randy Moss creates that space. And that’s not arguable. That’s not up for discussion. "All of these concepts they use, the protections they use, the formations they use, complement doing what they want to do, but ultimately, it’s because (No.) 81; you devote a certain amount of body presence and cushion to him and that allows (room for) the other four guys they use in routes, it creates space for them to work." "They’re coming more forward at you, they’re not retreating," Dilfer said. "So after three or five steps of that quarterback’s drop, there’s less space to work, because they’re working toward the line of scrimmage, or staying where they’re at, instead of moving backward." Just when I was starting to talk myself into this offense post-Randy.....


Evaluating the Randy Moss era

I gotta be honest. When the Patriots traded for Randy Moss in 2007, I wasn’t happy. I’d fallen in love with a proud organisation of overachievers – guys who kept their head down and won on...


What the 2009 Packers can teach us about the 2010 Patriots (it's good news)

"The sky is falling." Following the crushing Week 2 loss to the Jets, whether it be the famously cynical Boston media, or fans commenting on message boards and blogs such as this one, the...

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