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I Just Stepped In A Pile Of Dog Crap: A Buddy Nix Tale

I just looked at Brian's yearly Pre Combine Depth Chart and wanted to kind of throw up a little bit. I know that those depth charts always look awful so I had to take a second glance to see if my...

Stevie Johnson: Ryan Fitzpatrick needs competition


One of Doug Marrone's early challenges as head coach of the Buffalo Bills: Make a decision about Ryan Fitzpatrick. The quarterback has been an uneven performer since taking over the starting role in 2010. Fitzpatrick's top target, receiver Stevie Johnson, would like to see some competition under center. "Because competition brings out the best in us," Johnson told The Buffalo News earlier this month. "If we went out and got another quarterback, who knows what'll happen? Fitz may still win, or the other guy may win. Let it happen like that. "I'm a guy that's about competing. Bring whoever you want in and the better man will win. So be it." Johnson stressed he wasn't out to rip Fitzpatrick -- saying he has faith in his quarterback -- but the wideout is likely to get his wish. The new coaching staff is certain to explore its options. Marrone started at Syracuse with a pro-style attack but experimented with one-back sets and plenty of no-huddle. The Bills weren't a boring team offensively a season ago, but we expect some intriguing changes. Fitzpatrick has been too inconsistent for too long under center. General manager Buddy Nix is on the record talking about the need for a franchise passer, and Fitzpatrick is running out of time to prove he's that guy. If he can't, someone else will get the chance. "He is a good quarterback," Johnson said. "We've all seen that. Obviously, they may bring somebody else in. I just hope it leads to competition. I think Fitz is one of those competitors. He may come out with the job again."


John Madden Should Punch Buddy Nix In The Face

I guess that title is incomplete but I didn't want to make it too long. So I guess the question is should John Madden punch Buddy Nix in the face or did John Madden punch Buddy Nix in the face? ...


Deep Thoughts By J2

Here are some after Bills season thoughts i've been having if you're bored and need something to read. 1) Buffalo is a joke of a football team. Does anyone on this board think we could compete...


Ken Whisenhunt - Inside Blogger Info

I went over to Revenge of the Birds to see what they thought about Kenny. Needless to say Cartman was not a fan but they did provide some good info. Please stop over and ask more questions if you...


Bills Fan Looking For Info On Whisenhunt

Good morning Cardinal fans! I hope the New Year went great for everyone. The Bills are reportedly interested in your former HC so I was wondering if you could give us some info on Ken. I'll then...



After being named GM I fired Chan via telepathy immediately after shaking hands with Ralph and Buddy. Then the clouds parted and the sun shined through onto OBD like it was July. Good times. F...


It's Time To Fire Chan Gailey

Why is it time now? Check this article from WGR550 today. I'm just going to block quote WGR's article here because Paul says everything i'd say but in a much nicer way. All I know is if Chan and...


Hey Kurupt - Bills Finally Got Our Hat! Wasn't it the breakaway cuffed royal we saw Stevie wearing last year we both wanted? I'm pretty sure it was. I stopped looking but...


Buddy Nix: QB In 2013 Draft

I typically listen to Buddy Nix every Friday morning but I didn't have time this morning because of other priorities. I was listening to WGR550 and they were talking about what questions they...


Stevie Johnson: We Need More Guys Like Him

When I look for a football player I want a guy that is going to give it his all and wants to win more than anything. Whether that means getting out of his comfort zone or trying to propel his...


Ask A Bills Fan!

Good afternoon soon to be 6-3 New England Patriots. Since you were on a bye week I figured we could get to the fun early in the week. Here's what you need to know that you already know: D...


Chan(apostrophe)s Lost The Bills

I'm not sure he even looked for them, or knows how to look for them, but he's lost them. I've supported Chan based off of what looks like false hopes and a 2 year stint with the Cowboys back in...


Bills Need To Start Spiller

Buffalo Rumblings reader 'J2' believes that the Buffalo Bills should make C.J. Spiller their feature back, reducing Fred Jackson to a complementary role. Do you agree or disagree, Bills fans? Ed....


Ask A Bills Fan

Hello Cardinal fans! Top of the morning to ya, hope things are going well out in Arizona. I'm here from Buffalo Rumblings as a Bills fan (yes, I just said that) here to answer your questions. ...


Ask a Bills Fan

Hello Niners Nation! Looking for another win? I think we can help you out with that!


PFF: 3TFO Jets & Bills

3TFO = Three Things To Focus On. I figured this might spark a little discussion today because of Pouha being out and some other conversations. Like Spiller having 72% of his snaps being as a WR...


This Is A Tough Game For Tough People

Oh how I love a good cliche, even if they're boring. The funny thing about a cliche is they have a basis for their existence. Another cliche is "the game is won or lost in the trenches". I think...

Mr. Wilson home from hospital

There was good news Wednesday concerning Bills Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson, who was hospitalized in Michigan last week. The team reports that Mr. Wilson is home from the hospital and doing well. He got home from the hospital Tuesday according to head coach Chan Gailey. "We talked before he went in the hospital and I haven’t talked to him since he got home yesterday," said Gailey Wednesday. "I’m sure we’ll talk some time soon though."

Where Did You Hide My Receivers?

When looking at the Bills roster fans can't seem to find the Bills receivers. We run 5 wide sets yet have 4 receivers? What happens if we have the injury bug in a game? What are Buddy and Chan...


Your Surprise Cuts

Note* Brian, delete this if you have one on tap for today. O.k. Bills faithful, now is the time to list your surprise cuts for today. The Bills have until 9 PM to make their cuts and i'm sure...


Random Steeler Game Thoughts

I watched the first half of the Steelers game last night and wanted to put some thoughts down. Just to get this out here and see what others have to add.

Where will NFL offenses go from here?


Chan Gailey and Thiggy make an appearance


The Backup QB Spot

We've officially reached DEFCON-5 in regards to the Bills backup QB spot. Never in my life have I seen so much debate over a backup QB. From Thigpen to Vince Young to Tarvaris Jackson the Bills...


CJ Spiller Primed For A Big Year

There are certain players on the Bills squad that don't get enough attention because of other players around them. Kyle Williams doesn't get enough love because of Mario Williams and Marcell...


Fast Food

So I went to Burger King last night and ordered dinner. I said into the intercom: Can I please have a Number 1 Super Sized, a Number 2 with Chicken Nuggets and a Number 5 with dipping sauce.


The Quick Strike

Buddy Nix and the Bills have spent two draft picks on speedy type players in the past 3 drafts there were quite controversial. C.J. Spiller and T.J. Graham had a 56% and 49% respective approval...


Why Buffalo Can Win The Division

Hopefully this will be a fun fanpost and we'll get Jets, Dolphins and Pats fans here to give us their arguments. It's time to look at reasons why Buffalo could win the division and go to the...


Say Who's A What's A

Post 1st preseason game mind dump time. Personally I thought all of the NFL preseason games were just plain awful. Almost all of them were just extremely sloppy and almost all good players...

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