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Fan Poll: Hire Skiles?

I know that we are all giddy about PJ leading us to wins over OKC and a bunch of tomato cans, but Scott Skiles just got let go by Milwaukee. He’s been a top NBA coach for a while, and though a bit...

Yormark Wins! World Aghast!


A nasty piece of business this. I guess he's good at his job, but a reminder that Yormark is still an odious little suit.


Fan Poll: Will We Make the Playoffs?

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS!!????? I get the whole optimism thing, really I do. I always hope that we win all of our games, and regularly predict that we will. But realistically, does anyone really...


There's a New Contender

The Los Angeles Clippers are a contender. There, I said it. After watching them dismantle the Lakers last night, I am convinced that something special is happening with LA's second team. Yes,...


Occupy the NBA

The latest dry heave of labor negotiations has finally done it.  It is now time for NBA fans to take action.  Both sides need to be economically punished so that they will think long and hard about...


Random Summer Acquisition Ideas V

We can't have FanPosts for every single trade or free agent idea that comes to mind, especially when they have no basis in reality. From now on, there will be one FanPost on the home page to house...


Carmelo as a Cornerstone

Since the Nets have reportedly offered Favors plus four first round draft choices for Carmelo Anthony, it is clear that they believe that he can be a cornerstone of their...

Bobby Simmons: Not with a Bang...


Is this the end of Bobby Simmons' NBA career? As tough as getting cut must be, it has got to be that much tougher when you get replaced by Chris frickin' Quinn. What happened, the Spurs' ball boy pulled a hammy? Ouch!


Where do you rank Carmelo?

One recent article (can't remember which, there have been so many) said that the Nets consider Carmelo a top 5 player in the league.  That struck me as a bit high, but he is clearly up there.  But...

Knicks Sign Shawne Williams


I had no idea he was out of jail.


Favors for Melo Net Fan Poll

It appears that the Nuggets may make a Melo trade sooner rather than later.  There have been multiple reports that Derrick Favors is part of any deal involving the Nets, and this would be a major...


The Colangelo Watch

  Now that Team USA can declare mission accomplished, when are the Jerry Colangelo rumors going to start up again?  How about right now.  The Nets still have a huge hole in their executive ranks...

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